Always Think Positive - Always Wake Up Keeping it in Your Mind...

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When it comes to emotional states I’m sure most of us have heard the phrase “Perception is truth”. It basically means that for all purposes, if we think that something is not right, if we are unhappy, what other people think of our situation is almost irrelevant. Many friends or even family members try to cheer us up, try to make us try again, but we are stuck in the mud for some reason.

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The idea is a little hard to explain but at the same time very common. Our inability to feel hope, to feel a sense of purpose in our day to day, takes away from us the main reason for even trying. I will tell you, that sounds depressing just putting it into words, but is nonetheless very much the truth for many of us, at least at different stages in our lives.

It's because we have these tendencies, because it’s really easy for us to fall into cynical thoughts, that is important that we learn to fight back. When I say fight back, I’m talking of course of the conflict that is happening inside our minds and not a discussion with anyone we could possibly be blaming for our current situation.

If I attempt to go back to the idea of perception is truth, the message I’m trying to convey becomes a lot more clear. If you are convinced that there is nothing that you can say or do to change your emotional state, to be happy, then in fact you are correct, and there lies the problem, the whole problem.

This is precisely why I try to convey positive messages every chance I get, because the world seems to be full of the opposite. We turn on the TV, there it is some tragedy, we are driving somewhere, turn on the radio, yet another tragedy, we even call a friend and sometimes what they have to tell you is tragic too. We seem to be so attracted to negativity is not a surprise we struggle to balance ourselves emotionally.

The question I ask myself every morning is this: Who do I want to be? Do I want to be someone who is positive today, who thinks there are good reasons to live? Or, Do I want to give into the negativity of the world, because I know that message is around every single corner?

And that my friends, that is the good news. We get to make that choice, we get to select between being a happier person filled with good intentions or a bitter person who is just floating through life because he just happened to be born.

That is why I write like this, that Is why I speak like this, because I refuse to add one more drop of poison to the water. There are plenty of those out there already.

Stay positive my friends

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best post ever

seriously @chbartist, i keep on telling my student how to be less emotional and positive in life, how to simplify their life with positive thinking and attitude towards other people and the environment.

i think we should all help student and even the older individuals to be positive.


I think if the whales start upvoting massively the answers of the minnow of here will be a lot of positive thinking in steemit.



Self-confidence is a positive understanding of the self and a positive attitude towards life!


I would have to agree with you @zerokun


according to your comment, it is absolutely true that we must help people who need to raise their self-esteem, we can create a lot of good with those helps

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always stay positive in what you do.


Totally agree✨👌💞🙌 @samthrive


It is a good thing to be positive with others, even if it is a little bit difficult, you get it twice, it's a chain reaction! Try it! Life will be much more beautiful!

Today I just faced some failure in life, I found out I am able to heal myself by eating!!!


It's good that you are able to face failure, so I'm sorry to be blunt: that is a coping mechanism that can lead to serious health issues. Eating "comfort food" or even the excessive consumption of healthful food can have bad consequences. I hope you will learn better ways to handle failures, such as meditation (I wrote an article a few days ago:, and remember that success is achieved by not giving up. :)

It is incredible how much power a word or positive thinking can exert in our lives, the world needs more to become a better place to live.

Hello, @chbartist, every day we have a check to change, and it's life, so we decided to put it in our pocket, or we go to the bank to make money, that's where I concentrate every day, we all have problems, if I tell you mine will not stop crying, but everything has a solution, the only thing is death, then we have to see the positive side, we have health, we have family, we have home, employment, food at our table, there is that value, bless everything that we have to attract more of that well-being to our days.
That is why we see that the sun and the moon give us light and darkness, then in clarity we do all our activities, and in the darkness we rest, we must learn to live and direct things.
Have a beautiful Sunday of happiness, abundance and ease

Hey @chbartist how's it going? Another great post with a great message. I only take issue with one part. You said, " If you are convinced that there is nothing that you can say or do to change your emotional state, to be happy, then in fact you are correct...". If this was just a misprint than I take no issue with it whatsoever. But, if it was intentional I disagree wholeheartedly. We are the only ones who can change how we feel. Through steps like identification, acknowledgement, and commitment to change (among others), we are all that stands in the way of our happiness and a more positive life. While the road to those may be difficult, they are roads we must travel nonetheless if we want more from our lives. It is unfair for us to expect the world, its people, or its situations to change to better suit our lives. We must be the ones who say, we will not stand for this, we will not accept this, or we want and deserve better, in order to change our lives for the better. Human beings have a profound capability to change the world around us, primarily our own lives, but because, as you said, we are constantly being bombarded with negativity whether it's through fear mongering in the media or depressing ass people in our lives, it may at times seem impossible. Posts like yours and mine and many others on here show that it is not impossible, quite the opposite actually. We all just have to be willing to put in the work and realize that we do deserve happy lives and that it's ok to ask others for help when we need it. I applaud your continuing efforts to spread positivity and help add value to this human experience. Well done. Take care and be well.

