If You Are Struggling with a Mental Illness, Do Yourself a Favor and Seek Professional Help!

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Hi, Steemians!

Today I want to talk about a topic which is rarely discussed, as our society shamelessly shies away from anything that gives it validity or reality.
The beast of depression or mental illness is a parasite in the lives of the people who are afflicted with it. There is nothing glorious or gratifying about a mind that is in dire need of medical attention, but most of us do not understand that.
Some are predisposed to believe that mental illness should not be taken seriously. They are as in the wrong as it is humanly possible to be wrong!

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Whenever you catch a cold or get a disease, you seek medical attention and try to alleviate your condition using expert help. We take good care of our body, little do we know that our mind is also in need of such attention.
We are always checking and controlling what we eat, being cautious of what might happen to us if we eat unhealthy food, but we rarely control the food of our mind. We do not filter out wrong or harmful thoughts, we do not think about what we read or listen to, and what we interact with in our daily life.
Our minds are unattended throughout our lives. That is why a great portion of society is afflicted with mental illness, one way or another.
Mental illness can take many forms, and all of them will deter your life in ways that you couldn’t expect.

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In the olden society, it was difficult to detect mental illness and treat it. But in today’s society, we have a general understanding of how our brain works and can easily notice strange patterns of behavior that might be signs of mental illness.
The important thing to remember is that much like any disease, a mental illness can be cured, but as you cure diseases with expert counsel, you need to treat mental illness by the prescription of professional people in this field.
Our society is constantly undermining the importance of seeking expert attention when it comes to mental illness. A part of our artistic culture in the entertainment field sometimes shamelessly envisions mental illness as something that one should be proud of or glorifies the demons of the mind as something interesting or exciting.

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The reality of a mental illness is none of the above. There is nothing interesting or peculiar about it. People who suffer from a mental illness will understand my point, as they do not deem their lives special, but cursed and afflicted with something they don’t understand.
Let us fight this wrong way of thinking and spread the word of wisdom when it comes to mental illness.
Seeking medical attention is the wisest pathway for those who are suffering from anxiety, depression, mental disorders, etc.
If you are someone who is suffering from such diseases, then do yourself a favor and seek expert help. Decide, once and for all, to take steps and save your life from falling into ruin!




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Thanks All of You!!!!

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I am in a lot of groups for various chronic illnesses due to my focus in coaching for natural weight loss. At least 50 of these are for various types of mental illness and injury including anxiety, depression, adhd, ptsd and others.

Many people are in these groups because the mainstream western system of medicine has failed them. They are addicted to prescription drugs they cannot kick, stuck in a never-ending cycle of medical appointments, and now have additional illness and tests required due to the "care" they are receiving.

I'm not saying the western medicine never works, but the longer I am in these self-help groups, the more I see its weakness.

Additionally, many people with mental illness do not realize they have it. It is hard to seek treatment if you do not know you have a problem.


I am totally with you on this one. For one, the western medicine approach often uses the numbing way to make a patient less active, hyper or sensitive. That's in a way turning the patient into a vegetable state by drugging them. It's not exactly for curing. And it's very true that most patients don't realize they are ill. Some people thought depression is a normal way of life.

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the numbing way to make a patient less active, hyper or sensitive.

you say this so well, I have seen this remark over and over again in the groups I am in. I do not have this problem and have never had the medications. But SO MANY people in the groups say they wish they could feel things again. The medication has them floating in some way and they want to stop. But they can't because it is so hard to get off them with many side effects. It's a big mess!


I notice that they tend to sleep a lot though unwillingly. The side effects I've read about are scary. They could be serious than the mental issue itself.

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  ·  2년 전

Really very helpful article it is right mental illness is a serious matter of concern. We have to cure it as soon as possible because it leads us to downfall. We do what our brain tell us if there is so many negativity the definitely we are going to hell. So first of all we have to cure our min so we can step up in society.

Great message. I totally agree with it. Talk to someone, get help, and end stigma relating to mental health!!!

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Everyone is so quick to diagnose mental illness these days. We don't need professional help everytime we deal with adversity. Some people just need to deal with it and grow up.

I apologize for what a flower I can be, but I want to think that many of the mental problems, not serious, that we have, have to do with poor communication with the people around us, our family, our loved ones. When we believe that we can solve our problems, however difficult they may be, it shows an ego or self-sufficiency that makes us bad. I agree with the help, but first see what allergic reaction does a hug, what symptoms produce a few words of encouragement, what consequences brings them a caress. I start from the idea that many of us need to be listened to by specialists, but before that, how nice it would be if we were listened to by our family, the most specialist in everything with respect to us. If after all the hugs and signs of affection, remains the same, do not be afraid, outside there are prepared people who know how to do their job. Nice Friday for everyone.


