Learning To Be Grateful...

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Moving away from the mentality of lack is a very important practice all of us need to actively participate of. Without a doubt the ideas that keep us from achieving our true potential are tied to fears of scarcity and personal doubt.

It’s not easy to leave these ideas behind, for one they are always present in situations of conflict and specially if we are attempting to tackle a new type of challenge. In other words, the fear of the unknown, of failure, is never completely erased from our lives.

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Is there a way to fight back?

I happen to believe there is one way to do so and it starts with being acquainted with “gratitude”. I fully realize I’m using a word that in many cases seems to be overused by different leaders of many dogmas. We even say “thank you” hundreds of times a day as a social protocol in civil interactions.

The way I like to think of this word however goes a little above that simple concept. I am of course not saying anything against using it casually or even often, but I’m talking more about a realization we could all attempt to arrive at when analyzing our surroundings, our relationships and even our work environment.

Gratitude is healing

I don’t believe that to be an overstatement in the slightest. Every single time in my life I’ve felt a little lost or confused, taking the time to appreciate what I have, what I’ve learned, who I have in my life has always helped me reach my emotional center.

It might seem like a conversation regarding emotions is not suited for dialogues about personal success and growth, but quite the opposite is the truth. The way we feel about our life, the way we perceive our “now” directly affects how we act today. Making a case for what happens tomorrow due to our actions today needs no demonstration or example.

In those days you are feeling a down

Make a conscious effort to find something in your life you can be grateful for. I’m of course not talking about ignoring problems or at least I’m not doing so in a permanent way. This is more of a practice in perspective. Most of the time when we are in a situation where we believe everything is going wrong, we believe so because we have not managed to zoom out and see the whole picture.

I fully realize saying is a lot easier than doing, which is why I insist on using the word “practice”. Just like going to the gym, learning how to draw or anything that requires mastering and patience. Getting acquainted with gratitude is one of the most positive and reinvigorating spiritual activities you could possibly participate in.

Gratitude is a gift expressed

And without a doubt it can be given to someone. You might have experienced this once in your life already. Someone who you care for, someone you love is feeling a little down, feeling a little lost and the simple action of you expressing the words “thank you” with sincerity and even being specific about it, gives that person an emotional boost.

The best part about this is that it also works both ways. Expressing gratitude to someone who has brought value to your life will make you feel great too, when you stand in the realization of that special moment.

You might be reading my words today and thinking to yourself that the idea I’m sharing seems a little too simple. The truth is that I have to agree with that assessment, but that is precisely why it might be difficult to practice and very easy to ignore.

But, to be consistent and to set an example… I’ll start by thanking you all, tribe of good intent for following this blog, for always reading and sharing your thoughts with me.

Until next time…

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To be successful in life, we must first put God on our side, because thanks to him we can enjoy all we have, humility and gratitude must be the perfect balance that guides our walk and proceed to be great people and happy beings human .. excellent post. I follow you.
I invite you to visit my profile ..

Acquainting gratefulness or gratitude is an art. The person who knows this art well, he is more successful in life. Nice learning post. Thanks for sharing.

I think gratitude is key for anyone trying to reach their emotional center, as you say. Another thought I had that if you're grateful you're constantly going to be seeking that next pleasureabe experience that people seem to Chase throughout their whole life. Ex: need to work harder to make money to buy more stuff. I think we would be a lot happier and content with our lives if we were grateful for what we do have. Every day I wake up I think of three things I'm grateful for and it immediately puts me in a great mood. Thanks for the share :)

that is very important it`s good to read books and be grateful

It takes practice over a lifetime to be grateful. But it is the only was to feel some happiness.

I always wonder if I can do anything to turn my life around? So I started to act on it and made a list to be grateful for. Being grateful shifts the energy to being positive, being grateful makes us worry less about the complaints and problems.
Every morning when your feet hit the floor, say “Thank you”. Be grateful for what you have and as soon as you start to feel different about what you already have, you will start to attract more of the good things.
As Bob Proctor advised in the first step of the Creative process, Ask, Start by writing down what you want. "Begin each sentence with,"I am so happy and grateful now that..."(and fill the rest) :)


Gotta start enacting that every morning!
Bob Proctor is the man!


