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Thanks for the image on my music. Yes, I thought it suited. and, actually, that's a good idea: leaving images that go with posts.
I'm following you, but want interests you besides images and photography? It takes time to find things you want to post about.


Yes, truly, it's worth writing something about yourself.
Just in the current state and appatichnom nothing you want.
Therefore, I am drawn to communication
And so the comment for me is valuable. Thank you.

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Cheer up @beautifulklare you are not alone. Keep reaching out here on Steemit and you will find that others will reach back. Pick 5 words a day that you like and write something about them. Try poetry and remember it does not have to rhyme. Just get started. Don't pay attention to the number of people that do or don't show up on your post. Celebrate yourself everytime you write a post. I felt like you do now when I started a year ago this month, and the more I posted the more people took notice and I have made some friends, you can do the same @beautifulklare.


wow.... thank you... it very cool