Time Management #4: Your Work Space Contributes Greatly to Your Focus...

2년 전
Hello, fellow Steemians!

In the previous post in our series of articles about time management, we discussed the element of mind.
As we said before, the knowledge of time management revolves around three primary factors; mind, space, and time. Today, we are going to talk about space and how it contributes to our focus when performing a task.

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When it comes to time management, you need to envision an imaginary enemy. The enemy that wants nothing more than to fashion your character in a way that only procrastinates and wastes time when you he or she doesn’t have any.

But this enemy, with all its illusions, is a puny and cheap adversary, for the only weapon that it can use against you is distraction.

Distractions are the greatest enemies of time. In our previous blog regarding the concept of mind in time management, we labelled these distractions of the mind as ‘gathering points’ and bottlenecks that compel you to throw away your most urgent and imminent thought in the favor of other unimportant and unnecessary bubbles of imagination.

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When we are talking about distractions, perhaps the most vivid and palpable of them all is the space surrounding us. Take a closer look at the place where you work. It might be an office in your company’s headquarters. It might be a personal room in your house. Or it might be both.

When you work or sit down to do something, you are not really alone. Your mind is doing the math and the imagination in your head to perform the task, all the while observing your surrounding and its objects in an inadvertent process.

Think about all those objects that are always there with you when you are working in your work space. Think about the many times that they have distracted you and cost you your time and efficiency.

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If your work space is contributing to your deceptive distractions rather than helping you focus on the task at hand, then you need to change it as soon as possible.

Change is hard. Adapting to that change even harder. But if you are willing to get results, you need to sacrifice that loss of comfort to achieve that result. In this case, that something is the willingness to actually make a change in your work space to increase your efficiency.

The next time you sit to work, be mindful of your surrounding space. Be mindful of the distractions that come your way. Identify the source of those distractions, and eliminate them immediately.

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For example, if I were working on an important documentary about nature, I would decorate my surroundings with objects, thoughts, and pictures that would give me new creative ideas about this subject, or at the very least prevent my mind from leaving the ambiance of that world around which my work forms.

If your smartphone is contributing to these distractions, then your smartphone is an object that should not remain in the environment where you work. If your desk or your shelves are untidy, and that untidiness is contributing to your constant distractions, then you should immediately decide on putting everything in its order.

All of this conversely contributes to your focus and the eventual increase of your attention to what you should actually be doing, and not alien thoughts that have no place where and when you work.

The decency and relatability of your work space is the next step towards your journey in time management.




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that kind of community what you build is amazing to me, you are a admirable man.
I love when people write about personal development, while most of the rules are known to everyone, we just need a kick from someone like you :)
greetings <3


@shirophantomhive, thank you very much for your sweet and kind words, but that is exactly what I try to do every day since I started on steemit. Now I can start to see this community grow and I know it can grow more. I'm glad to see many voting in others and engaged in complementing with meaningful comments to further extend this Positive Mindest. I'm sure I'm building a community of people who already have their positive Mindset and we're also changing the Mindeset of many and soon I'll start posting many things that will be more straightforward about what we actually do so that people achieve their goals and grow every day.



Very good and motivated article. It inspired me a lot. Keep publishing more articles related to same. Thanks .

Hi, @chbartist

I did not go through your previous Time Management articles as I joined Steemit recently. I will make it a point to go through them.

My thoughts:

  1. There is a 5 second window between concious choice of doing a work and its subconscious procrastinating. If we remember this and quickly act on what we have to do, we could reduce procrastination.

  2. Procrastination becomes a habit and might reside in subconscious mind. It it is so, it becomes difficult for us even to identify that we are procrastinating. We need to be very concious.

  3. Neatness of a place is proportional to its mode of Goodness. More the goodness, more we are conscious and better is our efficiency. If the place is dirty, filthy, unorganised, affected by the the mode of ignorance of the place, our efficiency reduces.

  4. Situations which we expose ourselves are influence our profile which we operate. Just like we switch the silent profile on in a mobile during a meeting. Keeping our surroundings organised may help us operate in efficient profiles.

  5. Giving it up to a distraction is lack of conciouness. We operate subconsciously. Identifying and conciously removing distractions is a great step which you mention.

  6. Change is hard but conscious repetition of proper action is the key.

  7. Time is the most valuable resource. We must invest little energy to make most of its use.

You may visit my blog


I have written about mind, modes of nature and scheduling our days.

Thanks a lot. This post was inspirational.


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This factor of time management is almost known to everyone but it's not that easy to put it in practice.
It's a great reminder to us in how to be focused and productive in having a distraction-free and conducive working space.
A great help also for those who are starting to learn how to manage their time.

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Sometimes I tend to distract easily. Especially when I'm doing something that I do not like ... and I try to take away from me the things that can distract me but sometimes I fail. :(

  ·  2년 전

Greetings of the day @chbartist

I read the previous article about time management where you discussed about distractions. That was really helpful article. Today's blog is in continuation of the previous one which is highly appreciated by me because it is very helpful to know about distractions.

The place where we work really effect us. If the environment is not familiar or sutable according to work. Then the place is really a big distractions. To avoid this we have to choose familiar place which is s related to our work. So out mind don't get distracted.

Thanks for this helpful article about time management.


@chbartist sir!
The most important factor for time management is how we set goals and how to achieve them. Most of us determine long-term goals. But when the time comes to fulfill the goal, they get distracted by their path and go astray from their goal. That's why we should manage the timely management of the day, due to which the day-to-day work will be complicated on the same day and move on to the next goal.
The first staircase of change is the heart. The second is our brain. The increase in the positive direction of these two changes the fate itself.
🙏🙏I request you to accept as member of our community to my frnd @crypto.piotr and add him community list so that he can find notification.

