My story and how I got where I am today

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Back in 2004 when I moved back home from Boston I took the first job offer I was given and that was on a university at a wings delivery place. it was ok I mean it's a job, right....? Well while out on a smoke break (Thankfully I quit over a year ago now) I met a Turk named Atila who owned this pizza shop next door sparked conversation with him speaking Turk and we hit it off became like best of friends with him and his business partner Farukand they asked me to come to work with them. the place was doing so bad because of the last owner running it into the ground so it took a lot of work to build it back up. at one point it was so bad we almost had to close and buy shit luck I won $5000.00 on a scratcher I was so excited. but then I thought about my friends and I never had money so what did it matter to me...? I when into work that day and told them how I won they were all happy for me and then I told them I was giving it to them to save the shop they couldn't believe me but I handed Faruk the ticket and he started crying telling me he would make it up to me somehow... the next day I went in to work and he came up to me asked me if I would be partners me him and Atila. I said hell yeah obviously I just didn't want my friends to lose everything before we had a chance to make it work. We turned it around and made it into a 35k a week shop 4 years later and I'm not getting paid right short or not even get paid that week doing 12 sometimes 16 hr days... I go in to work and at this point I'm not in a good place because of the bs with the pay while these guys are driving a 100suv and a 200k Maserati while I cant pay my rent got car taken by the bank and lost the love of my life at the time all because of this. next he tells me he's gonna give me a shop in Miami to calm me down and I'll tell you it worked. I was all quiet and just did my job pretty much running the entire place cause these guys took off all the time.... anyway I go in to work one day and there is another Turk I never met there. I shake his hand and introduce myself and Faruk walks in and says I see you met the new owner... Oh I didn't know we were selling.... Faruk say yeah Atila and I sold to Ahmet he is now your boss... WTF now I'm just like sick to my stomach I thought these guys were my brothers he gives me a rolex and says this should cover what we owe you.....Fucking thing was fake as our friendships... never saw him or Atila again..... I quit because the new owner hated me I guess he didn't like my tattoos idk whatever. So after that I became a carpenter I grew up doing it so it only made sense after a few years of bouncing from outfit to outfit getting better pay or locations ect I found a place that I thought was awesome and after a few years I wanna say 4 years of good work for them I get hurt and lost half of my hand as a result I don't want to get into gory details in this post but yeah it was that bad... Now my job just won't put me back out there saying there is no work for me when I damn well know there is... My work is still high quality and this was a one time kind of injury I am not so careless anymore I am much better now I know I was too comfortable back then but that doesn't even matter I should be back to work now.... I mean I am a father of two wonderful kids Lily age 2 & Conor age 3 1/2 and I can't even take care of them myself anymore the money just isn't there I was the bread earner their mother makes squat just above min a job she has had for 20 years SMH...… I'm lost folks and now I find myself on sites looking for angel investors trying to start my own restaurant or buy an existing one I hate begging and I feel like I am begging looking for someone. I mean I know they'll make their money back but I still feel like it's begging.... Like I said I'm lost and worried I need something to happen and I don't know how or where to start..... To be continued.....36199711_10214307437252769_3972673474094170112_o.jpg 22688708_10210754050711518_8617010436033723917_n.jpg

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