Faithfulness of men on the signs of the zodiac

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What kind of man is every self-respecting woman looking for? Attentive, caring, responsible and, of course, faithful. After all, without mutual loyalty, almost all relations are doomed to failure. Let's see what men zodiac signs are not prone to treason, and who is too loving.


Speaking of the men of the sign Aries, the first characteristics that come to mind are impulsiveness, excitement and thirst for change. Naturally, with such a set of qualities to talk about loyalty to old age will be inappropriate. Aries, more often than other signs of the zodiac, succumb to temptation and temptation, and if the relationship reigns unhealthy atmosphere, then persuade them to change at all will not be difficult.


Taurus is quite loving and amorous. It would seem to go for treason to such people is not so difficult. But no. Despite his constant desire to achieve more and better, Taurus men still do not tend to stain his reputation, while in a relationship. Frankly, the male Taurus in youth are often seen in love triangles, but with age and with the appearance of the family, they still become on the path of loyalty and devotion.


as you know, is quite a dual nature. If today they tearfully swear their love and devotion to their chosen one, then tomorrow they can, without any apparent reason, step back and embark on "all the hard things". Only a bright, expressive and outstanding woman can keep Gemini from going to the side.


Do men Change Cancers? Change. But only when their relationship has outlived itself. In General, Cancers are considered one of the most faithful signs of the zodiac. Their sensuality and ability to put themselves in the place of a partner does not allow them to make rash acts. If the Cancer man is deeply offended by his companion and understands that they have no future, then he can easily drown in the arms of an attentive and gentle stranger.


Men zodiac sign Leo are most often faithful and responsible family members. For them, an affair on the side is a serious blow to their reputation, so that Lions are rarely seen in treason. And if it so happens that Leo, by stupidity and inexperience, will change his half, then he will do everything possible to make no one ever know about this mistake, and also try in every way to atone for his guilt.

Virgo man

Virgo and treason-these are two fundamentally incompatible concepts. Of course, among these men there are "revelers", but most often, if you look at the Natal map of these walkers, it is mixed with a large number of other predominant signs of the zodiac. A typical men of the zodiac sign Virgo – a true monogamous and loyal men. The mere thought that they will be entangled in an immoral situation, catching up on them fear and disgust.

Generally Libra

Libra male most of them are big fans of harmony and unity in relationships. But the inherent uncertainty and the constant search for new, often pushing to go on the side. It is worth noting that the men of the sign of Libra rarely occur infidelity for the sake of treason. If they are comfortable with the new chosen one, they usually make a choice in her favor.


As for Scorpions, they may have an affair and even an open relationship on the side, as they say, for health. If a woman does not meet the physiological needs of Scorpio, he will quickly find a replacement for her. Men of the sign Scorpio are temperamental and insatiable, so physical betrayal for them often becomes a forced measure. Heart and soul during the time of betrayal, they can be with their second half.


Sagittarians are like Scorpions, also not think of an affair as the end of a relationship. For them, an affair on the side is just a breath of fresh air and a shake of monotonous and fresh relations. Sagittarians often have lovers, while remaining in friendly relations with their wives. To devote all life to one woman they do not always succeed. A love triangle and a game of hide and seek allow you to get the right amount of adrenaline and meet their "hunting" needs. Yes, men-Sagittarians more often than others love the process of conquest, not possession.


Capricorns often remain faithful to their chosen ones. Just because they do not see the point to be sprayed and spend time on adventures to the left, when it can be spent on productive work. And what to hide, Capricorns is sometimes just too lazy to search for a mistress and, especially, to invest in her honestly earned money. Capricorns are pragmatic, and lovers require additional costs. It is not profitable.


Aquarius for some reason is considered to be one of the most walking men. However, this is not entirely true. By the nature of its Aquarius thinkers and discoverers, they are interested in everything new and unknown. They love, as psychologists, to learn new "objects", thereby expanding their horizons. At the same time, representatives of this sign often stop at the stage of flirting. If they see that the production in their hands, then further actions become uninteresting to them.

Pisces Men

zodiac sign Pisces Are born romantics. They often rush into the arms of a woman who, in their opinion, imbued with their inner world. But this idyll, as a rule, ends when both descend from the sky into a routine everyday life and face urgent problems. Pisces rarely strive to solve the problem, they usually go in search of a new romantic story. Such a vicious circle turns them into permanent heroes-lovers.

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