Taking MDMA and Magic Mushrooms and going on an adventure at the aquarium

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I want to start by saying that whilst nothing bad happened to me or my partner, taking psychedelics in an unfamiliar and possibly chaotic environment is not considered a very good idea by most. If you intend in taking psychedelics, especially if it's your first time, you should ensure you are in a safe, comfortable environment and preferably have someone sober nearby or there with you.
Not meant as a badge of honor in any way but I have taken a lot of different substances and have a fairly firm grasp on what something is going to do to me, how to handle myself if things start to go bad and the dosages needed for myself.

(5m long Saltwater Crocodile at the waters suface, taken from underneath the reflection makes for a cool pic)

Now for story time.

Last weekend me and my partner decided it would be a fun old time to take some drugs and go on an adventure. Magic mushrooms and MDMA have been a "rave scene favourite" for years and honestly it feels pretty incredible.
We started out eating about 15 grams of Psilocybe Subaeruginosa, the most common magic mushroom found here and supposedly one of the strongest species in the world.
It takes( depending on a variety of factors) about an hour for the mushrooms effect to take hold, at this point we both took 2 100mg caps of MDMA and about 20 minutes later the adventure began.

We started out by going to the aquarium. I love animals and I find the ocean incredibly interesting so it was a good spot to start and by god was it good.

Some of the animals colours and shapes were just amazing, enhanced by the drugs it was like looking into an underwater kaleidoscope at times. I know I caught myself on a few occasions just staring at the jellyfish and wandering off into my mind. I had to remind myself I was in a public place and there were children around so I didn't want to be the crazy guy that parents were hurriedly rushing their kids away from.

(We were pretty cooked at this point)

I reckon we probably spent about 4 hours wandering around and pretty much loving every minute of it.
They had Jellyfish, Octopi, Sharks, Manta rays etc etc. It was amazing waling through the tunnel and seeing them all swim over you.

We also ran into this super stoned looking turtle.
stoned turrtle.png

We also went to the museum which, while still good, wasn't nearly as enjoyable as the aquarium and by that time my phone had died so all the photos are on my friends phone.
I want to help break the stigma around drug use. Some people do bad things, those people are often more inclined to be drawn to illicit practices including drugtaking. Problem is when someone who does bad things takes a substance people blame the drugs. There are many people who can partake in these things responsibly, just the same as those who can drink responsibly and e give them the right to choose.

In the time we were out, probably 8 hours total, we made friends with 3 different people, talked to children and mothers and just generally had a good social time and no one was put off by us. We need to change how we look at things like this and instead of believing drugs create monsters, understand that monsters just like drugs and they're going to get them legal or otherwise.

Cheers, Chris.

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Yep I should definitely stay away from most things, I’m the type that will stare at the jellyfish for ages anyway 😆 (actually I think my kids do too we’re all doomed 😱)

You didn’t drive right?

Sounds like awesome fun times 🙃

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Sounds fun! :D

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That sounds like a really great trip! I know I could easily get lost among the jellyfish if I was tripping...