There is No Such Thing as Failure....

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Hello, dear Steemians!

There is a common mistake among the youth about how they should only see the reciprocation of their endeavors in two sides of a coin; defeat and triumph.

There is no such thing as failure. Failure is but a judgement we attribute to a deed. When you really begin to understand the nature of what we deem to call ‘failure’, you will know that you are actually incapable of failing. We do not come up against failures, for we are not capable of perceiving them. We come up against obstacles and results.

The important question is: What do we decide to do with these results?

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Imagine that you want to learn how to play tennis, or how to bake cookies.

The first time you go the field to learn tennis, you fail to respond adequately nine times out of ten. When you bake those cookies, they hard coarse and hard. Does that mean that you have failed in these endeavors? Do you tell yourself that you ‘lack the talent’ for playing tennis or baking some cookies?

Obviously not. You go out to the field the next day and try again. You buy more flour and ingredients for the cookies and try again.

As we discussed before, human society and the whole of civilization is founded around ideas and concepts; thoughts turned into words, and words turned into action. Sometimes, we examine some concepts, that if filtered through common sense and reason, are inherently fallacious and wrong.

The concept of failure is one of those poisonous and unfounded ideas that has afflicted the entirety of history with its malicious presence. Because I would repeat this over and over if I had to: There is no such thing as failure. There are only results that await us at the end of every road.

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By indulging the growth of a nonexistent concept such as failure in our minds, we have allowed ourselves to surrender when ‘results’ are not to our liking.

Breaking up in a relationship is not a failure, it is a result. Getting low scores on your exams is not a failure, it is a result. The rejection of your application for a certain job or university is not a failure, it is a result.

Mankind has come a long way, but they could not have been worse in their approach. Ask your parents; when you were a toddler and had just learned how to stand up on your feet and walk, you would fall a lot of times.

Every time, you would get up with no struggle whatsoever, and start walking again. Can you guess why? Because back then, you had no clue about the bitterness of failure and the human society had not yet force-fed this wicked concept to you.

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Sculpt this truth in the deepest depths of your consciousness; that you have never failed and will never fail. What you have are results. You can either crawl into a hole and hide away from them, or you can muster your courage and fight back.

Thomas Edison once said, “I have not failed. I have just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.”

Would you jump in the whirlpool of life and experience its unrest, or would you cower in a corner and watch from afar as the story of the world unfolds?




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Thanks All of You!!!!

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This is an interesting post. I find it intriguing to think about this concept of failure killing our drive to succeed. I never thought about it, but if you asked me if times where I didnt reach my goal were failures I would have agreed with the definition but not the concept. Here is why: My parents always encouraged me by calling these episodes falls not failures, and told me to simply get back up and try again. I think I was told that it’s not how many times you fall that is important, but how many times you get back up. I guess they were believers in this concept you propose. They refused to accept a single fall as the final determination of my chance of success at any given task, so neither did I. I am now motivated to write a post on this subject called falls are not fails. Thank you for the inspiration.

As before, I'll write in Portuguese, because although I can read it is difficult to me to make a text.

  • O fracasso é parte essencial do processo da formação do carácter e deve ser encarado pela sociedade como ferramenta de desenvolvimento humano. Infelizmente em vez disso, somos educados para ser bem sucedidos, num modelo em que não há espaço para falhar.
    Isso distorce a noção de amor próprio e é causa de muitos traumas desnecessários.
    O seu post acorda esse fantasma e põe o dedo na ferida.
    Obrigada por me incluir na comunidade. :D
    Thanks and god bless you.

Como funciona no se como etiquetar 😥

The word says that those who love God all things help him well, there was a man in the Bible called Jacob, he took away the birthright from his brother Esau, then from that moment he was called usurper, when he meets God, he says to you, you will no longer call Jacob, usurper, but you will call yourself Israel chosen people, because I am your formator, israel.

This context leads me to think that we were created, but we have to be trained, and in that process of formation, there are what they call failures, it is like the caterpillar becoming a butterfly, that process is painful, or the eagle when it is renewed , in that time he lives an intense pain, but when it comes out, it comes out beautiful with a new plumage, ready to go up in the heights, we are mud in the hands of the potter, in my personal experience, I call the failures, "scars" that they make me remember that situations that seemed adverse and wanted to kill me, were not stronger than me, and I won.

I have learned that no time spent on earth attempting to learn a skill is wasted and no relationship that ended is a failure or time wasted. Every moment that I have invested my energy and talents has brought forth fruit. In relationships that ended....there was a lesson learned and I took it. In a job, I learned what I was not fit for.
I like this spin on failure and it's healthy to view as experience.