Thinking positive is a way of life. There are many problems in everyone's life. Infact we can say everyone has his own kind of problems and if we start thinking negative then our moral will go down and motivation level will go down as well. So one has to think positive all the time and no matter what situation it is. Positivity gives us strength to stay calm and have patience to look for the solution rather worrying for the problem. This post is completely related to everyone's life and this thought must be applied in life. Good blog dear @chbartist

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Being in negative is nothing good will bring to you. Be in negative and depression you will miss the bigger picture of life .
Most of the time we became depression for not getting one thing(love, promotion etc), and we misses the bigger horizon.
The situation you are telling it is common for every one of us.
As the river is destined to meet the ocean, so every one of us has our own destiny.


You said pretty right. Negativity is never going to help in anyways.

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It is a shame that negativity is so prevalent in the world today. If only humanity's strengths were reported instead of its faults, it would hopefully not be that way. But alas, we are being manipulated by the evilest of men. They know fear and apathy make humans far easier to control. So they ensure they sow such seeds every waking moment of the day. I know it can easily overwhelm one's mind. But together we must unite and fight those forces in order to advance our species to new heights.
I admire your courage and hope you stay strong on your path. Keep striving toward enlightenment and it will come. Thank you for writing. Here's to the best of days going forth!


Thank for your words @tepbiankord

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Hi back

positive thinking and make life better. the person who is capable of conquering his emotions when angry is actually the winner of life


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Nice creat blog

I always think positive that make me hopeful to live,

Your post is instructive as well as informative. You summed it all well when you said 'We seem to be so attracted to negativity is not a surprise we struggle to balance ourselves emotionally.

More importantly, humans need to appreciate the Universe that It simply gives back to you what you give to It. With this knowledge, we ought always to think positive, speak positve, act positive.

Good job @chbartist.

Thank you for the message of hope,a lot of people need something like this.A few years ago i thought depression was just something people opted into but after experiencing it myself now I know better.

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Positive thinking : Check -> :-)

Really I agree. Positive is the key.

Excelente trabajo me gusta mucho tus publicaciones sigue así, slds


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Whether we like it or not, the truth is, there are things (even the bad ones) that will come along in our lives inevitably. Forcing ourselves to be positive all the time which is impossible to happen would lead us to seriousness in life. Letting things to happen that cannot be avoided , good or bad and continue with the journey towards the common good would be much more preferable in my own humble opinion.


I agree. Going too far into the "thinking positive" direction can push people into being superficial and avoiding any "dark" aspects of life... It can also make people less sensitive and less compassionate to others who feel bad, regarding them as "being on a low vibration"...


Absolutely right!

I do agree that one needs to stay motivated regardless of the situation confronting us because that's the only way we have a fighting chance against depression and failure. Hope is the only thing that keeps us moving and when we lose it we loss everything.
Although hope doesn't change a bad situation it arms us with the strength to fight back . usually at the end of such emotional batkes we end up triumphant

Yes rightly said @chbartist life is full of struggle so uts very important to stay positive in life . The best decision a person take is ehen he is calm and relaxed.

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Amazing thoughts I agree. A friend challenged me to look at life differently this year. Smile at everyone I meet and just look for the more positive aspects of life is it easy? No not all the time, but the funny thing is when you smiling at people and say hi they generally return the smile.

It is good to be of the people who try to add a drop of crystalline water in life ... there are already many people throwing black drops ..... and it is as you say ... you turn on the television, the news, in the group by WhatsApp; bad news, you go to the supermarket: bad news, complaints ... anyway ... I try to stay positive ... although there are days that are more difficult than others ... But the goal is not to fall completely and if I decrease a little, get up quickly and keep showing and highlighting the positive at the end of the tunnel and not highlight how dark the road is ... see the glass half full and not see the glass half empty ... Thank you for those POSITIVE messages, It is what the world needs!

Have a great day! 😉


Once again thank you for visiting my blog. You're welcome... &#128522

It happens to me very often, I propose something positive and there are more detractors than those who accept the invitation to have some kind of optimism. People here say: "we were happy and we did not know" and I think: and if now you are not able to see the reasons you have to be happy, will you say the same thing later? We must stay on the positive line even if they push us to fall, because the negative side is very sad and difficult to get out of there.

I avoid TV news and radio for years now. Better not to hear anything sad and be positive all time.

Awosame Articale about positive thought ...
m also avoid social media face book,
Instagram,snap chat etc ..
Thanks for share with us youre Positiveness. :)

I needed to see this post today. Thank you for sharing!