You are always very accurate! A flower too. Thank you for your always very significant contribution here on this blog that has become a family to me. Regards


The whole world would be a better place if everybody actually listened closely to what starts with the family at home and then practice this princlpal in there day to day affairs. Myself I try to listen and consider what another person is feeling and trying to express when they are talking to me or a crowd meaning that maybe 90% of society is manic to a small degree. I find that a lot of people interrupt or ignore people that are trying to explain something important to a situation. possibly if they listened closely and tried to relay a compassionate fact back to someone talking to them they themselves may benefit us well. Other than that if you are total frustrated with yourself don't stop seeing your shrink after all they need to make a living too.

When I was in my school, one of my friends feel like , he will go under depression due to exam pressure and that type illness we can't cure with medical treatment but we can handle it with a better understanding. Nice @chbartist

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The problem with mental illnesses is that they can be worse than the worse addiction and we know how hard it is to have, say, an alcoholic acknowledge s/he has a problem.
The other thing about mental illnesses is that their treatment is usually long and complex. Medication is not always effective or side effects can be devastating.
In the case of Venezuela we have few professionals left in the area, doctors visits are very expensive and treatments are just almost impossible to find and really hard to afford, if you're lucky enough to find it.
Thus, we have a vicious cycle, lots of people got mentally ill becasue of the crisis or the crisis agravated an existing condition, and now because of the difficulties to get treatment they get worse.
My mother-in-law is going through a hard time now and it is really frustrating to have a relative yelling that she wants to die, that she can't take it any more and you are hands-tied. broke and without one single state-run agency providing any kind of support

Las Enfermedades Mentales pueden ser implacables si no se busca ayuda profesional y mas lamentable aun es ver que muchas personas en países como en el que vivo no tienen los recursos para ir a un psiquiatra o escuchar como adultos y niños se quitan la vida porque no consiguen medicinas en las farmacias.

Oh yes @chbartist, mental illness and depression have always been a special ailment that has always followed mankind and especially in our time high technology has a very serious effect on our psyche. As a rule, it is practically impossible for one person to cope with this now, and if the symptoms of these diseases start to manifest, then expert help is urgently needed!

Excellent review @chbartist and I fully agree with you that mental illness is a real threat to humanity, which at first glance is not immediately noticeable, but the consequences of this disease are much more serious than physical pain. We really need to follow up on this and if such signs find a place in our life, then it is impossible to delay and need to seek help!

Thank you for this post. The day doesn’t go by that a teenager, a sister, a brother or sometimes someone’s mom or dad commits suicide or some senseless act of violence. Let’s treat mental health like a disease and make our society a better place. You have a large platform to reach many with this message.
Thank you

@chbartist a lot of times our world tends not to care about the real things that molds this life. Attentions are rarely drawn to such issues, who are to be blame? When everyone is so attached to glittering things living things of immense value. Our societal norms and values gradually wearing out. This calls for urgent and deliberates attentions in these areas of great importance. Thank you very much for your contribution to highlighting these grave sectors.

Arrogance, selfishness, racism, and hatred are also Mental Illness which have spread so much especially in social media..but the doctor cannot treat it,
the society and family are responsible for the treatment of these diseases,
We are fortunate here in steemit because these diseases are very few cause everyone here loves peace and solidarity.
A wonderful topic that deserves a lot of appreciation
Thank you @chbartist

If You feel some sign of depression, make an appointement with you doctor as soon as you can, If you are reluctant to do theraphy, talk to you friends or spouse, healt care worker, relegious leader, or some one else you can trust, No need to be ashamed to ask for help from a doctor or other party. The earlier you go to the doctor, the better. If you think you will hurt yourself or try suicide, call the emergency number immediately. Also consider the following choices when you thing of suicide. Ask for help from your doctor or other health care provider. Talk to your closest friend or partner contact religious leaders or other people in your faith community.

Violent structures are a situation with which we are presently present and they are the main generators of poor social mental health. The entire state of health, in this context, is not only inactive but also includes active resistance, rebirth and renewal.

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As always, you deserve a cookie! But I hope my upvote and a definite resteem are enough! Mental health is a huge issue. It all stems really from the unrealistic world we live in. We all need to take a step back and take a deep breath. If it’s too much then get help. But guided meditation is a great place to start.

