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                                          Today I want to discuss living in fear think it’s an important topic. I’m sure many of you had live in fear at one time in your life. I know I had at one time in my life and I can honestly say I have learned from my experience. What I’ve learned is fear can cripple you and I could actually do harm instead of some good. I was actually reading this book by Mr. Lee Brown is a motivation speaker and he is very successful for what he does. He talked about how he had a disability and people would make fun of because he couldn’t read or write while he was in school. Mr. Brown confidence was broken and this bothered him. After school he heard a voice and it was his professor given a speech to the students that was attending his afterschool lecture. One of the things his professor had said was "whatever you think is what you are". ![Untitled-1.jpg](

                                              You see Mr.Brown never gave up he kept on going. It’s funny how a speech or a book can make a big impact in someone else’s life. I know we all have different life experiences and sometimes we are crippled from those experiences. But I say to get up on your feet and keep your head up and just keep going. I know fear is a human emotion and it is there to keep you and I safe. But we need to control our fear. Like Mr. Brown had said "we need to step out of our comfort zone so we can have a better tomorrow". 

                                              His professor was asking his students if they wanted to be in a school talent show. Can you guess who raised their hand? Yup you got it Mr.. Brown! The professor asked him if he can remember some words I know you have trouble remembering. And top of everything else he had a stuttering problem. This is not something I made up, but this is a story they you learn from and I will provide a YouTube channel, so you learn more about his testimonies. I would think Mr. Brown how to humble himself and believe in himself to raise his hand. When Brown was given on his speech he started stuttering and everybody was laughing out. Think of a time everybody was laughing at you? But with confidence he didn’t care what people thought. He didn’t let fear get a hold of him he seen that he needed to change.  

                                                      To make a long story short Mr. Brown is a humble man and he is worth millions. He discovered how self-development did wonders in his life. And having a disability was just a label remember whatever you think is what you are. He knew if he felt sorry for himself he would never been the greatest motivation speaker in the world. I hope you guys have a great day and if you like this post comment and even upvote if you like. 


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thanks Liz! appreciate the comment :D