Principle of the Day

9개월 전

Principle:  Freedom without authority is anarchy.  Authority without freedom is tyranny.  

.......original photography and editing by bleujay.

'Authority Serves as Protection' 

Dear Steemit Readers,

Principles are timeless truths presented here for our ponderance.  Principles have several synonyms; proverbs, precepts, concepts, axioms and maxims......perhaps even more. 

Enjoy.  ^__^

Thank you for stopping by.

Kind Regards, 


A kind note to all.....

bleujay does request that Steemians be so kind as to not leave gifs/photographs, etc. so as not to distract from the post.

Thank you Steemit for opportunity to participate at this fine site.

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Perhaps a bridge between the two would bring equilibrium.

I am not familiar with the flower, pray tell? :0)


Hi ya @meesterboom,

Appreciate you dropping by.

Yes....somewhere in between......did you see how the basket and greens protect the primula/primrose from the dangers outside whilst also allowing it to grow and receive should authority in it's legitimate capacity protect its charges from encroachments on their freedoms.

Alas, that is the principle anyway.

Thank you for your query.....The Primula/Primrose is the fleur pictured above......they grow in the wild in England and are abundant in the shoppes in nearly every colour. This colour choice was as close as to what grows in the wood as could be found. If you do not have them.....I would be quite surprised. ^__^

All the best to you and yours.



I do actually have them!! I thought they were familiar, one they come into bloom again I will be sure to recognise them.

All the best to you and yours lass!!

Gorgeous shots and thats a good saying rings so true


Greetings @tattoodjay,

How very kind of you to drop by with such a lovely comment and compliment.

Appreciate hearing your capacity for the principle.

Wishing you and yours a lovely week end.



Always a pleasure ot visit, and wishing you and yours also a great week end

Very beautiful flowers:) I had similar to these but my cats ate them all 😁😁😁. Now i've got a new present gor my b-day - a very wonderful orchid so i need to keep my eye on it and put it far away from my gingers 😁😂😂.


Greetings @olgy-art.

Appreciate you dropping by. ^__^

Happy Birthday/Jolie Anniversaire!

Oh keep an eye on the orchid as they do lean in such a graceful way so as to tempt the ever curious they not.

Lovely to 'see' you.....

All the best.



Thank you very much for your greetings! It was few weeks ago but it's very nice of your part anyway:)

I liked a lot this flower when i was in Thailand so my husband remembered it and made such a nice gift for me. But there in Thai i saw orchids that grew from the holes in the trees. It looked very strange and unusual 😁😁😁

Beautiful greens and blues in the first photo.


Greetings @onepagex,

Thank you for your comment.



The more I look at it the more the background leafs stand out. There appear to be a combination of quite a few types.


Greetings @onepagex,

Oh assortment indeed......ranucula, angel vine, fern, and the one flowering is the Primrose.


Am seeing primroses in bloom, fern and are those celery leaves?

I guess am fine with authority... somehow it's the manipulative behavior that seems to possess the one that holds it that I can't stand what ya say mon ami? ;)


Hi ya mon ami,

Lovely to 'see' you.

Oh yes.....Primroses, ferns, angel vine?, and know bleujay is a fan of parsley leaves...however they went missing when it came time to get their picture taken... ^__^


Thank you for your query concerning the principle; It is true....give some people a little authority and a monster is created....hehe. However, if we can keep in mind that authority also provides protection perhaps we can view the position a bit more objectively. It is the position not the person.

Appreciate you stopping by.

All the best.

A bientot! xox

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It’s true! Great principle!

The yellow flowers are very gorgeous surrounding with bright green trees! Great photos. These look very refreshing.

The black and white photo is also picturesque.

Great work, as always!

Wishing you and your family a pleasant day! ;)


Greetings @tangmo,

What a lovely comment.......thank you.

Appreciate you dropping by for a cuppa. ^__^

Thank you for your kind wishes.

Wishing you and your family a lovely week!



You are very much welcome!

I highly appreciate for your lovely wishes for me and my family.

All the best to you and yours! ;)

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What a gorgeous photography of these beautiful flowers.
Love it.


Greetings @joalvarez,

Thank you for your kind words.


Yeah! Our sigth are boosted to saw such a beautiful scene.