Family problems and how to solve them -Causes-

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Causes of family problems

In most families, there are many forms of family problems , whether between parents or children. One of the main reasons for the problems between the parents is the lack of understanding of the nature of the relationship between men and women in terms of different desires, way of thinking , and concerns among them, and this difference in place, as the relationship between men and women relationship is based on difference and not on the similarity, And the psychological in the man is different from the woman. The lack of experience and awareness of parents in these matters lead to disagreement between them and thus reflected negatively on the family. [4]

Other causes of family problems include: [5]

  • Social change: There are many social changes in the outer perimeter of the family and affected by it, so that children adopt new values ​​and liberal ideas that do not have traditional values and customs adopted by parents, leading to a gap and conflict between children and parents. Ignorance of the characteristics of the growth of different stages of life: Each stage has its own characteristics and requirements to deal with them. The lack of awareness of these characteristics and the adequacy of dealing with each stage will lead to problems and will affect the behavior of family members.

  • Intellectual and emotional differences: The change in the feelings of the couple after marriage of love and happiness, and the different intellectual and cultural background of the couple leads to a disagreement on the methods of raising children and decision-making and treatment of others.

  • Economic pressures: The lack of material resources for the family is an obstacle to achieving their cohesion and meeting their different needs, and the presence of high material resources and lack of balanced planning result in family disputes and problems. Women's exit from work: The impact of women 's work varies from one family to another, where it can lead to conflict in roles, differences in family sovereignty, coordination of responsibilities, priorities and material matters.

  • Affecting relatives and associates: The negative impact of individuals on the internal environment causes problems, either by interfering with the affairs of family members or by inciting one party against the other.

                                                               to be continued

By: Talal Mishal


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