To Do or Not to Do; The Pain of Tomorrow and the Pleasure of Today...

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Greetings, Steemians!

Today we are going to discuss the evil of procrastination and how each and every one of us is afflicted with it one way or another. Bear with me as I make my case against this monster!

If I came to you one day and asked you to give me a friend’s phone number within six days, when would you actually give me the number? Most people would wait for five days and then do the deed, whereas a clever person would do it as soon as it is humanly possible.

Procrastination is the single greatest enemy of brilliant minds and the greatest deception ever conceived of by mankind.

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Imagine that you had to study a 600-page book for your exam and you had 6 days to do it. The reasonable choice would be to divide the book into 6 parts, each 100 pages long, and each an assignment for a single day. In this scenario, you decide to study 100 pages every day. But when the first day arrives, you decide that you don’t quite feel like studying the book today.

So, instead of achieving your predetermined goal, you search other places for instant gratification. Your argument here would be, “Well, I can read 120 pages every day from tomorrow and still get it done in time!”
Trust me, that tomorrow when you actually get on with what you have to do never arrives. The next day, you will decide to read 150 pages in 4 days to get it done.

The day after that you suddenly come to this brilliant realization that 20% of the book is pictures and diagrams, which will inadvertently reduce your workload. Eventually, you will find that you are merely 24 hours away from your deadline with a whole 600 pages of studying to cover.

That has happened to us time and time again. The Wall Street Journal indicates in one of its reports that procrastination is an emotional response to stress and anxiety. The idea of postponing the things that you have to do, and this senseless strategy and tendency that has grown in our society like a festering wound, has given cause to many mental health, economic, social, and personal relationship problems.

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But what is the psychological reason behind procrastination?
Some psychologists have come to the conclusion that most people procrastinate because of the false perceptions and assessments that they hold in their minds regarding the reality around them. The sensibility of their thought faculty is undermined by the anxiety of having to actually do things rather than think about them.

For instance, a lot of procrastinators might think that they procrastinate because of their aspirations to do their job as flawless as they possibly can, but this tendency has nothing to do with perfectionism, but rather a strong desire to start doing things in an instant or bring them to a swift conclusion. It is as if our minds are hardwired against the idea of consistency and perseverance.

It then becomes clear that the main problem with most humans is the lack of tolerance and patience to accept and bring discipline into their lives.

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So, whether it is fear, doubt, or any other misguided illusion of perfectionism or excuse to procrastinate, this tendency has been the true villain behind every defeat and senselessness that has crippled the life of man; this unwillingness to get a move on and do the things that we must is what destroys a lot of lives before their time comes.

People forsake their dreams, lose their jobs, break apart relationships and marriages, and fall into all sorts of mental illnesses and depressions as the pillars of their life collapse all around them in the whirlwind of anxiety and despair.
But if you have ever been a procrastinator, you already know what you are dealing with, so what is the solution?

What is the golden method with which you can shake off this horrid tendency and bring balance and principle to your life? Well, I am here to tell you that there is no single solid method that would do the trick and work wonders for your little condition!

What I want you to understand is that not everything has a blueprint in life. Sometimes, all you need to do or all you can really do is sit down and think about your afflictions and how they are ruining your life. Sometimes, all you can or need to do is to muster that will, that strongest resolve and determination, to slowly make a change and work your way towards a different way to live.

All you need to do is acknowledge the fact that you indeed have this monstrous tendency and work on your inclination to put an end to it.



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Alas, I am guilty of this. I picture time wasted as a child sifting sand through fingers. I try, but don't always succeed, at priorities and getting "distasteful" chores done first thing each morning. Lists are wonderful, as are calandar reminder apps. I swear by them. On November 8th I had hip orthoscopic surgery. My boyfriend paid out of pocket for me to get a device called a CPM. It stands for continuous positive motion device. This device was not covered under my insurance but it was recommended by my surgeon because it insured a quicker healing. You are sent home with the machine as soon as surgery is done and you immediately use this device for two weeks everyday for 4 to 6 hours. I was an overachiever and used the device even more often as I lay in bed lamenting that I was stuck in bed. On week 2, I started physical therapy and my therapist was thrilled with my range of motion. As of Friday I have been permitted to stop using my crutches except for when outside on uneven ground.

