Can Fear Really Take Your Life?

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Some people may question the ability of fear to control their lives. But, as Northwestern Medicine clinical psychologist Zachary Sikora explains, fear can serve a functional purpose for some people, enabling them to avoid or thrive in dangerous situations. For those who are prone to fear, learning how to manage this emotion is the key to overcoming it. Here are some tips for coping with fear.


First, identify the source of your fear. When you identify the source of your fear, you have the power to take action and change your mindset. This is the first step to overcoming anxiety. Instead of blaming outside forces, begin to recognize that you are in control of your life. Then, learn how to get out of the cycle of living in fear. And when you're ready, there are many ways to do it.

Question the source of the fear. Whenever you experience a frightening thought, ask yourself a question about it. This will create distance between the cause and the outcome, allowing you to confront your fears and move on. When you're able to do this, the fear will begin to weaken. Instead of acting in response to the fear, you'll begin to act in a way that is more productive than the previous one.

Recognize the source of your fear. For example, many people mistakenly believe that avoiding their feelings will prevent them from coming to the surface. Oftentimes, they actually exacerbate the problem by forcing the unpleasant emotions to surface. The fastest way to develop fear is to directly experience a negative experience. For instance, when someone dies in a plane crash, their immediate family members are often the first to know about it.

In order to reduce the symptoms of your fear, you should visit a mental health professional. Talking with a therapist can help you reduce the intensity of your anxiety and make the fear less overwhelming. Similarly, talking to a friend who suffers from the same fear may help you overcome the anxiety. Online therapy can also be beneficial for people who are afraid of death or intense situations. You may also want to check out online therapy platforms, such as Talkspace.

Psychotherapy is an excellent way to deal with fear of death. Psychotherapists can help you work through the fear, teach you strategies to cope with the feelings, and teach you to cope with the thoughts and emotions. Cognitive behavioral therapy focuses on changing your beliefs about death and gives you the tools you need to confront your fears. This can help you deal with them in your day-to-day life. The more you learn about death, the easier it will be for you to face the reality of it.

Therapy for phobias is a proven method and has a good track record. Therapy can often produce results in as little as one to four sessions. Therapy is not necessary to take medication to manage your fear. It can be as simple as a supportive friend or family member holding your hand. And while therapy is the most effective way to address your fear, self-help methods can often be an excellent way to manage the symptoms.

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