What you should print with a 3D Printer

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3D Printers are getting more and more widespread over the years. The prices went down and their usability got far better than it was before. We have reached a mark, where even for a few hundered Dollars, you can get small but very good printers that are more than enough for the averge person. I was one of them and I am now a proud owner of an Anet A8, a 3D Printer DIY kit for only 170$.

With that said, I quickly came to the question many owners asked themselves at least once:

What should I print now?

What sounds like a harmless question, can become quite the wall for some people. At first sight all you might think of are some figures or models, which are definitely cool and worth the print, but you'd be surprised to see what crazy thinks you can make, that might be even helpful in your every day life.

In this post i will show you five prints, everyone should print immediatly.

Nr.5 USB and SD card holder for wide USB sticks


Everyone of us has at least one kind of storage device lying around the house. Keeping that in place is one thing, but what about two, three or even ten? Some would say that this is a bit overdramatic but you have to remember that pretty much all electronic devices like cameras, smartphones, etc. take advantage of external storage device.
With this print you can have everything in one convinient place. But it gets even better, because this is a stackable print. That means if you later on need some additional space, you can just print a second one and clip both together.
Also this print can be customized however you want, neat if you need many SD Slots but only a few USB Slots.

Nr.4 Self-Watering Planter


I love to have plants around. My mom used to have alot of flowers and i always helped to water them. Also the sheer sight of fresh blooming flowers, always gets me happy. Unfortunately many of my plants today die, because of my stressful work shedule and other things. With this simple print i can store water far in advance and evertime my plant needs water, it gets refilled and keeps the soil sodden. It's a must have if you work many hours and don't have much time for yourself.

Nr.3 Bird feeder 4.0


This little cage is a nice little spot where all your surrounding birds can come by and eat some food before they fly over. As a kid we always had a Bird Feeder in our garden and this is a great solution if you don't already have one. Because PLA is a safe plastic you don't have to worry about the birds harming them because of toxins and such. And since you are the one who prints it, you can be creative and make it as colorful as you want.

Nr. 2 Printable Trumpet


This is more of an odd one, but it clearly shows the true potential that lies in 3D Printing. Build your own little trumpet with your own printed parts. Sure the sound isn't anywhere near an actual instrument but you can give this to your child as a toy to play around and maybe sparkle some musicial talent.
If anything, it shows that you can create great things with a 3D Printer by making many small items and combining them.

Nr.1 The $30 3D scanner V5 updates

3d printed scanner.jpg

Now this one is kind of special to me, just because i love this idea so much. Basically it's a 3D scanner armature for your smartphone. When fully assembled, you place a small object onto the platform and use the smartphone to create real 3D models with the Autodesk app. Those could then, for example, be printed with your 3D printer. It's an ingenius idea that you should definitely try out.

Here I have linked all the 3D print files if you are intrested.

Anyway i hope you like this post and i would really appreciate it if give an upvote and leave a comment if you want more 3D printed stuff. With that said i wish you a nice day :)


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