Procrastination in healing means a much longer and more painful healing. And the good news is, I can go back to work on the 10th of December. Sometimes priorities give us what we need quickly. Thanks for the article advice.

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Dear @wandrnrose7, I'm glad to see people like you around here. You are becoming one of the best in commenting. In your specific case I understand your anguish but the most important thing is that when we have a health problem we must have a different communication to program our Mindset unless it is a problem in our brain of course. Think about it, what I'm going to tell you here is very powerful.

When we have any kind of illness remember that we have the machine that commands everything that is the brain and even if you were in an anguish when you were in bed unconsciously your brain worked because you sent a command at all times to him that did not wanted to stay in bed and this automatically helped in his speedy recovery.

If it was unconscious I do not know but from today remember that you have not procrastinated with your brain and this is the important thing to understand.

If you understand this every day you will better program your positive and proactive Mindset and I assure you that you will see how powerful this is. Work on it every day and I hope you are 100% recovered with your health!



Thank you my friend for your kind comment. I do appreciate the advice and will take it to heart. I am not young but I retain a young at heart Spirit. The whole reason behind this hip surgery was to keep me much more mobile for at least the next 10 years. I could have put off the surgery because it is unpleasant, but I have dreams and places to go and things to do. The ongoing pain from the condition which sparked the surgery is what finally caused me to give in and just get this done.

Your explanation makes sense, and I do appreciate you breaking it down to me so simply. Have a wonderful day and thank you again!

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In my opinion, procrastination also stems from a lack of awareness of the consequences. Take the example of studying a 600 page book. When it's 24 hours from the test and you haven't started yet, the consequences finally dawn on you as a result of stress accumulation. Up until that point, it was not seen as the most vital of objectives to complete. When the deadline closes on you, you start to feel the pressure of it. This is why we live in a society of 'late do-ers' riddled with people who have bouts of deadline anxiety. Finishing small portions of a task a day creates a sense of accomplishment as well the motivation to continue. But as humans, it is our nature to realize facts to late and subconsciously take the hard way out of everything. It's what makes life what it is. Great post, looking forward to more.

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@reverseacid, Your comment is so good that I honestly have nothing to add just my upvote. Have a great week.


You too, bud!

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Procrastination is a coping mechanism that helps you and hurts you at the same time. Stress and anxiety seems to reduce when we procrastinate, but we are actually building up that stress and anxiety the more we procrastinate on something. Procrastination can be an addiction. When you tell people that you procrastinated on something, they may see you as lazy and unwilling to complete your tasks, duties, and responsibilities. There are people that manage procrastination well, so their perspective on it might be that it's easy to manage, and the inability to understand why it's difficult or a problem for others. Pushing yourself to do something that you really did not want to do in the first place tends to end up in procrastination since it becomes strengthened with negative emotions and thoughts. Procrastination can happen before you do something, while you're doing something, and even right before you finish doing something. I believe it will require a positive change in your perspective and definitely discipline to manage it. I find it interesting that there are lots of help for managing stress and anxiety, but not much for managing procrastination. Procrastination, just like stress, is something we can't get rid of, but something we can surely manage and reduce. I was actually procrastinating on writing on SteemIt today until I saw this post. Thank you for writing this article.

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Thank you for great comment! I appreciate It!

Dear @chbartist sir!
In the work that is to be done, start from today instead of yesterday because no one knows when the cataclysm will arrive. Avoiding the work for the second day is not a habit of human nature but is the most negative side. Due to delaying someone due to delay, work can also lead to errors. I myself am a victim of this negativity. Sometimes due to lack of time I sometimes delay due to idleness. There is also the direct and indirect benefits of working from time to time.We are free from the burden of mental depression and work
The probability of errors is also low.
Your articles are related to practical life and practical knowledge that help us overcome our psychic disorders.

