Vulnerability is Not a Weakness, But an Indication of Your Best Humane Traits

5개월 전

Hello, dear Steemians!

Today I want to talk to you about a characteristic flaw that can haunt you all your life if you do not get rid of it.

That characteristic flaw is vulnerability, and I am not attributing faultiness to vulnerability itself, but our society’s negative understanding of this concept and how it affects our relationships and taunts them with all sorts of insecurities and dishonesties.

Vulnerability is an inevitable trait of all human beings. The only difference that they have is how much they are truly in control of their vulnerabilities and how other people can use those mentality holes to hurt them. Otherwise, vulnerability is as inevitable as it is irrefutable.

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The main problem with the concept of vulnerability is that many people see it as an inherent weakness that needs to be vanquished or conquered. Being vulnerability might make you prone to some hurtful actions or words, but that does not mean you are a weak person.

A person’s vulnerability might be their past. They run away even at the slightest mention of their past life and memories. The mere recollection of such thoughts comes at great cost to their state of mental well-being.

A person’s vulnerability might be their insecurity about the way they look or the way they talk. When we look at all of these vulnerabilities with an objective approach, we begin to realize that many of them are not even their bearer’s fault.

One could argue that all vulnerabilities are a product of illusory thought that does nothing but to hurt us and our feelings. But this is not our point in this blog post.

What we want to say is that vulnerabilities do not show our weakness, but herald the greatest characteristics of what makes us a human being.

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Our emotions often distract us or slow us down in the paths we walk. But they are also an indication of our empathy and our humane characteristics.

Your vulnerability is what makes you relative in the current landscape of the world, as it shows that you are prone to all the other challenges that people have to face. Your vulnerability, or so wrongly called your weak points, are what makes you sympathetic towards other people and their problems.

As you go through more tough experiences in life, you become more and more empathetic to the problems that the people around you face in their daily life, and so will have more wisdom in finding ways to deal with such problems.

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In this sense, vulnerability actually contributes to the strength of your presence for the people around you, and thus makes you more motivational and inspiring in their lives.

Do not suppress your vulnerability in order to kill your weaknesses. Emotions may sometimes come in the way and become an obstacle in your path, but they are also the reason that you live your life and live it to its fullest.

Instead of suppressing them, learn how to own your vulnerability and turn it into a weapon that can guide your soul forward and help those that are with you in this journey.




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Thanks All of You!!!!

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Vulnerability as I google it is
"the quality or state of being exposed to the possibility of being attacked or harmed, either physically or emotionally."

Indeed its not a weakness and maybe most likely an Indication of our best humane traits. @chbartist is definitely right. I salute you man!
And you did it explained very well.

Maybe we could relate this to innocent people, especially those in a battlefield, in war or civil war for instance. Can we see the best human traits to those people?
When our lives are in danger, we get serious, we focus on the most priority and important things rather than those wasteful ones. In this situation, obviously we're doing our very best in us and for others.

Very grateful I stumbled upon your profile😚💚
Being vulnerable is a courageous act.
Just like I often say that I see sensitivity as a strenght, I see vulnerability as one too.
Especially in the modern world of today, there is nothing greater than taking off our mask to show who we really are at the core of our being.💜

Usually I am a person who controls me very well, however I try not to be vulnerable to some situations ... but there are times when I can not anymore ... sometimes it is difficult not to be vulnerable in certain circumstances ... It's a very broad topic ...

Dear @chbartist Though i said couple of times before but today also I want to appreciate your efforts such a nice post about vulnerability. There are few motivational speakers who charge a lot to share knowledge about such topics and there is specific and limited time which they use to discuss about. I appreciate all your efforts and thank you from the bottom of my heart that you are training us through you superb knowledge and life experiences. Please keep doing the same and keep training us. Have a great weekend @chbartist

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Vulnerability is popular, every human being feels vulnerable in some ways. So it should not suck your vitality. But vulnerability is objective to all of us, sometime the things that we fear that should not come to light are not that big deal to people us we feared. It is funny that you fear people who are also vulnerable just like you.
Admit your vulnerability but Look for ways to share all the positive things you have could be your talents, skills, education, personality etc than trying to protect yourself. Too much of self protection of your vulnerability will reveal another weakness in you, and you will be worse person people to be around you. Life sometime needs us to be carefree. If you try to control too much your life, your life will turn into a misery.


