Say your name in your native language!👨👩#37video

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Every day I watch videos on DTube and they are all in English. I noticed that some Dtubers have an accent. And it always turns out that people with similar accents are from certain countries.

It is interesting that I understand people from some countries very well, people from other countries – not so much. And as it turns out, those whom I understand, live either in Russia or in Ukraine, or in some other country of Eastern Europe.

I also watched some videos where people spoke their native language and the English translation was subtitled.
Some time ago, I began to completely duplicate in the description what I say in the video, because I thought that surely among the Dtubers there are people for whom English is also not a native language, as for me.
And it would be easier for them to copy my text and translate it in an online translator.

But now I would like to ask each of you who are here, in any of your next videos, to say a greeting in your own language.
Just "Hello! My name is... I'm from..."

I would be very interested to hear how your native language sounds, how you speak your native language, what is the correct name of your country in your native language and what is your real name.
I think it would be interesting to many people and will make us closer to each other!

You don't need to record a video for this, just say at the beginning of any of your videos this greeting in your native language.
And, of course, now I will tell you my name, where I am from in my native Russian:

  • Привет! Меня зовут Елена. Я из России. Я живу в Ростове-на-Дону.

Thank you for watching this video! Have a happy day!

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Every day I watch videos on DTube and they are all in English.

Uhm, really?
In fact, I only knew about German DTubers so far.
Detlev is doing beer-related vlogs in German and English, diesimssuchties (German for "the SIMS addicts") is streaming her playing sessions, there are some other gamers who turned to DTube because Sempervideo, a big German tech Youtuber, attracted a lot of users, before he went back to Youtube because DTube had quite some technical issues in the first half of this year.
And of course the German nationalists love DTube. :/

But your idea is great and reasonable nonetheless. :)


Yes, the people I'm subscribed to here mostly speak English. And a few more people in other languages (some do the translation in subtitles).

hi everyone,
my name is tanlikming,
a Malaysian chinese who live in Kuala Lumpur now,
and I'm not good at english,
many time try to participate some english activity,
but give up at last.

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Thanks for your answer, @tanlikming!

Haha hey @behelen :) What a cool idea and quite good reflection of why you understand several people more and others less.
I think it is because of education - because our teachers are teaching English also with an accent and we adapt this pretty quick as children and dont learn the real "th" and "r" of English. But life is colourful and so is also our languages :) I love the fact that we can understand each other with this global language and that we all have our own accent of this :)

I also can hear if someone is from Germany by his/her accent but I think I understand almost everyone pretty well. You the same good as a native speaker but I have to admit that I have big problems to understand English with an Indian accent - but I try to listen carefully and with some concentration, I can understand them also :)

I had the same habit some weeks ago: writing the content of my videos in the decision but this is working against my aim - people shall view my videos :D so I stopped doing this and felt that more people are watching the videos and react to the content within.

Thanks for this video and this idea :)

I will try to reply to it in form of a German talking videoskit with subtitles within one of my coming videos :)



I agree about the teachers, thought about it.
I also wonder if the same person retains a distinctive, recognizable accent when he speaks different foreign languages.
I'd love to hear you speak German)!

Next day I will share in my native language.

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Whoa love this idea!!!!! I’ll do this today !!! Thank you!!!

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Cool! I'll wait))!

Hi! What a nice idea! My name’s pronuntiation is quite hard for foreign people and even to those who live in my country!!! I think I am going to make a video explaining it... hahahaha <3


Interesting to hear)! If you record a video, say your name clearly)))

That’s such a good idea and so nice for those people who don’t know English!
I’ll try this when I translate that hehe

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That would be great! I'd like to hear how it sounds!

i think i should try this out talking some sentences in my native language in my next videos.


Cool! I will watching your next videos)!

Really good idea. I am in Canada. we have 2 official languages. English and French. I only speak english . But in next video i do I will try to and say my name in French. Maybe just a basic sentence in French. more less to be part of the fun of DTube. Thanks for sharing.


French is interesting! Will see it!

@behelen, thank you for the video! It was really a very nice one. And very positive one.
Ok, let me speak my native language:
Zdrasti, az se kazvam Veselin. Az sym ot Bylgaria. Veche niakolko godini robotia v Russia! :).heheh

Ok, to be honest, when I moved to Russia, at the very beginning I couldn't understand the English that russians spoke. But, now I am already used to. For me is much easier to understand the English the people from the Balkans speak. I mean Bulgaria, Serbia, Macedonia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzagovina, Romania.

But, in a long run, I think blockchain will unite people and the global society will develope it is own language. And we all will speak the same language.


The way you introduced yourself, @cryptospa, is funny))))! I would have to hear it!

An interesting thought about a global common language. Do you think it'll look like some kind of language?
I understand that there is an urgent need in the world to speak the one language. But at the same time, I do not want to lose this wonderful diversity of national languages.
I want to hear them. This shows the individuality of the people, its features.


@behelan, I don't know how it will exactly happen, but one day we will speak a common language.
For example, let's have a look at the English? What it is? It is mutation/transformation of all greek and lating language, with some additional words. Like most of the languages in Europe are. The same for the russian language. Most of the words are transformations of either old greek words, or latin words, or arabic or pharsi words...But those words have changed a little bit over the last 1000 years.

Ok, this is just my opinion.


I know that Russian belongs to the Slavic group of languages, as well as Bulgarian. In turn, this group is part of the Indo-European language family, which also includes other languages of Europe and Asia.
Thus, I would not say that the Russian language is the result of the transformation of Latin, Greek, etc.. Of course, it absorbed foreign words (for example, my name Елена is of Greek origin).

@behelen, Will see....If I have chance to make introduction video from my native (Sinhala) I'll do next day.


I hope to see it))

I can't believe how beautiful you are!!.. I mean how beautiful the idea is 😅😅.lol

For this I will be recording a full subtitled video talking about what i like to do! Thanks for illuminating our brains (don't know if Americans say this notion)

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Thank you, @soufiani! 😄😄