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Hi @certain, I'm glad for you see my articles with this optics. Regards


Thanks @chbartist sir! Such a kind words.
This is the effect of your inspiration that I delays but not missing you and your blog.there is a lot of positive aspect to learn & apply in our lives, in your there is no chance to miss it.Have a prosperous week.

Very imortant topic to discuss and keep in mind, especially in this platform where as we interact and build communities we adquire more responsibilities than we can handle. If on top of that we tend to procrastinate, then we are in trouble.
I have been a procrastinator at several stages in my life and i have always wonder why.

It is as if our minds are hardwired against the idea of consistency and perseverance.

that possible explanation makes sense to me, but does not bring comfort :)
I agree with you that

All you need to do is acknowledge the fact that you indeed have this monstrous tendency and work on your inclination to put an end to it.

It's like alcoholism or any other addiction. If we don't acknowledge the problem first it is very unlikely that we'll do anything about it.

I do acknowledge my problem and at time fight it very well, so well people complain about what they perceive as compulsive disorder: you give me an assignment and 6 days to do it and I will have it done by the next day.

But it does not always work like that. For me, personally, that level of efficiency and enthusiasm is connected to other emotional factors. When those other factors are in misbalance, then my efficiency goes to hell.

As a grad students in the States I was very thankful at their educational system because they provide people with all one needs, including all kinds of tips and guidance. Sometimes they overdo it. But that helps a lot. It helps create good habits.

As a professor, I used to email my syllabi to my students with anticipation, along with reading time suggestions. For the fall semester (starting late September), I'd send the reading assignments by July and a page count divided by the number of days in between. That way, students would see how easily they would cover most of, if not all, the readings by the time the semester started.

Nobody ever followed that suggestion. And it was very hard to get my students read anything in time during the semester. You might call it a cultural thing. People say Latinos are irresponsible and terrible at being punctual.

I think we can make a difference at the individual level and if everybody is on the same page, then the difference extends unto the whole group. Yet, some parameters have to be imposed and some follow up done so that we feel the pressure to deliver.


You and your great comments! Thank you friend for your words!

Reading this post feels like you are talking about me, though I was not familiar with the specific word ' procrastination'. Every single point of you is very true coz i'm one of them.
Your example about 'reading' may not fit with me, coz I was a brilliant student. But I got a different scenario in my real life.
I was so full in doubt and thinking about the upcoming that I made delay in the 'Notice period of resignation' in my first job. I got salary cut of 8 days. Can you imagine how terrible I was?
I searched for solution around to get rid of this attitude. And I found that if I stay confident and talk/show confidence in my work, its helping me to get rid of -what you saying ' procrastination'. People like me can also follow the rule.
Thanks for the acknowledgement.

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Hi @rem-steem, I understand, but the most important thing is that you already understand. Procrastination is for me one of the top 10 flaws that we can commit because remember that procrastinating is playing around with the time you have to accomplish things in this short passage of ours that we have to use the word: life! Regards


Yeah, the advantage is we can find a way to control it. But as you said, most important is to realize that it's hampering our life. People don't even mark it as such and behave like it is normal human nature. That is much more harmful.
Thanks again.

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“Do not leave for tomorrow what can be done today!”. An early learning from my grandparents as they always said that we tend to give less importance and focus to the tasks we leave at the last minute and it will results in not being the best quality or incomplete. It also liberates you to focusing the tasks that require more attention.