Life is a challenge and we are the players in this game of life.We need not to get worry if we are losing in the beginning because it will keep on giving us chances until we win the game and become a master of it.It just need patience and focus on the goal.

All this sounds great, but what does the “power of positive thinking” really mean?

You can outline positive thinking as positive imaging, positive self-talk or general optimism, however these area unit all still general, ambiguous ideas. If you want to be effective in thinking and being more positive, you’ll need concrete examples to help you through the process.
Such as,

. Start the day with positive affirmation.
. Find humor in bad situations.
. Focus on the good things, however small.
. Turn failures into lessons.
. Transform negative self-talk into positive self-talk.
. Find positive friends, mentors and co-workers.
. Focus on the present.

Always stay positive!
Steem on!

Beautiful post i appreciate your valuable post and you are,a very good writer I like this post is very interesting i appreciate your beautiful creativity thanks for sharing this blog

you are RIGHT ! it doesnt cost anything to think positively, just a mental focus.! everyone can do this!

so much positive vibes . thanks for motivation

Spot on! ...and we all have our own way of being positive. I have mine, you have yours and others has their own as well. It is really about your perception on how you see and perceive every little things happening around you.

If it is hard for you to start practicing to be a positive person, you can surround yourself with positive people. Thus, they influence you to be positive as well. Keeping it real and appreciative is vital to live a meaningful life.

Positive thinking sounds useful on the surface. (Most of us would prefer to be positive rather than negative.) But, “positive thinking” is also a soft and fluffy term that is easy to dismiss. In the real world, it rarely carries the same weight as words like “work ethic” or “persistence.”

Healthy, happy people think about what they want, and how to get it most of the time. in this way developing a positive attitude can truly change our entire life .

The “power of positive thinking” is a popular concept, and sometimes it can feel a little cliché. But the physical and mental advantages of positive thinking are incontestable by multiple scientific studies. Positive thinking will provide you with additional confidence, improve your mood, and even cut back the probability of developing conditions like cardiovascular disease, depression and different stress-related disorders.

Stay positive my friend and keep moving forward.
Coz that's main key.
Steem on!

Really a great article about positivity
With the positive mind v can do everything . If there is positivity in owr mind we can able to achieve our target Positive thinking /reasoning is a psychological and enthusiastic disposition that spotlights on the splendid side of life and expects positive outcomes.

A man with positive reasoning envisions joy, wellbeing and achievement, and trusts that he or she can beat any hindrance and trouble.

Positive reasoning isn't an idea that everybody accepts and takes after. A few, think about it as rubbish, and laugh at individuals who tail it. Notwithstanding, there is a developing number of individuals, who acknowledge positive reasoning as a reality, and have confidence in its viability.

It appears that this subject is picking up prevalence, as confirm by the numerous books, addresses and courses about it.

To utilize it in your life, you require something beyond to know about its reality. You have to embrace the state of mind of positive reasoning in all that you do.

Every buddy know the story of 300 Spartans who fought for there nation. They were only 300 but the other side there was an army of 1 million solder. But they fought with positivity.
Never mind they lost but they never surrender because they have positive thoughts.

We have to think positive always


Thank You @ajsharma333. ALL THE BEST!

wow..your just right on time...just a while ago i was listening to inspirational messages in youtube because I was feeling down today after i did my overtime work... and been thinking the whole day to what i really want in life and how to achieve it then I decided to drop by in Steemit to check and your message pop up...proven and tested that answers are are really obvious and everywhere...we just have to be willing to listen ,reflect , understand, be calm and most of all be positive........thank you for inspiring...

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Thanks for the inspiring words.


We are human, we can not put hapiness on our face every time and also in my opinion positive thinking will destroy us sometimes.
Let me show you by taking an example.Suppose there is a man who have the degree of btech in his hand,somehow he got a job into a company similar to his study. He works hard there and also smartly, but he doesn't able to live his all dreams because the pay he is getting is enough not a large one.He is the man with hidden talent.Now suppose if he keep thinking positive i.e."A day will come when i will live all my dream, i will put more effort here" , then he is only lying with himself.He knows the company is paying him less, there is no fault in his work, then if he remain thinking positively, he is going to destroy himself.

So which thinking we should keep.Well my answer is constructive thinking.If the above man have constructive thinking, then he will think like this way" I am not able to live my dream life, isit fault in my work or in company". After couple of research he will find that the real fault was in company not in his, by this way he get out from the company and will start working there where his work get enough value.


