Four Years And Counting ...

6개월 전


Hard to believe that it has been Four Years since I started my ventures on the blockchain...

Never the less, here I am - head first all the way!

Like so many others on here, I started my journey as a complete and utter NOOB during the early stages of steem - or as I would like to remember it, the Dark Ages of Steem, when posting a picture was not as simple as copy and paste, markdown was a mystery, asking a question meant making a post and praying someone replies, and payouts were a nightmare...


I guess it is safe to say that we have all come quite a long way since then.

I know that I for one have certainly learnt a lot in the process!

Since then we have seen many changes,some being heaven and some being hell; like the steem price rising and falling, Numerous applications thriving and some falling desperately short,discord becoming the social integration hub for communities of all kinds, many joining the platform and many leaving, there were hard forks and then there were HARD FORKS - And then there was HIVE! But all and all every step we took on the journey has helped us to grow and reach the point where we are today.

As for me - I know that I have made some decent evolutionary leaps during my time here. I started off as a simple farm girl who could hardly fathom the fact that the high end technology of sending faxes had come to pass, to someone indulging in various online pass-times, such as creating content and sharing a bit of knowledge while absorbing interesting content from other creators from all over the globe. I have taken you on journeys of my life and shared a great deal of myself with you all. More so - I managed to learn a bit more about crypto, how it works and how to trade, something that I would never see myself doing (not that I consider myself a pro in any way shape or form) the point is that the block-chain helped me step beyond my own comfort zone and explore different avenues that I wouldn't even have contemplated before.

Below is one of my prouder accomplishments during this time:

Another great example of moving beyond my natural scopes, was me dabbling in various forms of collaborations as time went on - such a music creation, voice acting, and even going as far as working on the creation of a new app... These were all doors that would have never been opened had I not decided to click on the sigh-up button 4 years ago...

My journey here might not have been completely perfect - but it was completely perfect for me!

To all who has shared my journey with me thus far - I would just like to say thank you, every single one of you has had a constructive impact on my life, some bigger than others, but none less valued!

One Love!

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