The new me slowly emerging a poem by biggy345

3년 전

i love notepad its like writing a poem 

about all the beautiful things i see 

steemit is a wonder drug to me 

i cant take it out of my head 

everyday it makes me think of bettering myself 

i still feel like im not doing to the best of my potential

i feel like the sky is the limit 

and let us not forget we humans are capable of much more than we let on

it is of god status to hardwork and endeavour till we reach extremes that limit forward trajectory 

i feel like i can do more when i sit and reflect than trying to find ways out 

that infact are traps in themselves 

looking for a high is like looking for energy within self 

it is the valiant effort to tediously and at most tiring look harder and most importantly longer to find the gems 

writing is like in a small way akin to building 

i now know the power of perspective alot more 

knowledge is power 

i look to it for help when i feel drawn to the hate 

man is a beautiful thing 

its organs capable of so much 

i think of the body like a technological marvel 

its secrets all hidden deep within the dna 

i feel like all things it can be manipulated 

ive heard of light code activations from the sun 

are increasing 

to a new but slower paced rate for us used to the fast speed like fashion it shocks us and makes us loook back 

it makes the possibilty of planning for long term events and visualize scenarios with more depth 

i wonder why ra said vizualization is important in that it affects situautions in the near future 

sharing is what is most important at this time 

sharing a conversation

something so arcane its methods may have greatly improved but the basic need is there 

time is your friend always remember that 

we sometimes may be so down that we think of time like a trap

a more inspired look would be to think of everysecond a chance to accomplish infinte tasks 

but we specify to one and slowly it builds and becomes a huge thing 

something you can look at and be proud of it something to make you smile 

time is always going to be there if you only understand that it takes time to climb a hill

everything takes time 

but slowly is does reach something of worth 

i have to find the best pleasure in investing 

i feel it is something that is growing in me with a force to reckon with 

money is built slowy 

like a tree it grows and becomes an old tree and dies 

thats the circle of life 

but with tech you can treverse this rule 

the prosperity finds are there all it takes is looking much closer and with different eyes 

in life ive come to see that living with a bit of pain is ok 

trying to change how i feel inside will eat me alive 

it has taken so much from me already and ive had enough 

they are ok but no i need to stand firm with my new ideals 

habit takes effort to build up but its worth it 

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