Are You Fighting to Realize the Dreams of Other People?

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Hello, my dear friends!

Take a moment to paint a picture of your ideal future. A future that you would do anything to turn to reality. You have accomplished everything that you have ever wanted and everything is just as you dreamt it would be.

Now take a closer look at the path on which you walk today. Where will this path end and where will it take you before the end of the journey? How much will you have to sacrifice of who you really are and who you want to be so that you can finish what you have started?

It is venerable to fight so that you can accomplish greatness. But ask yourself this question: Is the dream you’re fighting for your own?

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We live in a society that is dependent on comparisons even to determine the simplest of ideas and give resolutions to the easiest problems and dilemmas. In this mediocre society of comparisons, people find it difficult to decide on who they want to be and what they want to do with their lives.

You see, we tend to believe that we should live at the pleasure of others, specially those who are close to us, and that is why we set our goals in a way that falls into perfect harmony with the vision that they have for us. Often, that vision directly contradicts our identity and our inner desires to follow our own dreams and passions.

Even if we are not bound by such ludicrous outlooks, we find it difficult to separate our dreams with those of our superiors. When you take a look at successful and accomplished people, you might mistake their dreams for your own.

Because what you see is not the passion behind their endeavors, but the achievements that they shine with today.

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Following this erroneous assessment, you fantasize in your mind about dreams that may not even be your own.

The immediate and prominent result of achievement is not a best case of judgement when you want to decide on a path and set goals to achieve in your lifetime.

It is important to take life lessons and motivation from successful people and their stories. Their words of wisdom have helped many a man in their darkest days, but that does not mean that you should imitate everything they have done to arrive at the place they are now.

Their current place, as splendid and glorifying as it looks to you now, is not something that you are really after.
You are not in this world to achieve or do what everybody has done before you.

You are here to do something new and original. To have a fresh look and take upon society and life, and to bring into light something that has been in the shadows before your time.

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Ask yourself this important question:

Are you fighting for your own dreams and passions, or are you living a lie, struggling to follow the footsteps of those that have come before you?

Where your heart truly resides is the only place that you can find peace and happiness.




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Thanks All of You!!!!

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Where your heart truly resides is the only place that you can find peace and happiness.

Yes, our heart resides within us. Unless we change ourselves, our heart will never be at peace and happy. By being at peace with ourselves, we can easily express this to people around us. Thus, a true peace and harmony will evolve to others and to mankind in general and it all start with ourselves.

There are many virtues we can start with:


Very well. You've done a list very complete virtues and personal values and values instrumental. All we had learn at home and school. But it is never very late to implement them


Oh yeah!
Its worth reading every day and see if we progress and ultimately acquire them all if we could. If we fail, maybe share those virtues to our kids or friends and relatives. Maybe one of them could achieve them all and what we lack will be filled in fulfillment through our care for others by sharing what we have even in little things.

It's oh so true what you say about: "You see, we tend to believe that we should live at the pleasure of others, specially those who are close to us, and that is why we set our goals in a way that falls into perfect harmony with the vision that they have for us. "
There were things I wanted to do in the past, but I worried what my mother would think
I don't regret not doing them because I would never have wanted to upset or offend her
Maybe I've been held back from really pursuing my dream of being a millionaire because of my upbringing
My parents always made sure we were well fed and cared for, but even today my dad says of pop and sports stars, and the business man who pocketed a £100 million bonus, "Nobody's worth that amount."
Maybe, maybe not
But every day I write and work out how to market my books because I believe I can be the next Hugh Howey, Andy Weir, George Martin, or J.K. Rowling
That's the way my father's generation were brought up
The struggles of the post war years meant a frugal existence for tens of millions
We spoke on Wednesday evening about John Humphreys still doing question time
Is he greedy for wanting to earn another million or two
Is he stopping a younger man getting the job?
I'll probably still be working in my eighties
Even with 10, or even £100 million in the bank
With that cash it's more likely I will be
As long has I've got stories to tell
Something to say
I feel I can enrich people's lives
I'll carry on
You've made some great points as usual
If people feel torn between loyalty, family, and self-enrichment, I hope they find strength in your words and this community to pursue their own goals and desires

Dear @chbartist sir!
All are alive for themselves, but those who live for others, they are human beings in true sense. In fact, we not only fight to realize our dreams, but the dreams of others are associated with our dreams. Because we are connected to a community and due to being connected to the community or family, the dreams of family or community are also associated with us. We are happy by fulfilling our dream but the family associated with us is in misery, then what is our pleasure to do? That is why we fight to fulfill the dreams of other people with our dreams. If there is no one to share happiness in our victory, then what pleasure has worked? In fact if people of our family or community are not happy about it then our fulfilled dreams do not matter.

