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POST 1 - Dog Shit Really F*CKING Annoys Me!

Here it is... I knew this was going to be a good idea. Where I live the universe tends to always produce the goods. My first post is dedicated to an event that occurred yesterday evening while I was talking a short walk so wind down after a long day of work and training.
I headed out the door with a pair of 3 day old Nikes on (I like nice trainers and have quite a collection) to go for a walk to simply chill out a little before heading out to a friend’s going away get together. Out the door I go, I knew it had been raining so instead of taking my usual route I had to stick to the paths.

I got to walking and the cooler than normal air felt good. I quickly caught up to a middle aged couple who were out walking their dog. Suddenly, the dog stops, moves to the side of the path and proceeds to evacuate a turd that looked to be the size of a loaf of bread (okay, maybe not quite that big).
To my shock and absolute disgust the owners waited until the dog had finished its business and proceeded to continue on with their stroll. The the fuck does that? I kept pace with them and yeah it might've looked a bit suspect but I wanted to keep an eye on this dog (and its lazy as fuck owners).
About 500m along the path the dog again stops and decides it's time to snap off another shit. As I expected, the owners simply pulled the dog along like nothing had happened. Lazy motherfuckers!

This shit (excuse the pun) annoys me. If every person in my neighborhood just decided to let their dog shit on the path and not clean it up, I couldn't begin to imagine the state of the streets... Before long we'd probably see their owners taking a squat and trying their luck as well.
PEOPLE... There's a reason they invented those tiny little bags meant for carrying your dog's landmines... The reason was so that you could fucking well use them!
Thumbnail courtesy of (https://www.littlethings.com/dog-poop-colors-health/)

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