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Hi @certain

Great comment. I fully agree that it's super difficult to stick to long-term goals.

I tend to write them down and re-write every 2-3 days. So my goals would haunt me even when I sleep :)

ps. Ive noticed that you're very responsive and supportive so I will delegate 40SP to you tomorrow. Im trying to focus on helping those who blog about crypto but Im impressed with your attitude here and I will be happy to support you :)


Surround yourself with the elements of peace and clarity to provide the ability to engage with your mind in a better state. The reality is that this becomes very difficult as the presence of distractions are always present but if you do it with purpose, it could be achieved.

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That aint looking like a workspace, looks more like an infinite paper black hole ....

@chbartist Thanks to write such type of blog. On time management we can say "time management is life management ". We can't ignore it tha distraction is main enemy of success but I can't if we make a mindset towards our. Goal then no can stop us . If anyone can stop your success path that is only you and only you. "I can ..I will"

Hi @chbartist thanks for sharing. Yes is good to everyone of us to manage our time because time is something that is very tangible .

Yes... Work space playes a very important role in our Work productivity. Work space should be good enough which makes us feel comfortable and creative then only we can finish the work faster. If I talk about me then i personally don't like to change my work station quite often because after it takes couple of days for me to become comfortable.

Have a great day @chbartist

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Yeah! "Time is money but money can't buy time". Time is very important in this, we must all know how to manage it inorder not to waste it for useless things, because it can't be recovered once it's being wasted. Thanks @chbartist for sharing!👍

When I have to work at home, before sitting with my laptop I used to place all the messy things properly. My partner used to say to me why I'm wasting my time doing it,he will do that later. I answers him it gives me positive energy and help me concentrate on the work.
And what you are saying is the reflection of my thoughts in a decorative word.
People don't realize that, including my partner, how there surrounding consuming time and distract them which leads to less effective output.
Thanks for your observational write up.

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Great article but being distracted one can also be because there is too much to think.about first (perhaps needs to be solved first?). Creativity is there if we do less or better nothing. Multitasking is not activating the creativity.

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I had a messy office and my home working environment is not the msot tidy either.

Think about the many times that they have distracted you and cost you your time and efficiency.

I had not thought about that. I know what my end-of-the-year resolution is now!
Poor time and space management in my case has been the result of procrastination. The to-do-list must look now like one of those cartoon lists that unfolds like a white carpet.
I definitely have work to do.

True distractions are destructive. When your focus is taken away your energy is destroyed.
Sometimes our minds play games with us, because when your in pain, hungry or angry your brain focus you only towards these feeling, no distraction can distract you. But when you want to work and accomplish something of value, even if your space is not stuffed you become distracted in your brain. I don't if you guys have ever experienced being focused in your mind amidst the crowd and sometimes distracted in isolation. I'm a believer that the space we work in should help us being more focused and productive in whatever work we do, but I think we should also learn a hard mental discipline.
Hugs to you too @chbartist

Having a good office space or where you are working can easily lead to good productivity. Now lets consider you have a very limited office space to work with ,there will be inconviences and productivity will be compromise,time will be mismanage. Big love @chbartist

Now i know the reason for my daily distraction as regards to time management.
Its time to tidy up the clustered space around me.


Your right... The working place affect us... on how we do and think....

Lately, I am too tired to clean my desk to the point that I just pile things up to make it clean...this result to laziness and unorganized thoughts... I become forgetful... But I reorganize things up and get rid of unnecessary things then my mind become clearer and have the comfort to do things better..

With the determination and willingness to change .. All is POSSIBLE...

There are certain work spaces where I can't focus at all no matter how hard I tried. My smartphone is definitely a distraction for me. When I remove it from my work space, my focus significantly improves. Removing all distractions isn't possible in all work spaces since there are distractions that you can't control. This article has helped me understand how to tackle distractions better.

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hello steemians and @chbartist

I cant more agree with your point in this post. It was true that work space contributes greatly to our focus . The more it less distracted , the more we can focus and continue do the job we can.

Human being cant stay focus more than 20 minutes. After 20 minutes , its gonna find something else in our surrounding to feed
new input to our brain as distraction value.
But if , we put something like things that will help us to keep concentrating to our job , our distractive mind will come to our sense and start to focus what we have start .

i start to list thing that keep my mind distracting while im doing my job, then i re arrange my work space with new look and the result 100% changing . well , the less we distracted with other thing , our job time will reduce and we have more time at other time and enjoy our life more.

Follow me at @tommy for my travel journey , life journal and photographer life

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"If your smartphone is contributing to these distractions, then your smartphone is an object that should not remain in the environment where you work."

Whenever i want to relax, i used to make smart phone as my exit point. Slowly, but unknowingly, my mind got into this whirlpool and everything went astray in no time.

"if I were working on an important documentary about nature, I would decorate my surroundings with objects, thoughts, and pictures that would give me new creative ideas about this subject, or at the very least prevent my mind from leaving the ambiance of that world around which my work forms.

100% correct. Even if nothing productive comes to our mind, the atmosphere surrounding us will keep us intact with our WORK without any disconnection!

Time is the most valuable asset that we have got to manage effectively because when lost, we can not always have it. Thanks for the great piece.

So... clean my space. Got it.


We all need to manage our time wisely. Time is gold

Another problem with time management which most of us are guilty of substituting BUSYNESS for EFFECTIVENESS. Most of us claim to be very busy all the time, but the main question is how productive are we with our time?