@amansharma555, I understand your words but positive thinking leads us to make changes in our lives and it has nothing to do with free will we have. If you are not satisfied as you said in your example change to pursue your dreams but anyway we have to think positive. I can guarantee that negative thinking in any situation will never be the solution. Think positive always. Regards


I am not offending the positive thinking, i am only telling the some cases where inspite of positive thinking, we should consider constructive thinking

Positive thinking let you to happy all time in sad moment also which is good whereas constructive thinking show you the main reason of sadness and its solution, which is also good.As we have so many problems facing day by day, no one have time to find the solution for such little problems so there constructive thinking will be bad and positive thinking will be best.

Hi @chbartist, I would like to apologise for accusing you of stealing Christopher Bonella's identity. I apologise for persistently attacking your integrity. I apologise for the unkind remarks I have made to some of your followers on this platform.

On another note, I still hope you reconsider the amount of money you spend on bots.


Hey @mightyblueberry, how's it going? Just wanted to say real quick that your apology here to @chbartist was a real stand up thing to do. Not a lot of people will admit when they are wrong especially in the public arena. I think we can all learn a valuable lesson from this and for that I thank you very much.


All good @mightyblueberry, no problem, I accept your apologies, but regarding the money you sent me I'll send it back to you for a simple reason. I'd rather you send this money because we do not need it like other people in the world and I would appreciate it if you did it for someone who has a great project. For example, I sent 31 steems to a project of @onestring, is a great and beautiful projetct. Maybe you can do the same and I really appreciate it. Regarding the other issues, anything you want to discuss with me I understand, but I rather us have those conversations in private, we can disagree about somethings but this is not mean that we can’t be friendly, because respect always above anythings understand? Maybe we can to chat on discord another day. I want you to know that I not have nothing contrary to your person. Everything is fine for me ok? Cheers @chbartist


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@steevc, also what I'm going to say is nothing personal. For me to be honest or honest as you say, is not to steal, kill, deceive people, envy other people among other bad things that exist in the world. Please do not compare this with votes on steem. I help people .. Do you give flags? Regarding what you say about your vote being insignificant, your vote may be insignificant to you but if at the time you sent it to me I would give it to someone else who needs it because to many people who are in the steemit can be the food they need in a day to survive. Think about it. For me this is a closed subject. Do with your blog whatever you want, but do not go into the neighbor's yard just to waste your precious time with small criticisms. I know what I'm doing, I wish all the success in the world for you.


I believe this is the way @chbartist wanted to promote his messages to people around the world, and I admire his messages for they are positive and somehow people like me in the third -world country are learning. If his posts are not on trending I would not bother reading, but since they are because of his vote buying I am reading them and I am learning...This is to encourage him to keep on what he is doing, anyway it is his right and it is his money, what's more important is he is making an impact to other people's lives . So, sir @chbartist keep on sharing positive thoughts and some of your secrets of becoming wealthy. God bless...!


Thank You So...@joshvel


@chbartist: hello!

I've been on Steemit for...a longish while...and I have tried to avoid networks that vote for each other, hoping that the quality and variety of my articles would be sufficient to earn money. It doesn't matter what my topics are - the only topic that earned any real money was on the death of my wife, after which I went on hiatus.

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I'm hoping that, this way, I'll be able to earn good money and be at home with my kids instead of being undervalued and underpaid making others rich.

Thank you for your advice!


Hello @reveurgam, would you mind if I would suggest here? You may try to post videos on, I believe you are an English speaking person, so I know you will do well there, @dtube and his group are good curators, try it my friend...God bless!


I give flags where I think they benefit steemit. My votes go to others and I delegate to lots of people. It's not all about self promotion and accumulating wealth. What you pay for votes could help others, but it just makes whales richer.


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Great article

I totally agree with this, but you have to really reprogram your brain, it takes time and the creation of new habits, which can be challenging for some people.

Healthy mind with positive emotions would not only make us happy, but keeps the society and our environment positive and will embrace good energy

Fuck off with your positive drivel bullshit and vote boting it. Lame!!

I fully agree. We have the choice to think positive and act positive. But it is a fight against negativity and ourselves. So work on it and having friends encouraging you!

I think if you achieve your first goal, which is making up your bed. Then you can do some small tasks of the day.

great job Stay with positive

Always be happy, smile a lot and stay positive

i believe in positive thinking, few of the times i have had it brought expected positive results, but its hard to remove the negative thoughts from one's heart.

Its easy to say..but I know when I was going through depression kind of state..It just does not remains under our control..but ..i have noticed one thing from past 2-3 months..after deeper meditaiton..i have become focused like laser light and some how i am not sensitive towards what does not matters to me..although I am from India..but was not trying meditaion and yoga ..and when I tried..

