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We often do not recognize the red light in most relationship due to euphoria of being in love, negligence or generally, Insensitivity.

Relationship don't crumble all of a sudden, it goes through different process. Join me while I narrate this process.

1.FEAR LEVEL: This is the key to most breakup, but we will never know. We just see the fruits and think it is the root. Fear is the root of them all, due to fear of being lonely, less appreciated or in worse case broken up with we live, we bear up false image, we steal and root. Fear is so dangerous, even the Holy Book recognize the impact of fear and over 300 times says 'Don't be afraid', also the first set of persons to be condemned are the fearful before the abominable etc.
Everyone has fears, but shading it off is not the best. Communicate with your spouse, perfect love casts away fears. Before you give into fear, think and talk it out with your partner.

2.LIE LEVEL: From the root, this level is given birth to out of fears .People start conceiving and it could lead them to lying.
Lies don't just start, it comes from fear and once a one lie is been said, multiple follows and the train goes on. For every lie told there is a consequence.

3.LITTLE COMMUNICATION: Once a lie is detected, most persons do not talk about it, they feel it is not necessary or it seem embarrassing to talk about it.
People! Once you detect a lie ,please talk it out. When lies are noticed it has a magical way of pushing the others into a shell for defense . Always give room for communication. Talk about every thing and anything, it doesn't cost much. If you lose a partner due to disrupt in communication, you never had a partner in the first place.

'I THINK WE NEED A BREAK' LEVEL: This is the climax and this level should be prevented. This phrase means 'the drama happening around is just too much and I think you are the cause'.
Remember in life there is no vacuum, someone will fill it up. So guys! Communication is always the best way to handle any issue .

From the heart of Port Harcourt i remain @braide

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