Do Not Long for the Destination, Enjoy the Journey!!!


Hello, fellow Steemians!

The secret to happiness is not arriving at the place you want to be. The secret is in enjoying the ride, rather than finding delight in the hope of the destination.

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The foolishness of taking delight in the idea of arriving at the destination is in the inherent nature of human beings; because there is no real destination. Mankind is always going somewhere. Take a look at your life. You all currently have a destination. What happens when you arrive at that destination? You find another destination, and you begin another journey towards it.

You do not focus on the ride, and on the adventurous aspect of the journey. Most of us see this path as suffering and pain. We trick ourselves into believing that pleasure and delight awaits us at the end of the journey, and all we can do now is endure the hardships of the road. But what you arrive at in the end is not a state of being, but a result of these endeavors.

That is why even the very brightest of us often lose themselves in a world of emptiness and depression when they achieve the thing that they have longed for.

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The problem rests on our understanding of the nature of life. Our parents, our society, and our culture have failed to teach us enjoyment. We are always anticipating the end to the best days of our life. As we hardly recognized the delight of going to school, we reject the joy of attending university or going to work. Even when we are travelling, we always think about the destination instead of actually enjoying our time.

The next day you wake up to work towards achieving your goals, do not think of the difficulty that you are bearing, and do not take delight and hope in the idea that a wondrous destination is awaiting you.

Rather, think about the fact that you are a part of a very small community of people on this good Earth that are, at the very least, moving towards something meaningful.

Think about the meaning of everything that you do. Think about the significance of every step that you are taking. Think about how amazing it is that you have been given a chance to work and create and innovate and design and sort and feel and live!

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The crazy thing about overcoming the illusion of seeing the journey as a big bubble of struggles and hardships, is the fact that you begin to realize those difficulties are not really difficulties.

You begin to take pleasure in every obstacle that life has prepared for you. Because you are no longer tolerating the road, but playing the game of life.

You see challenges not as trouble, but as a part of the quest that can make you grow beyond your imagination.
For what is life, really, other than an adventure?

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I'm always telling people that ‘time’ is our most valuable resource, and most of our time is dedicated to endeavors and trials to realize our dreams. We do not spend our time at the destination, for destination in itself is not a state.

So, what happens if we spend most of our ‘time’ feeling awful and horrible?

We lose life. If you have decided to go forward in all your dreams with courage and hope, one can only admire you and your bravery.

But do not foolishly lose yourself in the illusion of the struggle, for even in the darkest of days, your journey is nothing but a delightful and joyous adventure.




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Thanks All of You!!!!

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i have been travel for almost a year non stop now . I start from myanmar , thailand , laos , indonesia , cambodia , and just last week my last trip for this year vietnam. When i was travel , i have no money , i just go with faith .

Along the way i learn about people , environment , religion , the country , culture and much more .

I totally agree with @chbartist post today, its not about the destination , its about the journey . If i take my destination only , i would finish my travel journey in only a week in these country , but meeting people , stay with them , make connection , make friend is the real sweet in this travel. for me stay in a hut with them , cook with them is a blessed for me when i have no money to pay for food and hotel to stay.

they are many good people in the world . Back to my country , they will say myanmar people is a murderer . its wrong , they are poor with money , but they are rich with giving . I stay there for almost 1 month. Its never been a day i didnt eat in myanmar . it was a beautiful country like other country has it own beauty .

If we put this philosophy with our life , there it was a learning process that ll make you invisible . its not the result for that result you can copy or buy from other. what people need now a day is your originally idea or creation or attitude that has been bring from your own experience . People are different , thats make us unique .

Thanks for the post , keep giving us good one , we ll do the same too ..

Follow me at @tommyl33 for my travel journal , life philosophy and photographer life

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The friend has a deep understanding of all these things.The right thing about all these things is that we should not just take care of the destination, we should take our happiness and misery in the way and focus our attention on it and also we should also enjoy that time..