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Hi @chbartist thank you for your post. I am a big procrastinator myself and sometimes I wish I would start right from the beginning. Although, you do something else and not the task you are suppoed to do you do not feel that great. Taking homework as an example when you first chill with your friends and come home late at night and can not finish it you go to bed with a bad feeling. I always had a guilty conscience and did not enjoy my time that much.
But on the other hand, procrastinating creates creativity. When you know that you aint gonna make the deadline, you come up with a different approach to solve the problem. Sometimes this innovation might be even better than the normal task. Pressure and stress can lead to disruptive ideas but might not be good for your health.
Have a nice day guys


Your comment is great. Procrastinating does not mean standing still. If your brain is working you will certainly solve the logistics of your tasks much more easily. Regards

For many people, procrastination is a strong and mysterious force that prevents them from completing the most urgent and important tasks in their lives with the same force as when they try to attract two positive poles of a magnet. It is also a potentially dangerous force, which causes the victims:
fail at school.
have a poor performance at work.
postpone medical treatment.
delay saving for your retirement.
Most psychologists see procrastination as a kind of evasion behavior, a failed survival mechanism in which people "feel good,"

It usually happens when people fear or have anxiety about the important task that awaits them. To get rid of this negative feeling, people occupy their mind in something else, we can do everything in Christ that strengthens us, my dear friends, they know where our greatest battles are: in the mind, it is there, where is our victory, is a battlefield that every day we must train.
Three Reasons why people go into procrastination:

  1. Avoid discomfort
    • Any change demands personal effort
    • For laziness
    • Demand schedule adjustments, habits, RESPONSIBILITY

  2. Fear
    • To changes
    • Failure
    • To the unknown
    • To the challenging
    • To lose positions
    • To pain or contempt

  3. Do not assume your identity and Biblical conduct in a disciplined way
    • Knowing who I am and who I want to be

The Bible declares that we have the nature of God in us, it says that we are NEW CREATURES that just as the moon reflects the light of the Sun, we reflect the image of God, when we procrastinate we reflect the image of fallen man.

Proverbs 3:28 (in actions)
Do not say to your neighbor: Go, and come back, And tomorrow I will give you, When you have with you what to give.

Ø Luke 9:61 (in the spiritual)
61So another also said: I will follow you, Lord; but let me say goodbye first to those in my house. 62And Jesus said to him, No one who puts his hand on the plow looks back, is fit for the kingdom of God.
Ø 2 Corinthians 8: 5 (in the giving)

8 I do not speak as he commands, but to test, through the diligence of others, also the sincerity of your love.
Ø James 5:12 (in decisions)
12 But above all, my brothers, do not swear, neither by heaven, nor by the earth, nor by any other oath; but that your yes is yes, and yours is not no, so that you do not fall into condemnation.

"Do not leave for tomorrow what you can do today"


@darlenys01, How good it is for me to see this growing community with a base of intelligent and kind people like you. You are always welcome!


thanks @chbartist, for me it is a pleasure to read your messages so incredible, that united with the word of God do impact in the lives of people, for good.

Interesting reflection as always, @chbartist. As a teacher I have to tell you that this is one of the great evils of students: to leave things to do one day before handing them over. Many of these students hand out half-done or regular tasks just for the sake of leaving everything for the last minute. Normally I tell them: can you imagine the quality of work that you would have delivered if you had done it on time? Or can you imagine how excellent they would have been on an exam if they hadn't studied last night? Many of them justify themselves with the expression that they work better under pressure, or that time flies by and they are busy with other things. One day a student said to me, "Teacher, even God gave up the work of making man for the last minute! When it comes to making excuses, the procastinators have a list of justifications. Thank you for being in that group of people who daily follow you and comment. A hug


Hi @nacybriti, this is exactly what you said: "When it comes to making excuses, the procastinators have a list of justifications"

Thanks for your comment.

You have an education and kindness in your words and I really appreciate.

Procrastination is a condition of is increasingly involving people, it is seen as something harmless but it really is something that can bring many negative consequences not only in the life of the individual, but for society ... that mania to leave everything for later and thinking that it will not affect anyone is already bringing its consequences and that is why the subject should be made known and campaigns should be made so that people react in time. One of the main things you should do is admit that you are suffering from this condition and know the consequences that will bring to your life. In this way the person would be willing to establish a plan in his life to eliminate this condition of leaving things for later.

As the saying goes: Do not leave for tomorrow, what you can do today!


Move on...! Regards Blessed

This publication reminds me of another publication that he wrote about how to organize our time, where you showed us how to organize our activities with a calendar to carry our agenda.

