How to overcome sleepy

4년 전

The arrival of drowsiness is a sign that the body needs to rest from all activities that have been undertaken all day. The best way to do is to go to bed and rest. However, sometimes dense activity or work often makes you sleep deprived of sleepiness.

You can try these five effective ways to overcome the drowsiness that hit in the middle of solid activity.

1. Avoid drinking lots of coffee or energy drinks

Both types of drinks can indeed restore energy when the body is tired. But unfortunately, only temporary. The body will feel very weak and tired in the morning.

2. Breakfast ice cream in the morning

Although it sounds unusual, but ice cream is proven to 'wake up' your brain. Not because of the sugar content, but the cold temperature of the ice cream can change the drowsiness so more spirit. But do not make breakfast ice cream become a habit.

3. Do light exercise in the morning

No need to do strenuous exercise in the morning. You just do 3 to 5 simple movements to increase energy in the body.

4. Bathe with warm water

Bathing with warm water can overcome fatigue and sleepiness. You can also add a few drops of eucalyptus oil or essential oils into the bath water. The stinging smell of mixed oil will have a relaxing effect.

5. Eat a little sugar

Eating too much sugar can actually cause drowsiness to come unexpectedly. If you want to eat a sweet meal before the move, you should eat fruits with a natural sweet taste.


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