A Face palm moment.

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I am currently staying in a hostel in Chennai. Staying along with me is a person from Thanjavur,Tamil Nadu. Three days before I planned to watch a movie in movie theater. I was in a little bit of hurry because I am going to be late for the movie. In the hurry I noticed my roommate are getting dressed nicely and where planning to go out. Out of curiosity even in that hurry I asked him ,where he was going. He answered- "casino!"

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I thought "oh my God! Here is a person who might win or lose a fortune today. By the by where could be the casino in Tamilnadu?. We are not in Los Angeles right?". As I am in the hurry I went for movie.The movie was very good I must say. I then returned hostel.After some time my room mate also came back. He was not like a person who has won or lose anything. Again out of curiosity I asked - what you got? Answer "Rice and fish curry!" I asked "what! you got that?" He answered "what else can you expect from my cousin's house?"

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