Choice Of Addiction Over Life!


Smoking, drinking alcoholic drinks and many more kind of harmful habits are found in today's youth. Can we calculate a simple math to each cigarette one smokes a day?

Let's do it:-
1 cigarette = 7 minutes of one life gets shorter.
We cannot tell how long a person is going to live because over all it is in God's hands. God has the end date of a person.

Let's take an estimate:-
God must have a person live for 70 years. At present the person is 38 years. He has been smoking since he was 14 years. He smokes atleast 4 cigarettes a day.

Now let's calculate:-
1 cigarette = 7 minutes life
4 cigarettes = 28 minutes of life a day.
Since the person has been addicted to such a habit since he was 14 years and his currently 38 years old, let's find out how many years he lost to live.
God predicted person's life to be 70 years without any addiction and with free will. Till the person was not addicted to smoke he had a full 70 years to live. His habits started at the age of 14 years. Now he smoked 4 cigarettes a day.
That takes 28 minutes of his life a day.

According to living 70 years that is 840 months of life the person started taking away 28 minutes of his life a day from there and ended his life at the age of 64.5 years.

Total years lost out of living fully to 70 years was 5.5 years due to such addiction. Is it worth?
Recovery time to such a habit is double to be completely out of your system.

Can we take note to how many people in today's world are finding themselves hard enough to turn back and live life to their fullest? Can we help one another to remind over and over again that such addiction can be recovered by building self confidence and workout with a strong mind set to live longer.

Friends these were my thoughts. I would love to read yours. By spreading such awareness we can atleast tough one life. Help a friend. Help your neighbor.

In God we trust.

Thank you for reading.

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