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I completely agree ignoring is not the way, seeking medical illness will only help.
Keep flourishing buddy!

Saludos @chbartist! La mente, como cualquier órgano del cuerpo tiende a presentar síntomas de enfermedad, de fatiga o cansancio.

Debemos saber como funciona nuestro cuerpo, y reconocer cuando algo no esta funcionando bien.

Si estamos en presencia de alguna sensación de tristeza, falta de atención, síntomas de depresión lo indicado es buscar ayuda profesional, la cual nos guiara en la toma del tratamiento que nos permitirá volver a nuestro estado ideal de salud.

Es recomendable mantener un estilo de vida saludable, comer bien, hacer ejercicios, leer buenos libros, y hacerse de buenas amistades, garantizando un entorno saludable para el cuerpo y la mente.

Feliz día!

In today society it becomes easy to point out mental illness, but there is a huge gap of expert and professional to cure mental illness in our society.
Mental illness is increasing day by day in great speed but expert and professional are not.

Mental illness even many times not aware by its patient also so it's tough for home to decide to meet an expert...

So true sir!
It is said, a problem shared is a problem half-solved. In depressed individuals, Nothing facilitates suicide faster than isolation either by self or society. Speak to someone. who knows, that someone might know someone who can help. At the same time,lets not desert people because they are weird, you don't know what they might be going through. Sometimes a little companionship goes a long way to save someone out there.

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Preach @missabigail, not to be pessimistic, this is EARTH, humans judge things by its cover without knowing the full story. It's what we do.

Yes, it's unfair, life can be unfair, my advice to whoever is feeling blue to man up, get over it and understand the dynamics of our society, at least what we call one.

This is how I kicked it. Medicating will not solve the issue, that's a short term fix that might turn into a long term worst case scenario.

Brain is an important organ of our body, it is mainly damaged by anxiety, depression and high pressure of blood, normally after 40 years we should all try to avoid all the risk factor that may cause brain damage and make us mental patient. Thanks for your excellent post.

No do not seek professional help! Depression and anxiety are signs of health!! It's no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society. People should have a safe place to go mad! Not numb yourself with prescription drugs, or you will never get better


I know I can write a better comment, thanks for the up vote @chbartist. I had this experience where our family let my father have a break-down, it lasted for about 2 weeks. Afterwards he felt better! We were lucky to have such an experience! I think what most people need is to be heard and to be able to talk or communicate, express themselves, then they will not be in need of medication. When my mom was homeless on the street she didn't seek mental help to go on medication until she got hit by a cab at a gas station. Then she remembered the words that I told her - not to be restful towards the family and that we all love her. When she remembered that she decided to go on medication from getting hit by the cab. She is doing better and the medication didn't take too much of her personality away. She had paranoid schizophrenia symptoms through her life. Living through an extreme case like that makes me want to have a society that has more to offer people who are emotionally/mentally disturbed. The system is broken and not able to help troubled people very well, under current social conditions. Pills won't solve the problem, even if it can help some people, we need a more caring society


I understand what you mean @havok777, but for some people it might help, but just like you I do not think we would need it if we were not living in a world of selfish people who do not know what respect, and solidarity means. But at the same time we have to face the reality that is exposed to us every day. I always knew you're a good person. You can count on me. No need to thank me! I always do things with my soul and heart! Regards


Also people being medicated in society is one of the new Opiate Of The People, the other is opium itself. It would be better I think to grit your teeth and rise up rather then take another pill in order to continue to grin and bear it


I can relate to this aspect of the whole mental insanity industry. Anything that deviates from the norm is seen as a threat. The ideal society is that which creates robots. People who go to work, perform their duties, and go home to perform some more.
As an anecdote a bit unrelated, and yet related, when I went to grad school in the state i took my 8-year-old son with me. He did not speak english. He spent some 4 months in a sort of silent state. H e would go to school and come back home and I'd ask him how his days was and what he learned and he would just repeat the same phrase, No se, no entendi nada (I don't know. i did not undertand a thing).
During that time he started becoming the object of bullying. a couple of months later he started to speak fluent english, bette than mine and he became more extroverted and defensive.
One day i was called because he had had a fight during recesss. The fact was that he did not fight, he challenged one of the bullies to a fight to settle their thing and he said out lous all the bad words they have been saying to him.
What was the first recommnedation the teacher gave us? MEDICATION
My son, most likely had a condition, they said.
Of course i gave him no medication. Screw condition. My son was crazy because he had the balls to defend himself and be honest about what's going on.