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Hey chbartist, another encouraging post! And again, I really appreciate that you value my posts. Upvoted and resteemed!

hello everyone , i agree with these statement there is no such of failure in our life for those what we call failure is the best lesson in out life. If we didnt learn, of course we will do the same mistake over and over again . like people say , we cant do same job in same method but expecting different result .

As we face our people call failure , we just sit , rileks and says lesson learn .

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There is a saying that winners don't quit and quitters don't win so failure ia nothing but just an attempt and that requires another attempt. Basically we must keep trying unless we get what we aimed for. Have a great weekend @chbartist

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There is a saying that winners don't quit and quitters don't win

indeed there is such a saying. would you agree with it? I used to be a boxer and I've learned that sometimes quiting is the best possible scenario (in a long run). Pushing forward sometimes may be worse than quiting



Hi @crypto.piotr exceptions are always there and whatever you said is an exception. Even i agree with you that sometimes quitting is better option but again it depends on scenario.

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It really does @alokkumar121

It's just not always "do not ever quit" is the best option. That's what Im trying to say. Ive seen people who dont want to quit no matter what and sometimes it fires back at them.

Have a great sunday ahead

That's called the motivation. Failure is one of the major things for depression, demotivation in our life.
If we could take it this way, the way you are saying, it could help us to step ahead.
People often fees ashamed for their failure and never realized how it makes them more strong, more capable, more power to get things in future.
Thanks for this meaningful words.

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@chbartist, Really excellently you've put forward this concept brother. Yes, there is nothing which is called as failure and every outcome is Result and if positive then we have to move towards next goals and if negative then we have to rework on it until we achieve positive results.

Wishing you an great day and stay blessed. 🙂

I've been away from steemit for a very long time and have practically nothing to show for my presence here.. I might have judged that to be a failure but after reading a post like this, I'll say IT IS A RESULT. I'll definitely follow and upvote

There is a very great motivational post. You are right that human beings must constantly try. If you give up trying twice and then how will you understand that you are worth the job or not? I believe that we should continue to do the work if we fail, then I should still try it and I believe that we will definitely succeed in the end.

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My friend, it is a pleasure to read your posts, but more than a pleasure it is a stimulus to keep going without decaying and without ceasing to believe in yourself. @chbartist would like to divulge your messages to my Spanish speaking people. Would you give me permission to translate your posts into Spanish and publish them in steemit with their respective credits?


Hi, @royer94, I am a fan of my artistic career and he is responsible for one of my Fan clubs in Latin America. He also accompanies me a long time as a coach and speaker and he will start next week a specific blog because he already has this planned a few months ago and I gave the written authorization to him and also next to the steemclenners to do this. Because he knows me personally, he believes that my messages can benefit people in Latin America and other Spanish-speaking countries. I'll catch you when he does this and I'll let you know when he starts posting. Leave me a message on steemchat so I can let you know. Regards.

Dear @chbartist sir!
Failure seems so bad to us, because they appear to be obstructing our desires. When the results are not according to our preferences, then we give it the name of failure. While the failure is the opposite. Everything that is visible to us only evil, and where there is no way to move forward, it is a failure. The results are not always the same, whereas failure is always the same.

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Everyone keeping desire for a positive result in his mind starts a job but inexperienced has a little hope for that, experienced one has abilities to make a result in favour of him, after completing any technical or nontechnical degree, he has to take part in apprenticeship work to be a perfect one, in your writing there is a hope to be positive in life. thanks a lot.

We should think something like everyday nothing we have to get
And should imagine that something thoughtful their acquired
The positive energy will be built inside us and will lead us to success.

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Failure is the stepping stone to success, as long as you learn from it. Focus on the actions needed to be taken and fail fast so that you learn what not to do. Failure shows that you are trying.

@chbartist If we think positively then we get positive results and vice-versa . Because matter is what we think and what we think ? If we mindset to achieve a goal then our thoughts and our mind will start work on it . And sure we get success.
Impossible has its own mean " I am Possible ", so failure has no space in our life ,only we need dedication and will power .


Absolutely, there is no such word as failure. But most time we assume we have failed because we've tried and tried and tried over and over again and couldnt achieve it.

How about trying one more time?

You could succeed here!

I think Henry Ford could tell more.

Another great post @chbartist. You include all the examples that I preach to my students to become learners from so called failures in life and that they do not lose their enthusiasm just because society devalues them. I was delighted to read the post.
Thank you

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Really great post, life is just full of lessons, regardless of whether the outcome is positive or negative we always take the feedback with us.

Each failed attempt is a milestone stone towards achieving the objective( positive effect or desired outcome).
No one had ever fail, they only lost sight of their goal and crawled into the rabbit hole

@chbartist Pienso que si del fracaso se aprendiera de igual forma, todos seríamos más inteligentes y mejores profesionales. Lo cierto es que, de lo que más se aprende, es de los logros, tanto propios como ajenos. Los éxitos generan un 'efecto contagio', tanto hacia nosotros mismos como hacia los demás.

