Betanuary - May Flower Month

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The name of this month has an origin of its name is uncertain. It can derive from the Roman goddess Maia, also known as Bona Dea, whose festival the Romans celebrated this month they called Maius. It could also come from the Mayan nymph, daughter of Atlas and Pleione and mother of Hermes. A third option of its origin could be of the term Maius Juppiter, a reduction of Maximus, the largest.

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May is the fifth month of the year in the Gregorian calendar and has 31 days; But it was the third month in the old Roman calendar, where January and February were at the end of the year. In ancient Greece its equivalent is the month of Targelión.

According to a tradition, may stone is the emerald, and its flower, the lily.

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Important days of the month of May:

  • 1 of May-International Labour Day.
  • May 5-anniversary of the Battle of Pueblo and my birthday XD.
  • May 10th-mother's Day.
  • May 15th-Teacher's day.
  • May 20th-day of the psychologist.
  • May 23rd-student's Day.
  • May 25th-day of the accountant.

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Betanuary - January the month to begin

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Betanuary - March Women's Month

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I hope you have had a good May!

Our Steem tokens have gone up a little and I hope they go up more in June. :)

Thanks for this post. I learned some things about the name of this month and what it may mean!