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When I found out about my pregnancy with Rhet strollers where an item I was highly interested in. We ended up investing in a car seat with a stroller. It made taking him to the doctor, the grocery store, and around town easier. I could transfer him from the vehicle to the stroller, and not have to carry the car seat around. Then I got pregnant with Atticus and the stroller debate was up again. Since Rhet was still so little I knew I needed a double stroller. The amount of strollers I know have will make a sane person go insane.


We have 2 sit and stand strollers. One was given to us right after I purchased one. Then I bought a double jogging stroller for both boys to ride in. Then I bought a single jogging stroller for when Rhet wanted to run. Then we bought 2 umbrella stroller because they are light weight and easier to fit inside our truck. I have 2 kids but I own 6 strollers.


We are going to St. Louis in March and now I'm conteplating getting another stroller. This one will be a double umbrella stroller. Its light weight and compact to where it will fit inside a car trunk. We aren't taking our truck so I have to find a way to get a stroller into the rent a car. Which it looks like I'll either be taking the 2 individual umbrella strollers or buying a different stroller for this trip.


My advise is really do your research on what kind of stroller to purchase before doing so. Had I just bought the double umbrella stroller and weighted on the sit and stand stroller I would be in great condition. Now I have all these strollers and nowhere to store them. They are bulky and most days just sit where I last put them.

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If per chance you don't need them anymore why don't you give it out or opt for garage sale. My thoughts though 🤔 🤔


We usually give away our baby stuff. Just haven't found time to get it all cleaned up..

Honestly, I'm glad my stroller days have past. They are a godsend with the little ones but they are a pain to fit in the car. Never got the hang of folding them up.


We luckily have a truck so any stroller fits..Its just I have so many.. @binkley still cant fold up a stroller and its been almost 4 years..


I should have thought of buying a truck. lol

Any advice on purchasing an umbrella stroller? Just about there with my LO. (Upvoted and followed!)