5 keys to succes

2년 전

Do you want to have prosperity? happiness? money? wealth? love? Or all the previous ones?


We all want something in the background, a dream a goal, an object, a person etc...

The truth is that the simple act of wanting does not assure us absolutely nothing. It is the first step, because wanting something we put our vibration in that. But "want is not power".

I'm sure you want infinities of things and you do not have them. Beyond wanting, there must be something else that leads you to that. It is not simply to want.

There are several factors that have an impact on whether we get what we want or not. In this post I will talk about the most relevant for me. These are 5. Faith, focus, action, enthusiasm and discipline.


1. The Faith

Faith, belief as you want to call it. This means having something in mind and believing that it can be achieved, no matter what others may say. Faith comes from your heart. It is that blind that despite the circumstances you believe it possible. It is useless to want something and not believe it possible, it is absurd.

2. The focus

What are you focusing on? What you focus expands in your life. If you focus on the opposite of what you want, believe me that is what will come to you. You must focus and see what you want done. Just focus on it without thinking about how . Focus only the event and now, no matter how the situation around you is and whether this may or may not be possible.

3. Action

"If you act in favor of what you want and you have not yet vibrated with it, you are wasting your time" Francisco Giménez, creator of CRP.

Believe it or not, this is so. If you still do not put faith and focus into practice and you go right into acting, your time is lost. That action has no belief, no focus, It's an empty action. The action must be full of faith and focus. Know what you want and trust that what we do will have good results. It is not just acting by acting, it is acting by believing and focusing on the result.

4. Enthusiasm


Enthusiasm makes you want to get involved. Maybe it's your turn to do things you do not like. It has ever happened to all of us. But if you do it reluctantly it will not be better, you should put enthusiasm in what you do and enjoy the least. No matter what it is, always try to get the positive out of it!
With enthusiasm you will enjoy everything, you will see things differently and the way will be easier for you.

5. Discipline

Ok very well, you fulfilled all the previous ones but it will not help you if you do not have discipline, If in a bad moment you decide to leave and then when you are well you want to return it is ridiculous!

If you are disciplined, any task will suit you. You can fulfill all that you have planned no matter how you feel, why you know what you want and discipline will keep you active.
If you are not disciplined unfortunately your chances of success are low. It does not help to start something if in the end you do not finish it, the discipline allows you to finish what you started and thanks to it you stay without falling when an undisciplined leaves.

I hope my post has been helpful and that spark that you have inside turn on that your dreams are achieved.



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