It is funny that you fear people who are also vulnerable just like you - Well Said @pamoja550!


Thank you marvyinnovation

Dear @chbartist sir!
As we all know that if we do not have any faults then we will become a figure of God. If we use it in the correct way then this is correct
The concept of vulnerability is the positive side of life from where we need it to be the right direction. Vulnerabilities are a product of the idea of ​​delusion that does not actually have weaknesses. When we see all these weaknesses with an objective approach, then we start to realize that many of them do not even have their carrier's fault Rather, the situation arises due to circumstances. All in the situation are odd when we are vulnerabilities to dominate ourselves.

When you show vulnerability by admitting that you don’t know something or that you need help, you appear stronger because you have the confidence to admit that you don’t know everything, but are willing to reach out for answers.

The people who don’t have a lot of self-confidence, don’t often afford themselves the ability to be vulnerable. But the people who do have a lot of self-confidence, are actually willing to show more of themselves, right? They’re willing to be vulnerable because they’re not afraid that someone might come in and take advantage of that..

If you’re a leader in an organization, there is no better way “to evoke and inspire commitment from the people around you and connection than to feel like a real human being with them, Vulnerability helps keep you “relatable” and connected, and you can work more effectively...

Awesome @chbartist...!!

I totally agree that vulnerability is NOT a weakness, it takes a lot of self talk to get myself on board with it on some days. LOL!!

I love your intent and heart in building this community. I'm sorry, I'm not so savvy around this platform or technology. So I have only just discovered that I am on this list. Thank you, it is really heartwarming to see a sense of human togetherness.

We each contribute that love in our own unique way. Thank you for yours, and being you.

Wishing you an absolutely blissfully abundant year ahead @chbartist ! xx

As usual @chbartist Sir, the way you articulated about this very important trait has to be applauded and you have explained it plausibly!

"The only difference that they have is how much they are truly in control of their vulnerabilities and how other people can use those mentality holes to hurt them....

A brilliant, noteworthy point @chbartist Sir. Of course, we must NEITHER suppress NOR encourage it too much. According to the situation, the vulnerability factor must be increased or decreased. IF WE GO FLAT IN ALL SITUATIONS, OUR LIVES WILL ALSO BECOME A MERE FLAT WITHOUT ANY PROGRESS IN THE FORWARD DIRECTION!

Vulnerability is the very basis of the human being, it makes us who we are. Many have sought to hide this side in their lives, they are often people of power who do not want to show weakness and a way to put pressure on them. The great dictator or the CEOs of some companies could have been quoted. I think vulnerability is on the contrary touching because it shows the best of us. To accept it is to accept being imperfect so human, we are not machines ....

Up until 24 hours ago, before I watched this video I made fun of people who loved so recklessly and willingly gave into the vulnerability in order to experience something beautiful. And I know now that that judgement came from a place of shame. It came from a place that had been hurt and rejected and not chosen multiple times by multiple people. It came from a voice that told itself to harden and be strong and don't let people in anymore, be you're own happiness, your own love, don't be weak or vulnerable to men because that'll get you hurt. But this Ted Talk changed my life. It changed my perception. And although it took some brutal self analysis and judgement, I instantly felt a sense of relief as she spoke of how it's okay, NECESSARY even to let that in, to live your life with vulnerability and compassion and boundaries so thank you. You probably saved my life and future college career.

The way I see vulnerability a inbuilt hidden talent waiting to be unlocked,we have to just find out it and use it as weapon against so called rude society,who never leaves a chance to disown you. So tap your vulnerability as soon as possible and unleash your talent.All the best

great post @chbartist
I agree that vulnerability is not a weakness, and that everything is in the interpretation of the word. Being vulnerable is pretty much any time you decide to do or say something that is outside what either yourself or other people expect of you.
If we do or say something that is already part of our excepted persona in the world - it fits in with what others expect from you which they have put together in their minds from their past experiences of you.

