So you have a bad day and are frustrated or sad - What can you do against it?

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We have all been here before

No matter how good your day was. Sometimes even the smallest litttle mistakes can get you off road. Maybe your boss yelled at you, maybe you had an argument with your friend. Even worse, maybe you just woke up and just think to yourself ¨oh man when is it over?!¨
This happens to many of us all time, even the best amongst us. And frankly there is nothing to be ashamed of. Many try to mask their stress behind a layer of fake positivity and forced politeness. Yet many can spot this fake appearence from a mile away.
Instead I want you to consider the following:

Instead of stuffing your stress inside you, why don't we embrace our feelings and try to resolve our problems from the very root of our mind?

Since I am dealing with feelings of stress and discomfort more often, than I would want to, I've come up with a systematic plan to minimize my suffering and to get most joy out of my day.

1. Accept that your mind has clung to the feeling of pain


When you have a neverlasting feeling of stress and discomfort, it is your ego signaling you, that he feels threatened, not necessarily physically but definitely ideologically. The ego shuts down into stubborn mode and rejects everything that is against him.
First and for most. Accept what just happened. Accept the fact that you are stressed and that it is your highest priority to linder this feeling.
What I like to do is to do, is to do take a loong, deep breath In and Out. Repeat this as many times as necessary until the pain has weakened.

2.Take a short break from what you're doing right now


After you’ve found your breath again, it’s time to relax your body and mind. Remember great stress can release Adrenalin, which can lead to pain and other symptoms in the long run.
Give yourself a little treat. Do something you enjoy like hiking, swimming or drawing. If you’re dealing with great stress long massage can do wonders for you.
Find something you want to do and most importantly take your time with it. Don’t rush and think about what happened all the time. All we want now, is to relax.

3. Ask yourself how it even happen and if it is even worth it to be stressed about


This is the tricky part. The one many people have a hard time getting right. How in the world could the mind be even get in a situation like this?
This is hard to answer because there can be many factors involved. Maybe something happened that hurt your feelings very deeply leaving you feeling wrong, which the ego always hates. Maybe there is another stress factor involved that is hidden inside you subconciously and is just boiling up to the point you can’t control it anymore.
Whatever it is you have to find this for yourself. If you struggle to find a answer for it always remember the following:

The ego is literally a ME-machine. Everything is about ME and everything that hurts ME must be bad for ME.

All the suffering you encounter is fundamentally a response from your ego. And although it sure has it’s reasoning to exist in our mind, sometimes it’s best to just shut it up and just observe whats happening around you. More than often you’ll see that the mind creates problems, where in reality there are none.

Doing some Yoga and Meditation can greatly improve your mental health and help silencing your ego over time.


To end suffering,embrace the things around you, and share love with things you embrace.

What are your ways to relieve stress?. Do happen to be stressful often times after work or at home? Please share your experiences down below.

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Please have yourself a nice day :)


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You're right, it is really hard to think logically and decide whether something is worth being stressed about. Sometimes it's easy but sometimes it's hard due to the fact you're so overwhelmed already so it does seem like such a big deal.
Nice post, upvoted and following :)


Yes definitely. We more than often lose track of our own thoughts and get lost in them as a result.

And thanks :)

Very nice article my friend! In my opinion changing the way that we think can make a huge improvement in our mentality! Also having some true principles and sticking to them is also essential!:))


yes definitely :)

I can relate to this,thanks for sharing

Great. Thanks for sharing. I'm starting to follow you.

  ·  3년 전

Nice content..upvoted and followed