How to Have a Nice Body

3년 전
  1. Have a body.

  2. Use it to do nice things. i.e. planting trees, volunteering, giving food to the hungry...

Happy Saturday, Steemit! There are a LOT of nice bodies in this community. :)




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  ·  3년 전

You look great!

one, you're right. you're body is a temple and a product of you and your environment. treat it well.

and two, great picture...

Yep. You got me. Best clickbait headline of the day.

I love these kinds of surprises. Well done.


Thanks, I wanted to spread a little bit of the positivity that I'm always seeing on steemit :)


Can't do that too often, for sure.

you have a nice body ^^)


Thank you. If you like this post, feel free to check out the rest of my blog!


of course ;) you too

The beautiful you makes the world alive.
Hope you can follow me at @JoshuaSalang and visits my blogs.


I'm happy that you liked this!


I'm glad you like it :)

Believe it or not, I was eating cookies just right now, then I got this beautiful sexy feed.
Makes me go nom nom nom


I'm glad you like the post.

awesome! lol


Haha that's the idea!

Is it ??????

Anyways you are funny....


Thanks, I'm glad you like my sense of humor!

LOOOOOVEE This! Hahha Dang! Those womans legs look so nice! Mine are all scarred up Hahah. Wait is that you?


Haha yeah, that is me. I'm glad you like the post and my legs lol!

Sweet I have done all of the aforementioned things, I must have a super nice bod!


Yes!! Rock on!

Love this! Haha people get so wrapped up in looking good these days it's nice to have someone knock us back into reality. The only thing that matters is how you treat others and leaving the world a better place.