You have written very right Sir, it is right that we are not able to do the same as a successful man. If that happens then surely it will be successful but we are trying constantly.

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Yes, all we can do is keep trying
Learning new ways to reach our goals
An supporting each other here
Good luck with your ventures

Dear Chbartist and his fans,

Human beings are imitative by born. when we become matured and started to thinking about our-self, started to thinking about our future about our dreams, we just stopped in a certain stage of thinking because of our lacking of knowledge, cause human can think up to a specific limit, as long as they have knowledge. And in our society there have huge lack of opportunity and obstacle, so it is so common we have run after others successful person's dreams. Praying for every person that we can run after our dreams. Thank you all.

Please add me on your community.

It is good to have an example to follow or a model of reference, but that does not mean that you must act and live exactly what the person lives ... each one has their formation and personality, and many are forced to live or act as their model to follow, and they live sometimes frustrated lives. Ideally, take advice or examples that can help you achieve and live your dreams.

Good Morning

Many times, we find super successful people, economically and emotionally stable, who are excellent professionals and who struggle daily to achieve and achieve their goals, but unfortunately struggle to enrich their employers and struggle to please their environment and not to please themselves. as people

So that the dreams or goals that we have in life, can become a reality, we must first establish achievable goals, study to be able to reach them and work for them, that with effort, dedication, perseverance, faith and a bit of luck can be achieved .

You have to pursue those dreams until you reach them, try to please our family and our work environment to a certain extent, but without deviating from what we really want as a person.

Regards ..

It's a very meaningful and right thought you just shared here. But if the "what" has to be asked as the important question you highlight, the "how" is not so obvious, and that maybe a big reason that makes people follow footsteps of others. Because, then, you can know "how" to reach a goal, and follow these steps. Having own dreams can be scary, precisely because without having any clue to how to reach them.


You're right about why dreams are scary
Few of us have friends or family who've accomplished what we seek
Or even understand what we want. or why
I'm glad we're here to support each other

Well said sir if we want to do something extraordinary then we have to go after own dreams. This is the only way where we can achieve everything. If we start to follow others footsteps then it will leads us to a place where we have achive something but we don't have inner satisfaction and peace. It is correct we have to learn from people who have already achieved something.we have to learn from their experience. But it doesn't mean we completely follow there footsteps. We have to learn from there failure so we can use some precortion for same problem.
Take a lesson from people failure.

You are correct in asking people to paint a picture of their ideal future. It starts first by having a vision. Scripture says to write the vision down to make it plain. Here is the key to writing it down, once you can articulate it, you now have a roadmap. Also once you have a plan, you will be surprised at who will "come alongside you" to help and assist you. No one can help you "do nothing". As for models, there is nothing wrong with having an example to follow. Just make sure that you don't lose your way in the process. The biggest obstacle is not having a clear picture / vision and overcoming fear. That fear can be internal (meaning it is the voice inside our head). Or it can be external - people holding us back becasuse they are fearful that we will fail. Or worse that we will succeed and leave them behind. Good post

I fell completely identified with everything you say in this post. Many times I fell I've spent so much time leading my life towards the things other people want for me that I don't know what is what I really want in life. Right now I'm trying to clear up my mind and get rid of all the opinions of those who have set goals for me, because I want to make my own way.

Our dreams can be inspired by other but never should be for imposition, but by our conviction. One of the dreams of others who we continue unconsciously is to our parents. Follow dreams of other we can produce frustration sooner or later. We must be aurentics and honest with ourselves when pursue a dream.

To ask this question and answer it from the heart, sincerely, is a paradigm shift. We tend to please our parents, society, our partner, children, the boss and at the end of the road our dreams are like that as simple dreams.
Thanks @chbartist for making me remember what my dreams are.

I want to say thank you very much for your words and the post in general) I love to read such stories and I love to write and talk . And I want do it really ! Steemit gives me this opportunity )))

Thank you for sharing your reflections, I think we can learn a lot with your posts, you can enlighten us...

Dear @chbartist.

Your post felt like a poem. And the flow was awesome.

Working for someone else's dream that too unknowingly and being ok with that is perhaps the worst form of slavery.


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Pursue your fantasies is a rousing pillar: presumably the most regularly communicated persuasive idea at any point made. It urges us not to remain content in our sheltered presence, but rather to make a jump, to pursue the energy that would drive us on the off chance that we gave it the shot.
@chbartist @coolguy222

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I only chase my dreams and don't even think to know about others. I feel even if I know about others dream still its of no use for me because I may not be in good position to carry on that. Everyone have dream and ita completely connected to their area of interest. Thanks @chbartist

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That's really interesting topic to bring into limelight. also fulfilling other's dream and goals i.e your parents in most cases happens because people do not realize the individuality of a person , which should be important and instead of having regrets in your old age, pull up your socks and get going with your own goals and dreams.
keep up with such inspirational content as always!