Hi @chbartist,

In life something happenes sometime that we thought in past so if you think negative then something would happen negative to you. So think positive is great way.ara-3601194_1920.jpg

Positive thinking always keep you to be positive in your Life

Life is absolutely more than positive thinking, it is living for the purpose. You can be very positive today and something bad happens to you tomorrow, like eccle 9:2 will say: "all things happen to all men alike" but the truth is the outcomes are not the same. What makes the difference is no just in your thinking (though plays a major role), it is in fulfilling the God given purpose. Everything happen to all men alike but the outcome is different for a man that builds his like on the Word of God just like the persons in Matt 7:24-27, both built, both had same challenge, but one was still standing because of what he built his life on-and that's on Christ.
Therefore I say, it is good to think positively, but better to have a purpose driven life( founded in Christ) which brings the most satisfaction and fulfillment .

Hi @chbartist, as someone who has struggled with severe depression in the past, and still struggles with mild depression from time to time, I can gladly say that I know how important outlook and positive thinking is when you're depressed. It's like asking an injured bird to fly (of course the bird wants to, but it can't).

I have seen these things help people a lot more often than medication does!

Hi @chbartist, I would like to thank you for choosing this topic there are many people in the world are in depression or negativity, in the survey people are more in the number specially in asian country's.
Every day is a new day and we have to be positive as you say.
Article like this people will get some kind of boost stay positive.

yes its true when i come to an emotional state i feel like why had i come to earth and feel like dying . but i have a positive thinking that i am here on the earth to prove myself. i am not a loser i will becomr a winner.

This is a good read for everyone in whatever emotional state you are in at this point in your life. Good job!

Thank you so much for the excellent and motivating article. Will definitely keep this on mind. Expecting more like this...

Nice blog! Could I chat with you somewhere?

Positive thinking anticipate happiness,health&success we keep our mind positve in every situation we can easly able to face any situation negative thoughts words and attitude,create negative and unhappy feeling when u have a bad mood even if for a few hours a day,remove negatively and focus on the positive thing in ur life. be positive at every movement give success to us i try good work on it thank u

Always think positive because everyday has new morning with new hope

Actually brother. ..Everything is different from human thought. I think that people are quick to think about something that is not really stupid.
It should not really be commented on knowing without the subject. Another thing is that you are positive or negetive niben, it's actually over and over

Change your vision, life will change.

This is such a good post and it helped me get through so much I cant thank you enough I hope you expire more people in the future carry on what you are doing!

Positive attitude is a key to success. It is how challenges & problems can be converted into opportunities. Life is positive, remain happy. :-)
@Chbartist...Nice blog..

The mind is very powerful, it is the difference between a good or bad day, it depends on our perspective, we choose and every day we change our destiny

yes.think positive always. this is a good article. we can learn more.
thank you

Pay attention to what you are eating every day. Food will influence your whole life. If you eat the right foods that fits to your body , you will attract loving people and you will have more chance going on the right path. Also pay attention the people you meet accidentally day by day. If you open your eyes and ears around you, you will get messages to give your life a real positive boost :)

Nice blog you shared with us. Positive thinking makes life happy. Negative thoughts are not helpful to conquer.

hi guys i am new to steemit so plss follow me and upvote me and ofcourse help me.

every single though is a habit ... we should try having the good ones as you said


Your writing is absolutely real, we do very little thinking positively, just thinking that it may or may not be so, we can not make our wishes or dreams come true. But because of some people in the society and we can not fulfill dreams, you have read this article and found a bright light in my mind. Thank you very much.

Thinking positive is the way that reduces your stress......
Be positive always....

Be Positive And Stay Positive :D

Life is nothing else but its just a dream , for some people it is a good dream and for some people it is bad dream.

So true @chbartist , Whenever i feel down in my life i use to watch Sandeep Maheshwari Videos, He is one guy whose videos motivate me a lot, So practical and motivating videos. Sometimes we all do have bad phase in life, and we should fight that phase with full determination. and believe me you will win always with happy face and sense of bliss.

Positive thinking will keep you happy, if you are in a situation. If you feel negative, feel embarrassed and it will lead you to illness. Positive thinking on physical and mental health has great effect. Whether you win or lose the positive / negative outlook behind it, scientists have researched the effect of positive or negative thoughts on physiological well-being. For this reason, to live a good life, positive thinking should be exercised to live well.

