RE: Time is Fleeting, But Life Awaits…Live Intensely For You to Compete Against Time And Be The Winner....

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Time is Fleeting, But Life Awaits…Live Intensely For You to Compete Against Time And Be The Winner....

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Hi @crypto.piotr, about your comment, no worries, I didn't feel offended for any moment and I could not even feel it because when people have respectful dialogs this can't offend them. And that's exactly the point here, you write very kindly too and I really appreciate it and a lot of people don't understand the difference of dialog and attack talking disrespectfully and this persons I ignore or send flowers LOL. I'm giving my best here and nothing better than our conscience be at peace. About my technology company, LOL. No! the company is not related to blockchain or cryptography my company development e-commerce , softwares, apps, digital marketing, satellite transmission, web television and developments related to telecommunications in general.

You are not a slow reader like I said, my life is very busy and you will rarely see me make so many articles in one day but on this particular day I had more time to devote to my blog.

If you want to talk to me, feel free. It's only you send me a message through steemchat search me over there. I can't always respond at the same time but I will certainly respond if you write to me.

Regards and always wishing the best to you and to all!

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Can you send me flowers too? :) hahahaha

I love your comment. Absolutely amazing. Banana smile :)

does your company related to digital marketing have website? I would love to learn more about what to you.

ps. 2.
I actually wanted to have a chance to establish some contact outside steemit. Just in case if you would quit this platform in the future and I would still like to reach out to you.

That's why I asked to send me an email in the first place. Im not really planning to spam your emailbox if you worry about it.



No, you are a kind person! I prefer give upvote!.LOL