Good luck doing that! I hope it changes your life.

The Tree of Life, or Etz haChayim (עץ החיים) has upvoted you with divine emanations of G-ds creation itself ex nihilo. We reveal Light by transforming our Desire to Receive for Ourselves to a Desire to Receive for Others. I am part of the Curators Guild (Sephiroth), through which Ein Sof (The Infinite) reveals Itself!

You, sir, are such a pleasant surprise and I'm so glad I found your blog! My only regret is that you found me first; I came here because I noticed your rather large (for me that is) upvote on my previous post to be completely honest. But if you've read any other posts from that series "Myths of our economy", you must know how much I agree with the words you speak here. And I am grateful for your message: we aren't grateful enough of all that life grants us.

What pleases me most is that you bring the message I try to bring in a totally different way: I am not so good with words, so I stick mostly to tackling these issues through the lens of a sick economy, and how that economy rules our lives and minds for a great deal. I'm so glad other people, like yourself, are able to say the same in better words!

I'll be sure to follow you, @chbartist, and this post is resteemed.

Thanks so much for making me feel hope!


Thank you so for your words @zyx066! All the best!!!

its good to be grateful

Good writing , you are genious , i like it .

Your post is always different i follow your blog everytime , your post is so helpful . I always inspire of your post on my steem work . Thank you for sharing @chbartist

Follow my blog @powerupme

Much inspiration from such a powerful post, the subject matter can only help in this case and surely brightens the end of my day here.

Thank you so very much, namaste :)


Thank You! @eric-boucher

Thank you for sharing this beautiful piece of content ... truly valuable. "Gratitude is healing" ... That is SO True. Gratitude means "letting go of old hurts ... and loving what you have know. The Buddhists call this "enlightenment" :)


Indeed @paulcline. That's why it's easy for anyone who's been practicing real gratitude to let go of pains in the past, and move on. So I think we can say that along gratitude is acceptance - for the things that happened, and for the things to come.


Thank You!

One must be moderate in his/her expectations. Sometimes people expect too much from people and ultimately they go into despair when they don't get what they expected.


Exactly. Like when minnows work on Steemit 24/7 for weeks and make .05 per post!


Lol this got me laughing real hard @janton


howdy @temitopebanks I'm glad I got a laugh outta ya. hey if you like humor I wrote 2 posts lately that are funny(some people say) if you want to check them out. "There..I done fixed it" and "I done fixed it like new!" if you go there let me know what you think, if you aren't in the U.S. it may not be funny. I really like your blog you look like a wonderful lady, I followed, upvoted, learned, got inspired..uh what else did I do on your blog..anyways I'm starting a series on the Keto diet- I see you are interested in nutrition. God bless you!


Post of the week right here!


Howdy @cryptoj215! lol! thank you I did go a little nuts there, probably
why she never answered me! lol. You are a Futurist? I don't know any of
them. Never been to Philidelphia neither, see I don't even know how to spell
it. hey I'm just a redneck from Texas, I try to avoid cities. But God bless you sir and thank you!

Being grateful is a mindset of an individual , a focus on and towards all that is good in your life. It is an orientation towards positivity, It reflects joy withing ourselves.

First gratitude to our supreme then to our parents and teacher. Thanks for your nice post.


How about when you are feeling down because you just argued with you significant other?

How to be grateful when you have bottled up a few things and pretended that it is OK?

Anyway, I resteem this post coz I like it.


@simply-me you know they say there's light at the end of every tunnel, conflict in any relationship isnt out of place, however our attitude to resolving the underlying issues,is what counts. You can be greatful for the good times you shared there must have been some great memories that you shared,while recongnizing that issues that have been swept under the carpet, needs to be resolved else the cycle of anger and hurt would persist.


Very well said, @chbartist! And I agree that the attitude of gratitude starts with practice.

It is with gratitude that we recognize the good things in our lives amidst all the bad that is happening.