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Como sempre, um bom post para refletirmos.
Sobre este tema, apenas posso acrescentar que uma viagem espiritual que nos ensina o foco no aqui e agora e na grandeza da simplicidade, é fazer i caminho de Santiago de Compostela.
fazer "O caminho" muda a pessoa em todas as dimensões, pois ensina, acima de tudo, que haverá sempre obstáculos mas que superamos tudo, e tudo é relativo à importância que estamos dispostos a dar-lhe.
Um problema só nos vence, se nos convence que é insuportável para nós.
Obrigada por mais este contributo.

Life is simply a journey, a mission, we come to earth with a purpose to fulfill, no one is born by chance, but in the middle of that purpose we must be trained, it depends on our attitude to the circumstances that we will be happy or not, I have always placed my trust in God, placing on a scale the bad moments and the good ones, and I really assure you that the blessings weigh more, what happens is that we give more value to the negative than to the good things that happen to us. The complaint and murmuring are powerful enemies for our journey, today I can say that I have learned to live in scarcity and also in abundance, and in both scenarios I have had peace, because I know that night is not forever, the dawn will always come for those who wait, but ask the watchers who have experience, they will tell us that it has always dawned.
If today you feel sad, and you think that happiness has escaped from your hands, look at the sky, look at the creator and find joy, I share this beautiful music of adoration, that I sing in moments of anguish, as always my good @chbartist friend excellent message:

I have always thought in this way, the trip should be enjoyed more than the destination, since as you say the human being does not usually have a unique destination, unfortunately in my country we can not have this luxury since the situation is difficult, however the life takes us through different paths which is not only the journey, but personal growth, so I see it, in a more spiritual way, the path we take is the path to enlightenment, in this way, the teachings we are learning during the way is what we should enjoy to the point that we should give lessons of our teachings, thanks for your reflections, I loved it. @chbartist thanks to u @crypto.piotr

I relate this to my experience with Steem so far as it has been interesting but not what I originally expected when achieving milestones. However, the journey has been so fulfilling as I have received a great sense of community around the ecosystem despite the challenges we have all experienced.

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@chbartist sir!
Man's desires are infinite and the human race is never satisfied in life, due to which it loses its glow after reaching the destination, and longing for another destination increases. Accept every challenge and face for success. Take your journey to a pleasant and pleasurable destination.regards

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People may achieve their dreams but have leanness in their souls because while they travel their road to success, they haven't enjoyed their journey and overlooked the real value of traveling the path of life. Winning hearts is the gem of arriving at your destination.

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Hi chbarist, I enjoyed this post. Too often on Steem we focus on what we could do if we just had 1,000,000 Steem power, lol. Life would definitely be easier, but challenges continue to give meaning to our lives, so we would have to seek out a new challenge. Ultimately, challenges and the opportunities to succeed are what bring us joy.

Really your write ups are amazing, thanks for sharing this beautiful blog with us :)

Well I came to know about you from @crypto.piotr


welcome here buddy :)

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@chbartis as we that happiness is most important thing in our life we want it at any cost. To reach at the final destination,first we have clear our goal clear our destination then start working for it . With this planning sure you will reach at your destination happily.

It's a very extraordinary writing, this writing is very professional, thank you for sharing it very well

Well, I know about you from :
@crypto.piotr,,, thanks @cryto.piotr indeed you are very useful in introducing this.

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Hi chbartist!!! That is outstanding Content, Just carry and influence us like this content.

yeah true! many people just want to finish the life journey but it's beautiful how the journey is and we should be happy about it. nice post @chbartist

Indeed such a meaningful thought. Actually life is not about the destination but the journey we walk through.So its better to realize this fact and lead a happy life.
Keep on motivating and inspiring us through your content.

A very good article indeed. When we focus on the destination we miss a lot of details along the road, we fail to learn important lessons that would produce wisdom in us. Learning is as important as the destination, because as you travel you do not only reach a destination but you also become something in the process. The knowledge and the wisdom you get when you're trying to accomplish something may or may not help in that particular task. But to achieve more, to be more than the accomplishment you need the wisdom you gain in the journey as a foundation for the next step.

Wouldn't it be fair to day that the secret to life is a positive attitude and outlook? We should be enjoying the journey of life. We only live this one time.

