What is despair

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What is despair


of despair Despair is defined as the situation in which a person loses faith in positive current or future events. On the medical side, despair is defined as the personal situation that controls the individual, making him feel restricted, and the options available are limited or non-inclusive. person charging energy self, referred to that despair may not be linked to serious health problems, and can be treated in some people by providing full surroundings positive, focus on increasing independence and self - confidence. [1]

Overcoming despair

Some steps can be taken to try to overcome despair, including: [2]

  • Doubt in despair: This means questioning the hopeless ideas, replacing them by thinking of being wrong, practicing trying to become an optimistic person, and looking at life with a more positive perspective .

  • Trying to do something new: Despite the prevailing belief that one has tried all the ways but did not succeed, that is not true; no one has completed the attempts to the end, so it is necessary to try new experiences to move away from despair, And recourse to external assistance.

  • Seeing things from another angle: This is a person trying to change a hopeless reality into a new reality by trying to change his changeable life without focusing on the difficult things to change.

  • Assessing the present: Living and appreciating the current moments reduces the level of despair. The skill of applying this can be acquired through training to focus on the feelings and details of the individual, such as deep breathing, and listening to the music so that it feels like it is coming out of the self.

Find Hope

Despite the difficulty of situations that lead to despair, hope always exists, and ways that may help to find hope try to indulge in something that gives a boost from it, including talking to oneself in positive terms that leave a breath, as saying (everything will be The repetition of that phrase to obtain the desired impulse of hope, and the constant assertion of self in such positive words saves them from being surrounded by negative thoughts. This is not a denial of reality but an attempt to spread hope and live happily . [3]


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