It is with gratitude that we learn to accept things that are no longer within our control, and hope for good things to come.

It is with gratitude that we wash away all hints of complain - one of most poisonous attitudes we can have.

Lastly, it is with gratitude that we make this world a whole better place to live.

So in short, gratitude is not only about the act of thanksgiving we GIVE, but the maturity and better selves we RECEIVE in return for practicing it. 😀

I myself have a lot to say about this, because I've been "practicing" to live life with gratitude. And I must say, I feel better more than ever.

Once again thank you @chbartist! Cheers!


My pleasure @chbartist. 😊 I always love reading your posts.


Good post! Gratitude is indeed healing @chbartist. I hope more people would realize that.

  ·  2년 전

Decir la palabra gracias a cada momento no significa que estamos agradecidos. Menos palabras y mas acción, para demostrar gratitud. Buen Post.

Moving away from the fault mentality is a very important practice in which all of us must actively participate. Undoubtedly, the ideas that prevent us from reaching our true potential are linked to fear of scarcity and personal doubt.

Certainly fear can be an agent that blocks every situation of progress, the fear of failure, of emotions, of struggle, all with a drop of negativity in your path, reflectively the most important thing in our lives is to see in retrospect what we have today! this will give us an idea that much of what we have is absent for other people and it is there where gratitude comes to be a protagonist in our lives, each person has a mission, a goal, an end; the way we lead our way, will be the way to forge our future, so we do not have great things, we have enough to be grateful and thus encourage more blessings fall from heaven, you have enough to be happy, thank us for it, happy night.

Very certain words, to grow in life we must be grateful, first with God, then our Fathers who brought us into the world, then the countless teachers who gave us education and countless friends who gave us many lessons, as well as several writers of this wonderful ecosystem of steemit, thank you friend for such wise words. Happiness always.


Thank you @syllem. All the best!

I wrote about something similar yesterday:

good post

This is simply AWESOME!!! You should consider joining the #gratitudetrain :)


Thank you @jaynie

I am grateful to have come across this post! I am grateful for all that I am. I am grateful for all the blessed opportunities in life to grow. I am grateful for friends, family and community. I am grateful for the opportunity to be grateful. These are only some of the things though 😜

what a beautiful content, i love to see this kind of post on steemit, it is not always easy to be grateful but with practice we can achieve that and as a consequence we start to attract more positive things, thanks for sharing, have a lovely day

It is indeed important to be grateful in life, so often do we take things for granted, I think its true we all have to take a moment to step back and appreciate what we have and the world we live in.
Life is so beautiful and it's a shame to waste it.

Rejoice always! Pray continually, give thanks in all circumstances ; for this is GOD's will for you in Christ Jesus...
1Thesallonians 5 :16-18

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Please let me resteem @chbartist

Following saying of buddha "your mind is everything. You become what you think" is the first thing to do for being grateful.

yesssss. I started a gratitude journal a few months ago and it has CHANGED MY LIFE. Every day I take a few minutes to write what I am grateful for, what I am excited about, and list a few things/people outside of me that I care about. I am happier, more content and life has RESPONDED to how I feel!

Tu publicación me parece un buen consejo motivacional, en la medida en que aprendamos a ser agradecidos nos vamos a sentir más confortables en el mundo que nos rodea, por mucha dificultad que estemos pasando siempre va a existir un aprendizaje y eso es algo que debemos agradecer. Igualmente con las personas que nos rodean, siempre habrá cosas que agradecerles, lo cual nos permite vivir en armonía, si todos aprendiéramos a ser agradecidos nuestro mundo seria mejor.


Asi es comparto tus ideas.

Expressing gratitude has been proven over time to improve physical and psychological health, so we do ourselves some good when we're grateful even. I'm grateful I found this post, thanks @chbartist for this piece.

me gusto mucho este tema, gracias, la vida es vivir agradecidos, desde que despertamos ya es gratitud estar vivos y tener la oportunidad de comenzar de nuevo o seguir el camino. Quien es agradecido recibe mas de lo que espera.

Wonderful! Accepting grace for what it is and being thankful in all situations is the way. God Bless!