Coincidentally, I had to apply the same thing anyway in the last 2 months because I work as a music teacher in an elementary school that is in front of my house, and every day there is a new task to do and another to have ready for some days or in a week. And obligatorily I have to carry my own agenda with a calendar to fulfill all my commitments with my work and staff. It is not that I have been cured of procrastination, but in comparison with my activities before those two months, I have felt a great change even in my tranquility.


Great Juan! Your comments always be great for this community! Regards

Well, I do the "I'm not in the right frame of mind for this right now, so I'll just do it later" alot, lol. Indeed it's just an excuse to procrastinate.

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Lol, don't procrastinate friend! You can change now! Regards

Greetings @chbartist , the article means incites satisfaction and not the a different way, on the off chance that we ought not figure out how to simply be first. Having the insight of feeling that as of now being is as of now an accomplishment. You don't need to do to have the right to be here.
I would love to be a part of your exciting community of Steemit and positivity


Thank you friend! Welcome!

These posts are gaining meaning in my life. Every time I have a chance to pop in and read, I stumble upon one that seems written for me. Hugs.

I am making a point of spending more time here engaging. I will also be beginning to engage with the upvote initiative. I like what I understand of it. Thanks for the inclusion


Thank you too for your comment and you are very welcome! Always............

There are many such works in the world that need patience to do.In such a situation, if there is no patience in the person who performs that task then he will leave that work in the middle.
Or, in an attempt to complete that task, he will be able to do half incomplete.

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Exactly Vicky! Regards

Hi @chbartist hope you had a wonderful weekend. Talking about this post, i truly agree that most of us delay things and wait for the last day and I am not the exception. When i get anything to do and i know the deadline then probably wait for last day or one day before to finish that task. I never thought that this habit is an evil before reading this post of yours. Now today I realised that this habit is not good at all because doing any task at last moment creates anxiety sometimes it's even difficult to finish on time or even if we finish somehow then in hurry perfection level may not be good enough. From now onwards I have decided that even if I would have enough time I will start the task from day 1 and devide it according to period so that it will be easy to finish. I will also ensure i don't delay anything. These are the kind of things or attitude that i learn from your posts. You are such a great writer and motivator. The best part is that the kind of topic you chose are connected with most of us. Thanks for your efforts. Have a great day @chbartist

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Thank you for your kind words and I will always try to be in connection with all of you whenever I can.


It is a very good post. Sir, you are right that the finance on man is such that he keeps on putting his work and trying to do it in less time, which is not appropriate for him. I believe that we By dividing our work into small parts and then doing it easily, we will do it easily by doing so and for me, it will remain right for me.


Thank you friend!

The choice of individuals to succeed in life is always in their hands... It is up them to decide how they will organise themselves to bring to reality.



Great blogg @chbartist!!!"don't believe in tommorrow do your duties today"moral of the story 👏👏👏

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Yeah I remember this popular says that "Do not leave for tomorrow what can be done today!" Procastination is one of the greatest enemy ever that we must get rid of in our lifes. Thanks for sharing @chbartist 👍!


Always remember this! Regards

Well-done once again Sir. This is a thought-provoking piece.
I'm also guilty of the act of procrastination but recently I resolved to do a little at a time, rather than overloading myself with too many task and I must say this technique has made things easier. One thing about procrastination is that it makes it easy for one to just give up on dreams because of the inability to do things within stipulated time. But being disciplined to do small portions of the task at a time makes it easier, less boring and produces better results.


Discipline is one of the most important foundations for us to grow. Start practicing and never give up!

Sir, this post is very great, especially because I am a student and I keep leaving such a thing behind. I am trying to get rid of this but it is not easy for me.


I understand friend. The biggest problem in the world today is that parents are confusing teaching with education. Education is learned at home with parents and teaching and socializing learns in school.


Thank you for sharing your thought and information regarding procrastination. This post some how has wake me up again since I almost drift away from the reality that time will never wait or it never will have a perfect time to start doing something unless you start it now.