  ·  작년

Your post does not have any imperfection Your message has filled me with optimism in this beautiful morning

Absolutely everything that happens in our lives has a purpose, however small it may be. even the shortest trip we undertake we must appreciate it and enjoy it because that little trip is part of our final destination ...
I usually try to enjoy every phase of my life and every way I walk, even if the path is not so beautiful, but I know that what I live is an experience that will help me to better shape my character and help me gain experience for face new challenges or situations that arise later.


Beautifully replied @blessed-girl. Come whatever may, be it good or bad, we need to continue this journey on a positive note so as to make it a thrilling one and each and every moment of this journey is priceless, which we must never forget.

It is often too difficult to enjoy that trip, especially when we do not understand the things that happen to us or that we see on that trip, but it is worth the effort, because all these things bring us a message, and the learning is as enjoyable as the success of reaching our destination.

  ·  작년

This is a very valid point @chbartist
Even considering literally people often concentrate in the destination and do not enjoy the drive or the ride and the same applies to life as well.
Very well written

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Life is all about journeys, we should bear that in mind, but the distance when we look at it discourages us. From your childhood to youthful days, can you imagine how far you journeyed through life. From primary school to high school and now university, it is all journey, so do not be discouraged but drag on to the end of life.

This is something often referred to here in my home. My guy is a goal/destination focused person, while I am a process/journal gal. Makes for a balanced approach and many opportunities for shifting perspectives and growth.

I am going to ask my grown sons if they felt they were taught to enjoy life... Your reference to that not being commonly taught has me curious.

Hugs... So happy to meet another virtual hugger!

I have seen many relatives of mine who doesn't spend much for their need in life. They keep aside it for their child's well being in the future or for their own good in old age. And Live a hard life.
But when their children starts their own life they don't take care much of the parents.
And they face sudden dead and we talked about how the money can help them now?
If we don't get what we are dreaming for long in the other side of the path,it is really frustrating.
Your inspirational words may help us to realize differently.
Thanks again.

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Happiness is a state, not a place. It is a sensation, not a possession of any kind. Happiness ends when you say "to be happy I have to ... or ... "I'm not happy because ..." In the moment when you think that you have to do something to be happy, is when you stop to be happy.
Best regards @chbartist

me inspiraste a realizar un escrito que incluye este tema. gracias

I personally think that fun is in journey and not in the destination. Infact destination is the end of journey and once we reach destination then that fun side also ends. In our life small small things make us more happy than the bigger ones. In the journey we face different situations. Some would be good and some might be bad as well. we should enjoy always the good moments and bad one will give us the experience for life. But both will become memories for the lifetime. So always enjoy the journey rather than waiting for destination to enjoy. Destination will give satisfaction for sure but there is possibility that fun during journey could have more full or happiness. Nice post @chbartist

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Hi @chbartist.

Yet another amazing topic and very relevant to me. I have started re-aligning my thought process in this way because I understand that once one achieves the goal, he is updated for a newer experience. The then happiness is short lived. But the happiness of the journey to the goal is somewhat infinite.
Thank you for inspiring

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Thank you for writing about ...Time. I am so glad to see you on the same page. In the intention to quote an extract of your content in my comment, I found out that it is the entire publication I'd like to quote. Impressive job done here! Special thanks to @crypto.piotr for introducing me to your work!

@chbartist Sir, you made us travel through your world of magical words. Very much inspired. Actually this is a journey within a journey called Life, the only difference being that the destination is well known in the former, but not in the latter. Irrespective of whether we know it or not, we just need to continue it without any botheration, but we don't. It is here we make blunder and lose happiness. Well said @chbartist Sir.

Amazing article!

As a matter of fact I was talking about this with a friend just a few days ago...what's the point in focusing only on the end goal, if it's all pain and suffering along the way? We spend WAY more time in the journey than at the goal itself: (e.g.) Let's supose my goal is to get a major in X - I suffer through the whole study and learning phase and get my major in X, and what happens? when I reach my major in X, life doesn't just stop there, it keeps going!

So why do we treat milestone goals as if they were permanent, instead of a new journey's beginning?

Many thanks, chbartist, for writing this article :D

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Would love to ride motorcycle 🏍 on that road

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Hi chbartist!!! That is outstanding Content, Just carry and influence us like this content.

  ·  작년

Nicely put, a life well lived...
thank you

Yeah it's true, I loved!

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