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" Gratitude is felt expressed " well said man.

Yes I agree with you the need to find something in your life. Why do not you read about the Koran that gives certainty to every human being on earth

I am so grateful that despite my sin and mistakes that my God (and my family) have always been forgiving. There is no understanding the magnificent power of grace.

One can return a loan of gold, but is in debt for life with those who are kind. What we do for ourselves dies with us. What we do for others and the world remains and is immortal.

The one who gives should not remember again; but the one who receives should never forget

Be grateful is a way to feel better with yourself at the same time and be with the good vibes. Good post, thanks for sharing!

thanks for the inspiration really heart felt

Awesome post brother. Resteemed and upvoted. I think peoe take for granit we have it all. How we get to use steemit and Youtube like its nothing. But people still feel they are intitled. I hope you take a look at this. Godbless.

My parents are going thru a bad time and i sent them this. God is love right..
Amen and thanks for this again.

Great post thnx for share it with us

Awesome post
Gratitude is a major key to true happiness
And it is the healthiest of all human emotions
Thanks for this wonderful post!! So much enlightenment

Everyday when I wake up in the morning, I thank God for the gift of life.

thank you for this wonderful post, i am grateful for it ;)

I'm so glad I found you on steemit @chartist. In fact I'm convinced that it was by God's grace..

good post like it...
keep it up.

In life you should be grateful for the life you have lived yet. Also there are things you would have done much better with the things you now knows. Be also grateful for the wrong people you met, for the wrong things you said. If you understand that those circumstances had to appear to grow where you are now in a positive way, you get a glimpse of your life goal in life. Then you know which the right path is of your desire, your inner wish.

Let us count our blessings eveyday and be grateful to all the people who have been part towards the achievement of our success. The more grateful we are the more happier we become.

Well written post!

Gratitude is the gratitude that comes from sincerity, cherishing what we have, even the little joys; and thankfulness for all that we receive.

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Gratitude heals the bitterness that comes from being a victim of the problems of existence. This is a worthy read for me today. Thank you.

Hello, @chbartist you always transmit to the reader knowledge, feelings and emotions found. Of course one in life sometimes seems confused, but few grateful. In my case, I try as much as possible to be one. Grateful with life since it is wonderful, with the things that you like to do. With everything that surrounds you, there are one and a thousand reasons to move forward. I like to read your contents, when you like I invite you to walk around mine. I always learn from you.

Success is the result of hard work. all the success we get makes the happiness we feel. but we must be grateful that we do not feel arrogant and arrogant about what we have got. Your articles, @chbartist posts are very useful for us to take as a lesson. thanks @chbartist, I am waiting for the next article from you @chbartist

I've been feeling a little down in the past few days and I really agree with you on appreciating whatever we have and feeling grateful for it.

I, too, find that saying thank you to whatever that comes our way is a way of looking at things differently. And I always zoom out and see the bigger picture. At times, I find myself getting bogged down with details of life and to me, that's very exasperating.

Thank you for this beautiful post @chbartist

Yes you ar3 greatful

Man gratitude is such an important practice. Each day beginning again in choosing it. Its so important to help you find joy and break out of limitation. Even gratitude in whats challenging you. Especially whats challenging you. Giving thanks for the lessons. When you can do that youve certainly reached a new awareness.

Gratitude is one of the best states you can put yourself in. It also welcomes more blessings. Thanks for the reminder.

Being gratitude to the person who was the reason for happiness, is the best thing to do that person. They will be glad to know that you are grateful to them.
This will also make you sincere and helpful in your life to others as well.
People who are grateful, can not be a bad person. I can guarantee that.

your concept __"Gratitude is healing" __ is right

Gratitude is everything.wonderful content.i love the part that ...thank you should go a little above that simple concept. Thank you @chbartist

I used to do a gratitude journal... which changed my life, my thoughts and everything to the positive.. This posts reminds me to get back into the habit.

Writing down 10 things you are grateful every morning really sets your mind in the right direction and you day will be wonderful. Try it out peeps <3

The best thing to learn n practice in life....being grateful is something devine :D