Meet Doc: A Most Mellow Dog

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Dr. John Henry Holliday

Dogs are cool too. I am fully aware that the internet is made of cats, and I have already written my ode to Noel, but dogs have traits that cats will never have. When I go to sleep at night I know that if someone enters my house the dogs will let me know. Part of my plan is that whomever the intruder is, he will face my Doberman. She commands an authority that no other companion ever will.

Why is he named Doc?

I will talk about the Doberman another time (she is a rescue with a pretty cool story). Today I would like to talk about Doc. He is an 11 year old Tri-Blue Sheltie. His mother was an agility dog named Angel, his father was a silent herding dog named Dallas. My sister knew when he was tiny that he was going to me, she said he suited my personality. Apparently I am incredibly mellow but have fits of craziness. Probably true. Doc (also known as Lil D, D-man, Bug) was named after Doc Holliday (Tombstone is one of my favorite movies) and is very laid back. He hangs with me most of the day and when my wife is home from work he "splits time."

He loves to run

He tolerates strangers

He is strange in that he has no use for toys, likes to chill, is a fussy eater, and wants to be left alone most of the time. Other than his people, he has little use for humans. Not that he is unfriendly, he will tolerate the attention of strangers, but he is not going to enjoy it. But dang does he love to run, full speed and hard. Until the Doberman came into my family, Doc was the fastest dog we had (that includes my parents and siblings dogs probably about a dozen). He and his biological brother used to herd all of the little kids in my family, it was an amazing thing to watch.

There is intelligence there

So Doc is an important part of my family and he is loved. I love hearing about other people's companions and hope that you all don't mind this entry. Until this week is over I am busier than I should be. Have a fantastic week.


Photo Credits: All pictures were taken with my Canon EOS60D, Doc was photographed by me. The last shot was taken by son 2.

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Riding in Tennessee with my son on the Green Eyed Snake

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Cool dog! 😎👍


He's a good guy. I have had a lot of good dogs and cats in my life.


Thank you, thank you. My first stop in the chat.

  ·  3년 전

Really nice dog . What to do without them . I always had German Shepherds , i simply love them . One can learn much from them . Enjoy .


I grew up in a house with German Shepherds, wonderful dogs. As I always say, if only humans were as decent and kind as dogs.