New plans, New blog. Off to travel Australia!

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Over the next 6 months me and my partner Lydia are planning to buy a 4WD and a caravan and head off on the road to travel and work our way around the country. For the last 3 months we have been planning and organising. Checking the fruit and vegetable harvest seasons around the country to help plan our trip.

We plan on being gone for at least a year with maybe a visit back at Christmas but if we leave in February we should have enough funds to travel for at least 6 months without needing to work. If all works out we will do a few months work over the course of the year in different places to try not to bite into our savings too much.

First stop, Western Australia

The place we both want to go most is in Western Australia. Ningaloo reef, located in Exmouth, is a picturesque beach town/city approximately half way up the west coast. The biggest draw for both of us is the swimming with whalesharks and manta rays.

It's an experience that is definitely on my bucket list and something I think will be amazing to have done, whalesharks are the gentle giants of the sea.

Western Australia is our biggest and most sparsely populated state, being 2,529,875 square km or 976,790 sq mi, and the second-largest country subdivision in the world, surpassed only by Russia's Sakha Republic.
Much of this is comprised of Desert or giant farms some of which are over 35,000 sq km alone.

The fact much of the state is farmland is advantageous for us and means we should be able to find work pretty easy. If we stay there for 3-6 months and then slowly move across the top of the country and over to the east coast and tourist hot-spot Queensland.


Possibly the biggest farming state for fruit and vegetables it also seems to have the most to see and do.

Made up of tropical rain-forests and gorgeous beaches it is a holiday-goers paradise. It has 5 theme parks, though not as incredible as some of the others in the world still fairly impressive.
Here we will probably end up moving around and staying a while.
There is a lot to see and do and explore and we can take our time as harvest season is almost year round depending on which area.

queensland beach.jpg
After Queensland we will explore some of NSW our border state before making our way home at some point.
At least, that's the general plan.

The beauty of it is if we have enough money to leave with we should be able to basically do what we want, go where we want when we want and stay as long as we wish. if we like it we might go 2 years, if not we might be back in 3 months.

Either way it will be an adventure for both of us.

Our new blog.

As well as this blog, my personal one. We will be starting a blog called ExploreAus @exploreaus . It will be a combined effort of ours and we hope to be able to showcase some of the hidden gems Australia has to offer as well as document our journey.

I am going to do an update post and an introduction of us both in the next post as well as from the @exploreaus account.

We will hopefully begin posting in the next week or so and we have a long trip through to Uluru in the centre of Aus coming up in a month so there should be some nice stuff for people to see coming soon hopefully.

Id love your support and appreciate all feedback and comments from you all.

For now thanks for reading.

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Sounds like an epic adventure waiting to happen! And you're going to some really nice destinations too. Make sure to try and do as many things as possible both midweek and midterm to miss the crowds ;D

Whalesharks are amazing.

Coolness! I'm looking forward to reading about your travels!

That sounds great! Good luck in your adventure!

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