There are certain things that we can not afford to postpone. Procrastination just heaps you up a burden of load to work on. This would result in burnt out that will damage your productivity.

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Every! Have a good week!

Thanks again for another article that offers excellent food for thought.
I could only add that procrastination lies somewhere between laziness and tiredness, with the conceptual borders between the two being relatively unclear.
I try to stick to a rule of thumb in terms of work and things that have to be done, when I feel lazy or tired, which leads to procrastination on my side.
That rule is very simple: "8 hours work, 8 hours sleep/rest, 8 hours recreation/play". Of course, everyone could have his or her own slightly different version in life.
Maintaining balance in life is key to reaching happiness and harmony with our inner self and other people.
Include my profile in the list, because I do or want to be part of all this with all of you!


Thank you! I included, look in last post! Regards

Nice article. I was very bad at doing tasks timely few years ago. I feel it is necessary to increase the reward (this includes the pleasure of completing the task, and the value of the results), and the motivation is growing. Waiting for big benefits also always leads to an increase in motivation.

Tomorrow will never come.

Tomorrow is always tomorrow. Tomorrow will never become today because when today become tomorrow its not gonna be call tomorrow its always be call today while tomorrow still always be tomorrow.

Procrastination also like that, if we dont do it now, its never be done like tomorrow will never become today .

Piece of words from me - @tommyl33

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"Procrastination is the single greatest enemy of brilliant minds and the greatest deception ever conceived of by mankind." Very true and well-said.

The choice of individuals to succeed in life is always in their hands... It is up them to decide how they will organised themselves to bring to reality.

@chbartist Muy interesante este post amigo, de verdad hasta me identifico con el, sobre todo con mi ansiedad y estrés, claro esta, lo que vivimos hoy en día en nuestro país Venezuela no es tarea fácil para los que aún permanecemos acá bien sea por seguir apostando a el....Pues y los que se han ido te puedo decir que la mayoría se encuentra en ese torbellino que allí mencionas por la misma ansiedad y desesperación, bien sea porque el dinero no alcanza, porque hay niños pequeños y están carentes de muchas cosas.. etc. De igual manera te doy las gracias por ese maravilloso post que has publicado porque de alguna manera u otra a mi en lo particular me podría ayudar si lo pongo en práctica. Abrazos

We've all been there. And I think the first step is to recognize we procrastinate. If we're serious enough to see that, then we can find a way to work it out. Something I do is trying to combine the thing I'm procrastinating with something I like. For example, I have to clean my room but I'm leaving it for later; I get up and say "Ok, I'll clean it now but I'm gonna play some Led Zeppelin while I do it". It works. Good post, man.

I am not sure how but your pieces really resonate with me every single time and from now on i have made it a point to read them regularly and reflect , may be share some insights and engage with the community.

resteemed and upvote - keep up the good work

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I think reading a post about procrastination is procrastination itself. Isn't it?

I love this these it really help alot

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@chbartist i understood a fact tad lately i.e., TODAY when i was reading your article. To be more appropriate, i must say that my life was actually ruined by this monster.

Better late than never - slowly and steadily i am telling my mind that i can achieve something great when i kill this monster. I have started my journey for the same. Frankly speaking, I must admit that your article boosted my mind to a large extent.

Thank you @chbartist Sir.

Hi streem! I'm new to the community, I hope everyone has a good week, I love the subject of your post. I would like to add my words and my point of view as a student always stressed haha

I think that we waste more time thinking about doing something instead to really do that something. Many say that it´s natural in human behavior, that people feel more secure and organized, thinking about the perfection of "solving a problem" that they forget to solve it. They remain stranded thinking and rethinking the situation, postponing an activity is not only avoiding to perform it until the last minute of the dead time, goes further, is a counterproductive habit that seeks perfection based on stress and anxiety. At some point in our lives, like the one I'm going through right now, postponing is a natural habit and I'm learning every day how to stop that. I think its about "being more mindfulness" and not about to tell yourself everyday "don't procrastinate" thank for bring the subject to the conversation

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