Life pressures

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Life pressures

Life pressures Stress is the daily pressures and things that accompany the individual, which are common among people in the age - Mtaatadh, and can handle pressure in different ways, and the ways in which they can address the daily pressures as follows: [1]

  • Time Management.

  • Address the causes.

  • Accept things that can not be changed.

How to make a decision under pressure

Some things can be followed when making an important decision under the psychological pressure caused by the pressures of life, including the following: [2]

  • Knowledge of the situation: Knowledge is characterized by strength, the more the individual knowledge of the situation around him the greater the possibility of making a good decision, so it is recommended that the use of special skills in the research to study topics related to the status of the individual, and is advised to rely on reliable evidence and away from the views of friends, Bias when making a decision.

  • Knowledge of the results of the subject: It is preferable to follow the individual techniques that enable him to predict the consequences that may result from his decision, in addition to trying to identify the short-term and long-term effects that will affect himself and others.

  • Consultation with others: An individual can question and take advice from others, preferring to ask specialized and objective people, where objective people can look at the status quo without any emotional attachment, and thus provide better advice without interest.

Adolescent pressures

Adolescent problems are stressful for the rest of their lives, and some of the pressures on adolescents are peer pressure to do wrong, such as: taking drugs, drinking alcohol, weight lifting, and other problems. , As it is difficult to resist, which is a factor contributes to the adaptation of the adolescent with a group of peers, to reduce the embarrassment and discomfort experienced by the teenager at the beginning of his life, [3] and can deal with the stresses of adolescents that feel because of their peers through the following: [4] ]

  • Parental support Parents can influence their teenage children as a teenager benefits from having an adult who they trust to help solve their problems. It is advisable to engage in adolescent life to identify problems that may arise.

  • A suitable choice for friends: A teenager can accompany individuals who stay away from dangerous activities, participate in activities that a teenager can enjoy to get rid of stress, and advise to avoid dangerous activities that cause social problems and psychological stress.


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By: Ahmed El Masry

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