Always wake up with active an concious mind which helps you to make right decisions ..
And by thinking with your it's will always beneficial for u. Bcoz mind is the powerful organ which always thinks about profits

Good work sir


  ·  3년 전

In a world full of things and people who spit negative thinking on us every day and every moment its very easy to lose yourself even to the smallest obstacles in your life and positive thinking is something very hard to many people who got sucked into the negative side of the world and we can't blame them so harshly because of that because it's really not easy to face all of that hardships and that huge amount of negative energy which is growing insanely in our world, my self i consider positive thinking a temporary solution in this fight because you can't always think positively there are times when its almost impossible, don't get wrong here i'm not being negative i'm just explaining that positive thinking is not the perfect cure many people are thinking it is, because people are not born with a positive mind and its not something you can go and buy some of it and live positive for the rest of your life, sometimes positive thinking is when you lie at your self and your mind feeding it lies and this is something not good and dangerous and sooner or later gonna turn on you, lets face it many times positive thinking is not gonna save you, i think i wrote many lines already and i didn't get to my point, i'll talk about my idea in a post i'll make soon.

Just because of you I got so inspired that I my self tried to post and people are so supportive here yes I agree with you that we should always think positive but there is a value of our loved ones when I'm struggle time they leave you there are only shattered pieces of heart and nothing works.

@chbartist, Its my personal experience after getting failure in business and life since last 10 years consistently that, YOGA and MEDITATION keeps me inspired always to do positive work and think positive for every opportunity, I am driving myself in a possitive direction in hope that " I will be successful one day", as its a great saying that

"Do not lose hopes until you die"

What's your opinion on YOGA and MEDITATION to get rid of negative thinking and be positive in every aspects??

Thank you @chbartist for a positive feedback..!..
I really admire you for your experience and the way you express your thoughts every time,
Yes, it's true that positive thinking is always good.,
But ,theirs also a thing called Negative thinking ,
Negative thinking is also important along with positivity, which helps us to be ready to face some problems, from which positivity helps us to face..!..
Thanks again..

Thinking is the Nature of Human Beings. The way we live and act has to do with how we think. POSITIVE THINKING is the way Forward. Thanks buddy

  ·  3년 전

"Always Think Positive " good way to succes

A great article in positivity related with truth!!
Appreciate you man @chbartist !!


All the people have different choice upon different mood.
As you said we have yours..hope to be positive every be happy in mood. Thnk's for your knew the good things

Yes @Chbartist
You are right we need to be more positive than ever before... If we become more positive we have more positive energy flows , more positive energy create more more positive vibration of thought.....

In this way surrounding environment gets changes with our positive behavior, this way Happiness begins smile gets attached everyone Lips..... cheers @amusdnom


Hi @chbartist Ji,

You are 100% right, when we are gloomy and in mood swing manner we are unable to create positive things, everything which has been worthy has been created with joy and positive thought , so every morning while getting up from bed be positive every day!!! regards ....@sumantakumar

Hello @chbartist I am second time here. Feeling well to read your blog, and well said by you. Mindset is important , all things happen according to your mind..
I found this helpful for me. Thanks !!

Excelente post somos lo que creamos a nuestro alrededor. Como Cerrepiano entiendo que mi realidad la creo con mi mente. La tristesa o la felicidad soy el responsable de ello. Saludos

life its not that simple but you cant blame that your life not too easy. enjoy.

We must stay on the positive line even if someone push us to fall, because the negative side is very sad and difficult to get out of there.

Perception is the number one weapon when it comes to psychological warfare. Make that choice today to always stay positive. Great post!


That it is no easy .. but we must try it... Like a dog they are always happy, and never spend they time thinking how unhappy they fel the other day...
I have a 7 mohts baby and she is so happy all the time, she is a big example how be in life...
Thank for the reflexion

Things turn out best for the people who make the best of the way things turn out.

Having a positive mindset has been one major contributor to our ability to go far in life despite the challenges.
But you know, making that choice can be difficult, even though it is very necessary

People here say: "we were happy and we did not know" and I think: and if now you are not able to see the reasons you have to be happy, will you say the same thing later? We must stay on the positive line even if they push us to fall, because the negative side is very sad and difficult to get out of there.




so positive :)

Nice motivation

Sometimes you just have to be a shoulder to lean on.

Muchas gracias @chbartist por escribir estas palabras, a veces los seres humanos nos perdemos en el día a día, sin darnos cuenta de los pequeños detalles que hacen que la vida sea hermosa. Nos centramos tanto en el individualismo, que olvidamos pensar en positivo. Saludos

A person should always be positive............First you take a decision and then make it right by using a positive mind.........
When my father was a captain (army) he never thought that he will become what he is now.........He worked hard,kept himself calm and always used to think positively and now by his positivity and grace of God Almighty he is a Brigadier General.........
The reason of the whole discussion is to tell everyone to keep themselves ready for hard work.....
POSITIVITY is the fruit to a creative mind so be positive!!!!
Reply me with your thoughts.......

