Why Serving God is our responsibility


Regardless of what anyone says, God is the creator of every living thing and they exist under His surveillance.

That being said, The bible made us to understand in Genesis 1 vs 27, that we are being created in God's image and Likeness. It's obvious that the creature doesn't tell a creator what to create. The creator who has power of creation know what to create and has a choose on how to create it. Which means that God would have decided to create human as the appearance or image of a dog or goat and the creature wouldn't have questioned him. God the creator would have decided to create human without thinking ability. He is the creator, so is He not free to create what he want and how he wants it.

God would have aswell chosen to create man in the image of God but in the likeness of an animal, because likeness of a creature is the characteristics or nature of that particular creature. But it will be an insult to God and his personality.

God out of love and care created human in His image and likeness and put so much importance of humans.

We have earthly father who is a creature like us but because we were trained to accept him as my father, we obey him regardless of His financial status or capacity. Even if he has no job, it doesn't stop us from obeying him. We are attached to his fatherism no matter the condition at which we know him.

If we value the fatherism of our earthly father unconditionally, is God not our supreme father? Are we not suppose to serve God regardless of our current health or financial situation.

Knowing this, it is our responsibility to Serve God.quote20190626230655.jpg

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We should serve Jesus who took our place on the cross so that we could have eternal life in heaven. The apostles in their writings identified themselves as either slaves of Jesus or servants of Jesus.