ExtraORDINARY ARTICLE. No, I have not fought by looking at the dream of other, but I had competition from him, which I have won. if you have to achieve goals in life then we believe that you keep the competition with him.

Thanks for sharing this nice post....@chbartist! Truly a mindset.keep on steeming!

This is a great write up and true reflection of what is happening in our society that needs to change if we want to live a happier self fulfilled life.

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At times I think that we form motivation and our own sense of self-efficacy off of others successes or failures. That is why what you explain is so important. We have to know ourselves and what truly drives us before we can go down our own path. Our dreams have to be our own or we will never find true happiness. Accomplishing this can be a hard task.

This is why I enjoy the potential of what is being built here on Steem as we are the sovereign owners of our wallets and we can pursue our dreams here while enjoying the journey of engaging with the community.

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Everyone should work hard for their own ideals. Of course, you first have to decide what your ideal is.

you are right absolutely perfect!!!!
yes !!!! i am Fighting to Realize the Dreams of my son and my family?

Your brain can independently come up with new ideas! It is capable of imagination and insight. Your brain’s insight helps you determine what you truly need to do to survive.

It helps you UNDERSTAND the wars in your head so you can figure out why they are there. It helps you look at any group you belong to and THINK about how this group affects your survival.

The most intelligent group in the world is the one we all belong to: the human race on Planet Earth.

Amazing .... @chbartist ...!!!

If you grew up in a nigerian home like i did, you'd realize that your life is not your own and neither are your dreams. We've been conditioned from childhood to follow a path that honors our parents or the path that the society approves of. And this is sad because most times we fall short of such expectation because deep down that is not really who we are.

Certainly, we all are here to do something new and different.
Therefore God has made us different from each other. We all have a different face, voice, fingerprint.
Great post @chbartist
Feel different by reading a post

though i live for my family, i only focus on what i believe i can do on my own. it is stressful to always try to please others.. i think, we should we please our own self first. then that's the time that other people can accept us.

the critical point seems to be to find out what is our goals, our dreams, our soul, because from being a child we´ve been teached to follow the footsteps of others for whatever reason.
So it needs to develop a strong personality which is open minded for a successful way to fight and fulfill our and not others dreams.
Zwischenlinie-2 für Steem-Post 940x120.png
mit sonnigen Grüßen aus Andalusien

Don Thomas

When we live for others, follow their dreams instead of our own make us more like a small ship in a vast ocean. Great write up @chbartist!

Si alguna vez sueñan que van al baño hacer una nesecidad fisiologica, creanme no vallan es una trampa!!!!! ya yo cai dos veces XD!!!

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Well said sir

Do you have a community? how does this work? :)

People in the world are all trying to fight hard for a successful life. Making more money, living a big house , having a luxury car, but do they really mean success? Perhaps, from the material perspective, they won , they don’t have to worry about their living. However, the truth is ,some people are not happy. They mentally suffer a lot. Always want more, always greedy. I had suffered much and lost much in the last year. And this makes me stating to think, wt is the most important thing in my life, having great health and having lovely friends and great relatives beside me is the most successful thing. I AM NOT struggling to follow the footsteps of those that have come before ME . I AM TRYTING TO LIVE A LIFE THAT SATISFY MYSLEF.

Congratulations @chbartist!
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i 'm currently chasing one of my dreams. I am going after my dream car , a Dodge Challenger. Dealership said I need to come up with $4650 before I can get a loan. I did research and found out I really do need $4045. I quit my part time as a book keeper to get 2 other jobs. I left my girlfriend because I can't save money while being with her. I put school on hold. And every damn week something comes up requiring me to pay over $300 dollars so it chips away at my $4045 I'm saving up for. And I know many people are gonna say don't get it it's a depreciating asset , blah blah blah. Idc I always wanted this car, that's the car I want to drive. I burned all bridges behind me I really can't go back And I don't want to go back. I'm doing eveything I can for this car. I'm fighting every damn day. Almost every day I get up at 4am go to work. Then I get ready for my 2nd job. I given up sleep, I barley sleep 5 hours a night. No one wanted to help me out I only know about B 3 people that barley support it. But idc. It's tough but not impossible , and Ima keep on fighting . Ima fight every damn day. I planned it out and by August 4th I will be driving off the lot in my new challenger. So what I'm saying is if you really want something go out there and fight. Forget what people say , work hard for it believe in your self because if you don't no one else will. Good luck on your dreams !

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Wow!!! Kudos to u

Good Job Brother!
Greetings From Venezuela! :)

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