Significance of the NAME.

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Probably many have noticed that people with the same names in some way have a resemblance. Therefore, the question arises as to why and how this happens. And the answer to this question is simple, this reason lies in the human name.

Cause and effect

Human name is not just a set of letters and sounds, and one of the components of the formation of the human character with all its manifestations. Many are skeptical of this reasoning. But in fact, this fact is proved by many scientists, and at the moment is not some mythical imagination of people, as it is like to argue skeptics.

The name is one of the components of the formation of the human character of this fact. The reason for this fact lies in the following. Since man throughout his life from birth, the most he hears his name, and as you know the name consists of letters and sounds, as we remember, the sounds are vowels and no vowels, so these sounds and render, influencing the human subconscious, contributing to the formation of character. Consequently, each sound affects the formation of a particular character traits.
Of course, that the name of a person not disposed and fully creates the character of a person, because the bottom is affected by many factors, but this resonance is one of the main. Hence it becomes clear why people with identical names can be seen some similarities in character.

Influence the fate of the child

Probably, many will think to affect the destiny not really. Of course, this is not entirely possible, but to try to improve the future fate of the child is quite possible. How to seal it, but very simple, you need to choose a name for your child in accordance with the wishes of his future traits. This will help in a large number of relevant material, both online and bookstores. These materials contain a large number of names with a full description of what character traits are peculiar to a particular name.

Therefore, we can assume that if our ancestors had this information about how the name affects traits, it is possible on open spaces of our planet would be a sizeable amount of professional doctors, scientists, musicians, etc. But do not think that if you named your child a name that characterizes certain features of an outstanding personality, then the child will grow up famous artist or scientist. These features will need to contribute directly to their participation in the process of education.

Sum up

And so choosing a name for your child, you should take it responsibly and slowly thinking about all the pros and cons of the selected name. After choosing the name of your child, you lay the first brick in the construction of the fate of the child.


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I believe people have funny relationship with names and when picking a name we don't necessarily anticipate what this will really mean to the bearer of the name.
My parents gave me (the female half of nomadsfix) a pretty simple french name that was not necessarily popular for kids of my age.
5 years later my sister was born and was given a traditional occitan name (old french-catalan dialect) as a tribute to my grand-parents roots.
Her name was unconventional, while very pretty to most adults, she hated it for most of her childhood, she always had to spell it etc. All until she became an adult and now loves it as it's is unique and special.
On my hand my name while really easy to bear in France and common that I never had to spell it, moving to Australia it became more a struggle...It is a male name in english and not spelt exactly the same, every new person I meet get my name wrong and always expect a male...It is a annoying but it who I am ;-)
Funny story, with both having very French names, people always get our names mixed up (thinking I'm a male and his, is a female english but not in French!)
oh well...Names!


The main thing that the person himself is comfortable with his name)

@bugaev posting a useful for me. I really hope your suggestions and inputs so that I can and smoothly like you

I have a rare name so I have not seen others)))

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Very nice article,I believe in your words child name defines his personality &his character.It's first step in the whole grooming of the child.
Regards @crafter

This is all true. It can be proven empirically by a study of Pythagoras such as that in his book by Michael Wallace.
ISBN : 978-0-9756994-4-7
The Book Of Number.
Moon Publications.
--Keep on keeping on. 😇