Rhet's Clubfoot Journey

3년 전

At 28 weeks we confirmed our first born would have Unilateral Clubfoot. Clubfoot is a foot abnormality that can limit walking, running, etc for a child if left untreated. The tendons, ligaments, and bones grow inward. If treated incorrectly it can cause arthritis, disability for life, unnecessary surgery, and pain. If treated correctly at a very young age the clubfoot will be unknown to those who don't know. When we found out we started doing tons of research. We found a world known doctor in St Louis Missouri, Dr. Matthew Dobbs. We knew he would be the best for our son.


Ponseti method named after Ignacio Ponseti who resided in Iowa formed a non invasive clubfoot treatment. It consisted of serial casting, a tenotomy, and braces called boot and bar. The serial casting consisted of 5-7 cast changes, then a tenotomy which is the clipping of the achilles tendon, then a cast for 3 weeks. After this the foot would be fully corrected and ready for the bracing stage. The bracing stage is broken down in to several stages. First stage is 23 hours a day for 3 months. Then 18 hours for 3 months, then 16 hours for 3 months, and then 12 hours nightly until the child is 4 years of age. The bracing keeps the corrected feet stretched leading to less relapse possibilities. If done incorrectly the child maybe put through surgery to try and move the bones into there correct place..


We started treatment for our son when he was 10 days old. He had 5 casts, the tenotomy, and has now been in his braces since he was 2 months old. March 12, 2018 we met with Dr. Dobbs for a final checkup. We got the go ahead to let Rhet quit bracing when he turned 4 years old. We have done so well in the treatment that Rhet will soon get to be FREE. He will no longer have to sleep confined to his braces nightly. He'll get to kick his dad and I without a metal bar and boots. He will get to stretch and live a FREE life. He is Clubfoot FREE because he is Clubfoot STRONG



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Thank you for sharing your story.

My wife and I recently discovered in our 20 week sonogram that our child would have bilateral club feet. It was great to learn more and hear real stories about the process children go through.

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