Muchas gracias @chbartist por escribir estas palabras, a veces los seres humanos nos perdemos en el día a día, sin darnos cuenta de los pequeños detalles que hacen que la vida sea hermosa. Nos centramos tanto en el individualismo, que olvidamos pensar en positivo. Saludos


stay positive

Dios, es verdad, ser positivo y actuar así es lo mejor, como trates a la vida, la vida te tratara

Negative step will destroy your life but Positive step will make your life easy. But the true thing is some situation is very difficult to take a Positive step. Whatever, Nice topics I enjoy it and take some positive motivation from this article.

Yes it is Nice one actually it's a small saying for this post..
For me it is the Post of the Day..
I really motivated after reading such a nice content keep motivating

i think those people who live aruond you collect positive habits and things from them that will help you to become positive in your life.

I love your article, very nice & motivating blog

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@chbartist : I'm positive always!

That's right, we decided how to live life emotionally! There will always be situations that will try to discourage us, but the decision of how to live after each dawn is in us. Excellent work, the written word has the power to change lives, it continues like this!

in real life not how often we are at the peak of success nor how bad we are but lies how we will continue to live, clap our chest when successful or despair when it fails. the most important thing is positive thinking there is always an ease behind the difficulties that hit

we should also learn How To Overcome Self-Consciousness And Win our Life Back.. check my post if you like.. :)

Hello CHBartist! Can remaining positive will open the door of possibilities? Please share your views!

positive thinking and make life better. the person who is capable of conquering his emotions when angry is actually the winner of life
and nice thinking

Situation changed everything...
But You are right.We have to be positive otherwise negetive mindset changed every positive into negetive...
Well said Sir.

I always stay positive, not minding the circumstance.
Thanks for your nice post.

@chbartist , do you really think that our thinking changes our mood?

coolest one that i had discovered

Thank you for spreading the positivity and being a positivist. In todays world when only the negativity is being reported , highlighted and consumed by the media (local,national,international channels) and the public, your article and many more articles like yours are required to counter the effect of this mass spread of negativity which is rampant in today's daily living.If you are surrounded by negativity,you will start transmitting negativity yourself . i agree fully with You that you have to shield yourself from all the negativity that surrounds you and perpetuate positive vibes in your surroundings .In fact the positivity should become ingrained in your subconscious mind .We all know the power of the subconscious mind and how it can determine your acts and mould your future.In fact I will go ahead and add that the key to longevity and prosperity (material or spiritual)lies in spreading positivity around yourself and keep yourself surrounded by positive people and positive thoughts.
A very relevant article in today's world.
Thanks once again .

Great article @ Chbartist, I concord with your opinion, In this life we solely have power on our thoughts. Whatever we perceive in one way or the other rules our emotions, which in other sense are the sub branches of our lives......

The Secret

So Stay Positive My Friends

i always wake up, reset.

Exactly.Nice one

Great article. I see the legend dale carnegie's sculpture in your article. Sometimes, I get very frustrated myself. I taught, All frustration, depression, mental diseases come from negative and poor mind.

i find the day goes better to when your positive outlook on things

So great to read positive articles! To little out there know what true happeniss is!

So true. Following.

You can’t make positive choices for the rest of your life without an environment that makes those choices easy, natural, and enjoyable.

Life is one very strange thing, there is always something unexpected.
And very good post... I like it :)

Great article

@chbartist sir can you tell me the best way to be positive all time

Tienes razón. Si sólo pensamos en la tragedia que estamos viviendo nos quedaremos estancados en la misma. Siempre he creído que con un pensamiento positivo todo se vuelve un poco más sencillo, no hay que darse por vencido. Un abrazo!

I think you might have mixed up some terms here. In the beginning of the article you're talking about depression (instead you should have called that sadness. Instead of happiness, you should have wrote gratitude. Some things are not that black & white. For example you cannot tell to a clinically depressed person to choose happiness. Happiness is not a choice, it's a feeling!

I live in a warzone,
A place that has no place for love. A desert so dry thou it has some trees. People who are hungry are no longer people. No place for compassion. No awareness of behavior. People with fixed mindsets. People holding books and pens are moslty frowned upon. and the saddest of it all, People who smile are judged cause you aren’t allowed to smile when others are suffering. You should hide your strengths to appear weak and fit in or lock yourselfup like i do. Thus a war zone is sand that kills all seeds in it, especially if they were healthy, there's no much of this positive vibes here

Must agree you deliver quality articles on famous concepts with excellent presicion and to the point content.

This is also a superb one on positivity.


The energy around us has consequences that will be traduced on the people that live with us and it can change life. Good article and we need to think more on community and less on individuality, this article is an example.

Not Bad. We just start, but I'll be glad if You check our site:

wow thank you for posting

Thanks for motivations

amazingggggg i wish a could reach to your level

Be an encourager. The world has plenty of critics already.
Dave Willis

Your blog Nice and helpfull for our mind and knowledge

Great Post:-)

@chbartist : I'm positive always!