Wearing a mask every day, trying to be who we are not, suppressing our real feelings all for the sake of conforming to the scripts of society are enough to make us go coocoo.

Then we medicate ourselves till we become dodos, suppressing those emotions even more?

Yes, there are serious mental issues out there and those definitely need some attention.


I completely agree. The mental health industry is still bordering on barbaric, the truth is they don't know what they're doing at all, for all they know they're causing more suicides than they prevent. I've had depression and anxiety most of my life. I've had a lot of doctors and tried quite a few meds throughout the years. The only thing they ever did was make it worse, none of them helped even in the slightest. The times I relapsed back into attempting suicide was always at a time when I was seeing a doctor and getting medication. Best thing I ever did for myself in regards to overcome this terrible illness was realizing there was a massive problem with the world we live in, and also coming to the conclusion that psychology actually makes people sick by making every single human trait a diagnosis if it dosen't conform to what some arbitrary judgment of what they consider "healthy". And when stopped listening to them that is when I stopped worrying about being sick or that there was anything wrong with me, and that made me feel much better. Obviously, it didn't change my life to become some perfect fluffy dream like the ads and facebook would have us believe other people live, but it did at least take one burden off my shoulders that never needed to be there in the first place. We're not meant to live like this, of course we're "depressed", everything everywhere is always telling us we're not good enough after all. Don't you feel motivated to join and work for the sick system that is literally killing everyone on Earth, then you must be sick, what a load of nonsense.

I think A person comings back to mental struggling if you you forgive past mistakes and love each other.
About Caring good post.

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Depreciation mental illness that time a big problems in the world that effect heart health and social relationships.
Very nice you are sharing here your seloution.
Nice blog demand of time thanks for sharing.

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I have battled a mental illness for the majority of my life I've had plenty of chances to be able to get help but I fought so many battles within my own mind I've never been able to really fully get what I needed it's like I never thought people could hear me or understand unfortunately because of that I had a lot of demons inside of me a lot of pain then I go through and not just physically but mentally too and I'm not one to generally verbalize my mental pain it's nobody's fucking business but maybe it is I hope it's not too late to make amends to everyone literally anyone and everyone my bed - oh this is ever cuz pay - when I was in Hope House a couple years ago I left there with no counselor no wouldn't see you don't want to talk to and up until next week I finally you next week will have a counselor I'm gonna get the help that I need I just hope it's not too late please if you're feeling sad or depressed seek help if you need someone to talk to you can get a hold of me because I understand much you have had many blessings

All prayers go out to everyone who suffers a mental or health illness. Be strong and have confidence in what you do. Screw what others think tbh. Their opinion doesnt matter. Grind for your goals and accomplish them. People will respect you way more!

Last post @chbartist did had so much inspiration and positivity from this steemit community. So make sure you go check that out if ya havnt. Warining, its touching!

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Getting help is a must when one is mentally unwell. Medical attention and counselling support need to go together for the best outcome I believe. The intention is to get people well and I so agree with @chbartist, ignoring this unwellness is the worse thing to do.

Thank you for your post.

Yeah seek a professional help.
And analyse whether the advise or medication does really make sense and the final decision is yours.

For me medical drugs have side effects attach to them, so I prefer not taking them totally.
I prefer natural and organic foods that maybe and somehow would be my natural preventive cure.

Definitely, depression is a terrible disease that destroys the person so you have to seek help immediatel, @chbartist.

Hello Sir,
I am Your Big Fan and always try to read all of your posts... And this post is too close to my life... I have seen Number of my Students who are suffering from mental depression in India it is too common... But, Students Are too afraid to even speak about this... they never talk to their parents about this... So, It is best to take medical help for this kind of problems...

Sir, I request you to please read my new Post... and share your views on it

Thank You,
Rahul Purswani

@chbartist, Yes, in my opinion this battle is really underrated and most commonly we hear one thing in this subject and that is "Everyone face something" and when we generalise something, in a way we are deceiving ourselves, it's not about the number of aspect, it is Individual aspect and if you are facing any illness then it's priority to consult. Stay blessed.

