Family problems and how to solve them -Methods of treatment-

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Methods of treatment of family problems

The difference of views and thinking leads to a state of collision is different severity according to the method used in the treatment, there are many ways to solve family problems, including:

  • Family members must realize that there is a leader and a father of this family is the father and husband, and that the safety valve for the family is the leader that everyone should recognize his role, so that he can resolve the differences that can appear between members of the family. [6]

  • That the family members resort to successful dialogue, listening and human skills that enable each party to listen to and dialogue with the other in order to resolve the differences and problems that can occur, and even prevent the aggravation of these differences and turn them into conflict and collision, and dialogue is an effective way to understand Each side of the other, thereby blocking every path of misinterpretation and mistrust . [1]

  • Do not resort to family members to violence and hardship, but every member of the family to create compassion and tenderness in all transactions, as the Prophet peace be upon him: (The mercy is nothing but Zanh . [7]

  • That the family members move away from anger, anger does not come okay, but is the root of all evils, and the use of nerve control. [8]

  • To establish the family bases and criteria to resolve their differences, based on logic and argument and proof, away from the arbitration of passion and personal views, man is important to enjoy the wisdom and the rest of mind, it lacks wisdom constantly, and may take the whims in a moment right or left, away from the right avenue . [8]

  • The family should agree on an administrative version of the house explaining the duties and responsibilities of individuals. [8]

  • The couple should be aware of the nature of their relationship and accept each other. [4]

By: Talal Mishal


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