How incredibly boring would life be if you were automatically good at everything you ever tried? Failure teaches us rise up to the challenge and better ourselves. If we want something bad enough, we will continue trying until we get it. If not we must have not wanted it that badly.

I really liked your post. I believe failure can be the most pedagogic thing we can experience .

Most of what we do in life is the result of try and error. From learning to walk to riding a bike or playing an instrument, we understand that we have to try many times before we get it right. I think that we internalize the idea of failure when society exhibits our errors in contrast to others.

Individual differences and "accidents" will make different people perform differently at certain tasks or goals and it is in the comparisons of those results that we may draw our sense of inadequacy.

Also, I think that the idea of failure is associated with time. How munch time was invested in the goal? Can the goal be attempted again?

Trying to get the right cookies may not take so much time and effort; trying to raise our children again (asuming we judge the result a failure) may be simply impossible. I have seen many parents in their old age lament their failures at trying to raise good kids (especially when they get criminals or ungrateful children as a result). Of course, this feeling is aggravated by the comparison effect. The grass always looks greener next door.

The most important thing is that you must keep going in order to achieve your goals, no matter how many times you "fail"... the more you "fail", the more you learn. It is just the way you take those experiences.

If you think positive noone can stop you to achieve your goals.if you think negative you can't achieve your goals in your life...

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Very well written 😊😊, I just agreed with your points 😊

In life sometimes you win and sometimes you learn, everything depends on how we see the results we get. I think that failure is not bad, it is rather our friend who helps us improve and do things differently in order to be successful. The times we make mistakes are learnings for our being.

the thoughts turned into words, and the words turned into action

I completely agree, I think we are the results of what we say every day, of the thoughts we have, of the words that we decide to ourselves. The thoughts become our reality.

As long as you believe in yourself and you know you can do it then there is no chance of failure. And I wanna point out two things. First, age is just a number. I'm saying this because boman irani is living proof and second, doesn't matter what work you do,whether it's entrepreneurial or construction line. If you work hard enough and love your work then you can do it.infact it you won't feel like you're working because once you love your work, it won't feel like work anymore. Best of luck to everyone here.

Failure is not am option at all . Keep pushing through and see everything as am opportunity because failure itself will make one do grate in the next attempt.

There goes a great saying "Failure is the key to success"; it becomes true only when one learns from his failure.....

For me, Failure is just a trial...a rough draft....something we scribble before we go for a final touch....

Excellent Post! Since I read the title I called my attention too much, and it was like that, I loved this writing. This issue is vital to achieve the goals we set for ourselves on a daily basis. I have a motto and it is: "There are men who do not rise after falling". (Arthur Miller). Of course, after a fall the only worthy possibility is to get up and move on.
The legendary Michael Jordan once said: "A winner is just a loser who tried it more than once." Great Friend! Regards!

I think most of the time what we call failure is not real a failure, sometimes a real failure is failure to define what is failure. But this article has at least done good to some of us by teaching us a thing or two, about what failure is and what is not.

Everything is in our mind, we need to train ourselves to be determined and consider nothing as failure.
keep up with such inspiring content.

Should I say then that there's no such so-called destiny?
What I understand about this post is that the place where you were standing now is a result of your choice. Your destiny is your choice. Failures are experiences that should make us learn more to face the battle of life. Successes are also experiences that should teach us humility.

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You are right, when a child is learning to walk, he tries again and again, and it is because he does not yet know what is failure or that sense of defeat as society has been inculcated ... by the contrary they get upset when they do not succeed and they keep trying until they achieve it, and that's the way it is, children are a great example of perseverance ... and that is because they do not have stereotypes that influence them... That way we should be us. Do not get carried away by stereotypes and fight again and again for what we want.

Failure is not am option at all . Keep pushing through and see everything as an opportunity because failure itself will make one do grate in the next attempt.

And no matter what the society (worst school) says they keep forcing it up on you. You need to win, be better, blah blah. We all are winners? It's about the fun? It is not if it comes to it.

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this is really great, keep it up @ chbartist

I'll debunk your theory and call the title a failure.

Wow!!! This is highly motivational.. Thanks for this

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Really there is no such great thing than failure.

This post has received a 67.53 % upvote from @boomerang.

Exactly @chbartist Sir. Because failure always lured me to try more and more. The more i fail, the greater is the energy i derive from it. Most importantly, i am believing in myself and that belief propels my killer instinct to achieve my goal.

Once again, i would like to thank the Steemit Motivator @chbartist !