A Happy ending for a tragic story.

3년 전

For each of the posts I am writing in Steemit I had to think what to write. But among those one story was an exception. It was not planned. It came naturally. This might be the last and beautiful ending of that tragic story of my life.
I have already written two article about our kitty and her babies. In one article few days back I told she was killed by a stray dog and her kittens became orphans.My mother was taking care of them until now. But after 4 days we all need to attend a family function. Also we were concerned about the safety of the little ones as stray dogs are plenty in my area.

Yesterday while giving milk to the kittens my mother just thought about their mom. She asked her in her mind' Sweety please tell us some way how we can take care of your babies?'.

Today a miracle happened!

A very rich cat loving people came to adopt all our kittens. They also have 5 more cats.We are sure that those experienced people will take care of our babies more than us. My parents were heartbroken when they parted with them. Kittens also did not want to leave our house. But we are happy. Now the babies are safe.Our lovely girl took care of her babies even after her death. She didn't want to trouble us.My father was even ready to pay them some money monthly to take care of the Kittens. But those people rejected it heartily. My mother gave a pack of milk powder for them. But we will go later and visit our little ones in their new family with lot of gifts.
If you would like to read the remaining part of the story here are the links. Also I would like to thank all my friends who gave me support throughout.

Part 1: https://steemit.com/cat/@bhaski/our-sweet-little-member

Part 2:https://steemit.com/life/@bhaski/feeling-heartbroken

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This is so sweet! Animals are so heart pure and can be the humans best friends!


ya you are right @claubzs!

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