How to know the original honey

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How to know the original honey

Laboratory analysis

The original honey can be identified by laboratory analysis or by testing the purity of the honey in the laboratory, as can be verified before the purchase, by looking at its list of ingredients. [1]

Stable carbon isotope test

This method is one of the best industrial methods of high complexity, which are used to verify the honey in large quantities, as in both factories and companies, where it is recommended to use this method by the Association of Awak, the official analytical association of chemists, and the mechanism of this The method in the assay on the contrast in the stable carbon isotope ratio of protein compounds and sugar. [1]

Isotope classification technique

The isotope classification technique is an effective way to reveal synthetic honey or natural honey mixed with foamed honey, which contains plant sugars, including pineapple sugar, corn syrup, corn cane, etc. The isotope technology determines the extent of cheating. Honey, however, this technique is unable to distinguish the plant sugars derived from C3, such as: beet sugar, and only reveal the derived additives from C4. [2]

Specifications of the original honey

The original honey has many characteristics and characteristics that distinguish it from others, the most prominent of which are as follows: [1]

  • It has a delicious taste.

  • Contains a high percentage of enzymes.

  • Greatly reduces the sensitivity.

  • Contains a high percentage of natural antioxidants.

  • Is not characterized by any viscosity, where it can rub between the fingers.

  • It is not liquid, as it is difficult to pass from place to place.

  • Not soluble in water .

The original honey

Pure and pure natural honey is the honey produced by bees . It is obtained and collected manually by farm workers. It is unloaded and stored in containers for transfer to the consumer. No additives are added to it, including preservatives , And substances that host color, flavor, pigments, sugars, etc., and not even the use of genetically modified bees, all of the above make honey an abnormal or original ingredient, and enter the box manufactured vehicles. [3]

By Alae Jarrar

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