What Causes Neurons

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What Causes Neurons

Physical changes

Physical changes generally lead to higher neurological level of the individual, for example, teenagers may be difficult sometimes for them to accept the changes occurring in their bodies, thus contributing to their frustration and anger and become their personalities nervous, and their sense of tension increases and thus show the excess nerve in their lives The daily direction of people around them. ggHaohw lk p, gil. [1]

Anxiety and tension

Anxiety is a major cause of nervousness, which is caused by many factors including: traumatic life experiences, difficult or failed social relationships, the environment of the individual and the family, as well as the role of genetic factors in increasing the nervousness and anxiety of the individual. [2] Tension is also one of the reasons for increasing the personality of the individual, and there are many things that increase the tension and make personality more nervous , including: [3]

  • Moving and changing place of residence or residence.

  • Change of place of work or place of study.

  • Social changes in an individual's life, such as marriage, childbearing and new responsibilities.

  • Exposure to bad health conditions such as illness or exposure to a specific injury in the body.

  • Alcohol or drug abuse.

Other causes of nervousness

There are many other reasons that make the personality more nervous, for these reasons: [3]

  • Take some types of drugs that contain powerful stimulants that cause stress as well.

  • Eat some foods or beverages that contain caffeine.

  • Abuse of illicit drugs.

  • Alcohol abuse is very large.

  • Feeling frustrated, or experiencing successive disappointments or discomfort from something. [4]

  • Stress. [5]

  • Stress due to exhausting work. [5]

  • Large family clashes. [5]

  • Death of a dear person. [5]

  • Social changes in the life of the individual such as divorce and others. [5]

  • Not getting enough sleep and not being able to relax and rest. [5]


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