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Thank you for this important awarness post. We need to continue to circulate this kind of content so people can understand how to help others who struggle as well as get help themselves. We still live in an age where it feels socially unacceptable to have these issues but that is so incorrect. Suffering shouldn't remain hidden and it is so very common. Treatment should not be looked at as embarrassing or scandalous but rather the bad attitude towards these conditions. Shame the incosiderate, judgmental individuals in society, not the people who need help. We all need to push the message that help is out there and seeking it is the right choice. Negative self talk, anxiety and depression is REAL and more people suffer than you know. The world needs to be kinder to others, with conditions or not. Resteeming this post because it needs to be shared.

Hello bro @chbartist i am back here and sorry for my gap to steemit but i was too busy with my other works but now i will active here i promise...

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Yea, seek a medication before it becomes too late for you.

Yes well said people are more concerned about their overall health but because of society mind set people don't feel comfortable to share that they are having any mental illness. But this is as important as we take care of other desease like fever cold etc. People are scared that is if people around them you will come to know about their mental illness then they might change the perspective about them but that should not be the case.

We are very careful about our food intake so that we maintain our healthy life but we really care for our thought intake to have a healthy mind life. This mental illness should not be ignored and must be treated on time. Now a days medical science has grown a lot and we have treatment for that. It's our responsibility to treat search people with respect if they are suffering from mental illness as this is very common like cold and fever.

Thanks friends for writing post about such a sensitive topic. People rarely have interest to talk about this sensitive topic. I appreciate your efforts and have a great weekend @chbartist

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good article @ chbartist you know that in many cases it happens that we refuse to seek or receive help and that healing process can be long.

Mention that mental illness can take different forms and in many cases tend to be seen as normal or natural you have to be careful and evaluate ourselves, it is not something that should be taken lightly.

Ciertamente que las enfermedades mentales, como todas las enfermedades que se hagan presente en nuestro organismo deben ser tratadas con un especialista. La mente domina todas las actividades que el cuerpo realiza es por ello que se le debe dar un tratamiento muy especial a este tipo de enfermedad; tales como la ansiedad, la depresiòn, el pànico, la obsesiòn, el stres, y la bipolaridad, debe tratarse con Psicologos, Siquiatras y especialistas de medicina interna, dado que la no atenciòn puede conllevar a trastornos graves como la demencia, paranoia entre otras. Decìa un gran escritor y poeta que la mente necesita màs alimentos que el estomago !

Please add me to this group. I also want to be a part of this growing community . Thank you


I'm included you in the list! See the last post! But please, read again important notes on post ok? Regards

Many people who suffer from depression believe that it is not necessary to go to the doctor, however, nor do they make an effort to get out of the depression in which they find themselves. The best thing to do with those people who suffer from these conditions, and are close to us, is to advise them and make them understand the need for professional help.

How can one truly know if one is mentally ill, or even mentally well? If one is well-adjusted to society, is that a sign of health or a sign of cross-contamination? Indeed, it sometimes seems like sanity is merely the most common form of insanity.

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Congratulations for your job
Please keep doing it

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I looked over the topics you write about and it seems you are interested in human psychology. Mental illness is a topic that (as you said) is not talked about openly enough. However, just talking and shooting crap from the mouth is just not going to help much. Too many people think they know something, and as is said, sometimes a little knowledge can be dangerous.

Although I have no personal experience with mental health, I have had people confide in me and tell me their experiences. I have to agree with what @fitinfun wrote about people feeling like the medical system has failed them. However, one person explained to me how they persevered, taking drug after drug after drug, trying to find the correct fit for THEM. Every person is unique, so what works for one will not work for the next person. Doses need to be adjusted and the Dr. has to systematically try the various drugs one by one and give each time to see how the patient reacts to each of the drugs. This process could take years! In the meantime, some drugs will make the patient feel worse. The patient must be prepared to suffer through as the Dr. raises or lowers the dosage or suggests a switch to another drug. The doctors are not Gods and can't know how each drug will react with every individual. Hopefully, sooner than later, the correct drug and dosage can be found. This particular person told me how when that proper solution was found, it was like lifting a thick fog from their life and they could finally see the sunshine! It can work, so please don't give up hope too soon.

The other side of the coin is that our medical systems are over-taxed and doctors could be assigned to duties they are not really suited for. When working with a lot of depressed people, that depression can and will rub off. Soon the doctors don't care any more and the treatment they provide can be worse than not being treated at all. Nobody is perfect and we can all fall into pits.

Ultimately, it is up to the individual to take control of their own health and seek out the professional(s) they can trust. Don't find the correct fit; move on! BUT keep trying. Don't give up. Nothing worth doing is easy.

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