Regards of @shaly

So true beyond words can say!
To find that inner strength is so important for us as humans.
Think positive is the smartest thing and loving to do.

Thanks for this

Positivity is the way to go!

Notice when always start to listen to news on commercial radio or when you watch the news on TV they always start with a tragedy to make you feel negative, bad. Of course, there are lots of people with that negative vibes but don't forget about that with positive ones. Let's just chill out, look how Rastafarian and Jamaican people are calm not only because most of them smoke cannabis but this is their nature I think. Turn on reggae and feel that positive vibes ☺ Don't waste time for all the negativity in this world, it's not worth it.
P.S. My latest photo about running time: here
Peace & Love everybody!

Great way to look at each situation and each day; very motivational post. Upvoted and Resteemit. Thanks for sharing!!!

Hi, Thanks for sharing this post. Sometimes, it is very difficult to be positive especially when there is a shortage of a little bit, mainly money and love. My main reason to be well and do everything possible to be well are my children ... When you are a mother, the main thing is them, the children. Greetings. @jenemigt

Sending the message "be always positive"...take fron other the best, and try to transmite good energy and ideas is a good job!
Thank you!

follow me and vote a great greeting from Venezuela
support me your help will be very important!

To stay positive is the best way to live life.Life throws problems one after the another but the key is to never leave hope and to stay positive to be what you want in your life.The decision to choose which way is on individual itself.So, it is better to choose the positive ways inspite of the obstacles.

This is a useful article for what I do to think positively so that each progress goes smoothly.
don't forget to go to my page and follow for a support @ianeldino077

@Chbartist great said👍positive vibes...
Think Positive and Be Positive 😊

"When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change."
Dr. Wayne Dyer

Your thinking is different from others.💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖

Yeah right Positive thinking is the only way to live happy life and it is hard to get positive into our mind '+' but once it is in our mind then it is also very hard to remove from our mind.

Yeah right Positive thinking is the only way to live happy life and it is hard to get positive into our mind '+' but once it is in our mind then it is also very hard to remove from our mind.

you are right, be happy, be healthy, stay fit

I congratulate you. I really like everything related to this topic. I believe that the worst critic we have is ourselves, but we must change that because to judge and criticize we already have thousands of people, therefore we must provide our own support.

I enjoyed your post. Lots of things to be positive about. If we focus on positivity and limit our attention to the negative, I submit, we all feel better.

very agree with you opinion about the thought in our mind, it must be always positive to get every jobs we do is going well.

@chbartist very nice words sir "I refuse to add one more drop of poison to the water. There are plenty of those out there already".You are completely right.Positive thinking is key to success.

Positive vibes bring you the fortune and negativity knocks the bad luck!

follow me and i follow u back.

Life is so beautiful if we know how to live it by its enjoyments and pleasent, but we insist to complicated.

i am big fan of your my friend

yaa right ..This is called Think positive but not a big solution

Much needed article @chbartist. We are so surrounded with negativity that we hardly see any thing positive around us the credit for this negativity is also goes to News and media for earning they take advantage of basic human tendency to get attracted towards negative news...We need to cut this mentality to spread postivity and happiness...

Think positively always!

Nice post brother

Really this is a good article. I love it.

I am always think Positive but negative thinking disappoint me.But i believe positive thinking

what should be done is to fight back, so that changes can occur quickly


What should be done is
To fight back, so that changes
Can occur quickly

                 - salmawatii

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Thank you for this inspiration people so rarely realize that they are responsible for the situations and conditions that constitute their lives. They feel that there is some on friendly force a foot in the world that is out to do them wrong. But in reality we can be our own worst enemy. We fail to realize the thoughts of things and that we can reconstruct our lives with the tools of positive thinking and creative imagination. People are so focused on the “art of the deal“ that they totally ignore the “art of the dream“! Thank you for pouring thoughts of positivity out into the main stream. My motto is “together we grow!

@chbartist another great post from you !!! :-)

Great Post

Thanks, this is timely for me

This comment was made from

4 months ago I had a serious knee injury for which I had to have an operation and the doctors told me that I will need between 6 - 9 months to return to a normal life.
I had to spend 4 months on crutches, but the most difficult thing during this time was to manage my mood, as I have gone through moments of helplessness, fear of being able to recover, impotence, bad mood. Over time I realized that you can not change a past fact, and that the best way to face recovery is having a positive attitude and with the conviction that I will be fine again.

@chbrtist Sir Thinking positively is not as difficult as you are thinking. It may take time for you to be optimistic with pessimistic but believe it is not at all impossible.
Those who practice the negative thoughts of mind on proper control since childhood, then there is no difficulty in living life with optimism throughout life.

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