Effective study skills

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Effective study skills

Effective study steps

Effective study is one of the most useful methods in obtaining the highest levels of interest from studying a particular subject, whether it is a prescribed subject or other, which may attract the attention of the individual to further study on a particular topic.


As any work that the individual wants to do, it is necessary to plan correctly for him, which helps to prioritize and organize the subjects to be studied, starting with the most important, important, and so on. This step involves setting a flexible time schedule that fits the individual's activity, and of course explains the sections that are required to be completed from the subject within a certain period of time. [1]

Good planning also helps the individual to include all the topics to be studied, without forgetting any of them, and classifying these topics between easy and difficult that may require more study time. In addition, it is easy for the individual to track the progress made in the study of certain subjects, which helps him to develop his time program in the study. [2]


Before starting the actual study phase, an essential step must be achieved: preparation, which includes:

  • Prepared psychologically, by reminding the individual himself of the desired goal of studying the required material, and that he is able to do so because of the capabilities that enhance his self-confidence . [3]

  • Choosing the right time to study, in which the individual finds himself more productive and active, which may vary from person to person according to priorities and lifestyle. [4]

  • To create the appropriate place that meets the conditions of the ideal school place, such as adequate lighting and calm, avoiding all that may distract the individual and distract him from his concentration . [4] Disturbances may occur due to various factors, including physical factors such as fatigue, lack of sleep, or inadequate nutrition. Psychological factors also play a large role in distraction, such as disruption of family relationships, peer differences, anxiety, and other factors that affect an individual's psyche and reduce his concentration in his studies. [5]

  • Provide the necessary tools for study such as notebooks, pens, calculators, and other tools required by the study of the prescribed material, in order to save time and effort in the search for these tools during the study. [1]

Reading and summarizing

In this step the actual study phase of the required material begins, which includes: [6]


When reading the material for the first time, it is necessary to conduct a quick ophthalmic survey, which aims to take a brief overview of the subject without delving into the details, as this method prepares the individual to absorb the subject in general. The individual can then read again, but carefully analyze the subject in detail, and prepare for the summary step. [6]


There is no doubt that the summary is a tool to clarify the information, and save , and remember no matter how accurate and quantity. Also, the summary is desirable in order to save time and effort to restore information in the post-school period. There are three possible methods to be followed in the summary : [6]

  • Prose method: This method is based on the prose method, which covers a large and intense proportion of the original text of the material.

  • The structural method: aims to shorten through the use of key words or paragraphs to indicate ideas summarizing the main idea, gradually starting with the general picture of the subject, and ending with the last of its branches.

  • The method of shapes and maps of the spider: This method uses the method of drawing, as it uses simple forms such as square, or circle, which is linked to the arrows and lines, in order to form a illustration of the components of the subject, and its divisions and multiple branches, which is an effective solution in summarizing subjects with details and classifications Similar and numerous.

Save and restore

When you start saving information, another good feature is the easy way to save and retrieve information quickly. The process of conservation and speed varies from person to person based on the strength of memory and the method of studying the required material, but it is possible to facilitate this process through the repetition of information several times, which helps to transfer information from the range of short-term memory to long-term memory. [7]

In addition, the information can be divided into several sections, for example when saving numbers or long text, which helps in saving and quick retrieval. A mental image of the information can also be formed by associating it with something known to the individual, such as a situation, a specific event, a famous person, a specific place, a favorite color or idea, and other options that can be quickly recalled. [8]

There is also a smart assembly method, which requires finding similarities between different parts of the same subject, which helps to link several ideas, making them easy to save and restore. As for the recovery step following conservation, the method of unloading may be useful in this process. This method is based on emptying the information that has been retrieved through several means, such as writing, discussing with the appropriate people as colleagues, and also training in the solution of exams and exercises. [9]

Following these steps, and observing the progress of the study, you must follow the system of reward, which aims to give the individual a favorite activity, such as eating a certain meal, or spend time with friends, or go on a walk, and other recreational options that help to charge The individual's energy, motivation and encouragement to study. [3]


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By Hiba Attabbae

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The most difficult thing for a student at any level is precisely planning, many think about it and even elaborate the plan but very few fully comply with it as to be able to evaluate its effectiveness.
It's about converting the plan into a healthy habit for the student, to my way of thinking you have to turn it into habit that the plan becomes a habit, as well as for example 21 days consecituvos practicing making the plan evaluate the results of the change of strategy , greetings, this is very good


Your comments and suggestions to the subject are true and successful and I liked it very much, and it is a quality addition. Thank you for your interaction and participation.

It takes dilligence and commitment to draft out and follow a good study plan.
It should also be noted that study patterns work differently for different people.
For instance, summary works really well for me.
Nice post @bestlife


True, thank you for sharing

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