How anime is my character

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How anime is my character

Correct errors without punishment

The child's personality can be improved by correcting his mistakes and directing him to the right path without exaggerating punishment. Excessive punishment is a way to make things worse, so parents can reprimand and criticize their behavior in an undignified way with little respect. The child in front of others and in public places, and parents must agree on a child's punitive punitive disciplinary measure in case of wrongdoing. [1]

Development of social skills

A child is learning a variety of ways to improve the social skills of the things effective, and through his other children, and enable him to form relationships and new friendships, and send it to places necessitate social gatherings with others , such as contests, games and schools; because the confluence of the child with other children contribute to the promotion process Social communication has, and thus develop his personality. [2]

Developing the cognitive thinking of the child

The child from the age of 1-3 has the ability to represent images with words. He can think of symbols and refer to many purposes, so parents must develop the child's cognitive skills in order to develop his or her personality as a whole. [3]

Positive Education

The use of positive and correct breeding techniques is one of the ways to promote child development. Examples include child participation in social activities, quiet and gentle talk, apology, avoiding ridicule, physical and emotional support, understanding, patience and listening to a child's fears. [4]

Practice new experiences

To engage in new activities and activities that help the child to develop his idea and courage; parents can organize an activity in the public garden and camping outside the home; to help their child to participate in new activities that enhance his confidence and reduce his feelings of fear and attention to the need for the child to work his own things, Confronting what he fears as a snake or bugs to help develop his intellectual and psychological abilities. [5]


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By: Omar Zaindin

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Focus on your child's praise in front of others, so that he or she has the concept of self-confidence, because reprimanding the child or hurting him or her in front of friends or family causes serious psychological problems in youth


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The play helps to develop the child physically, mentally and emotionally by teaching him to participate and settle conflicts, take different roles by playing in groups, and develop his imagination, decision-making and exploration. Dr. Tanya R. Altmann says: "Giving children time to play is the key to helping their personalities bloom.

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The mother always seeks to be the most distinguished child among his generation, trying hard to sharpen his personality during the early years of his life until he becomes a spokesman for a strong, personal, attractive and courageous, so that these qualities are established until he grows up and becomes a distinguished young man in his studies

Children differ in their emerging personalities, including siblings, and thus the process of personal development offered by parents is a sensitive process that must meet the individual requirements of each child and support his or her strengths


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