When you do or say something that is out of your 'usual', then you are nit sure how others are going to react because they are not expecting it.
So this decision to step outside the status quo, the usual, and the expected is a place of not knowing how the world around you is going to react. You are vulnerable to all possibilities of negative and positive responses.

But if you don't do this then you are not growing as a person - you are just staying the same, not seeking out newness in your life or the world around you. So being vulnerable is actual being brave, because despite the fear of judgement, you have done it anyway.

This is indeed an exploration of the self and the world around you and an integral part of individual growth.

And as more people rise above the fear and step into a place of vulnerability, it's almost like it gives permission for more people to do the same. Then when lots of people are exploring more of themselves and more of the world we can surely create a world full of adventure and awareness enough for judgement to fade away.

Although judgement is a whole other post isn't it!

I am brand new to Steemit. I look forward to reading more of your content : )

Being vulnerable has advantages and disadvantages. Some people will use it against you other will see it us how true are you.
I hope this will be used wisely by people.

As long as you use your vulnerability wisely, then people will not and cannot use it against you.

Vulnerability can be turned into strenght. I have OCD and every day is a battle. You may not win them all but every time you push back, every time you do not give in to your compulsions, you become stronger. Don't let afflictions destroy you. Face them head on. Every victory is a brick needed for you to build a strong character foundation.

Hi I really like your way of talking about subjects and simplified
Hope to hear your experiences soon - NQ

Everyone has so-called weaknesses or vulnerability and this is for the purpose of keeping us humble. It helps us to understand the struggles of other people and we can be a help to them by letting them know that we are also like them having vulnerabilities. And as the same thing, others inspire us in spite of their limitations, they accomplish great things in life.

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@chbartist, In my opinion, if we hold the essence of understanding for fellow human beings then this aspect is not that matter but in my opinion this subject come into light more because most of the people hold the Judgemental Attitude which can hurt fellow beings for sure. Stay blessed. 🙂

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I have met many people who are vulnerable to certain situations, that affect them a lot and end up getting irritated very often.

Vulnerability is not always necessarily bad, although I would not say that it necessarily has to be good. Human beings should try to develop our mind and try to find a balance, before the different situations that are presented to us.

If a person can turn that vulnerability into a strength and control their impulses, they will end up being happier people and reduce their problems.

Regards ..

Saludos chbartist! En base a su publicación y en lo cotidiano, las personas "desarrolla" aspectos emocionales que permiten la interacción con el entorno, y en esta relación se pueden presentar situaciones incomodas donde la personalidad del individuo tiende a ser vulnerada; llevando a la persona a realizar o aceptar situaciones que van en contra de sus principios o normas establecidas, a través de la manipulación de las emociones.

El individuo debe fortalecer sus principios para que no pueda ser manipulado de manera emocional. También es recomendable hacerse de un entorno que refuerce los buenos principios y respeto a las normas, y que pueda ser apoyo en los momentos de debilidad emocional.

Feliz Día!

Being vulnerable allows us to expand our approach to trying new things and learning from experiences. Many times we block ourlselves from emotions and while good to do so at times, it also locks out the potential to adapt according to situations we often face.

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Sir, I totally agree. He should make his own vulnerability
and he can use them safely to get rid of these problems.And for this we should not wait for good times because good times do not come in life and it is not a thing to change suddenly, we should start the effort and gradually change it.

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Vulnerability is not weakness. It's the most accurate measurement of courage. Choose courage over comfort.

Master of vulnerability Brown said. "Vulnerability is the courage to show up and be seen when we have no control over the outcome."
Don't be a cry-baby
Suck it up

You treated with nobility this topic that many refuse to recognize in reality. We are not vulnerable we are people like everybody

i think sir vulnerable person really have some weakness without protection, with the result that they are easily hurt physically or emotionally.

you are sharing mostly important topic in your pot i like.

Awesome post! Thanks for posting it here. Vulnerability brings out the individual strength in us, and make us solid for the battle that follows...

a very good morning @chbartist
new day with new hope and obviously your new post..😍
whatever you had written above i totally agree with you
I know this. I have had days of feeling and believing that no matter what happens everything will be okay, everything happens for a reason. Life is much easier when I have this faith.. I don't know does it true or not.. even i can't control the situation but i can control my emotions and reaction towards it
Just let go and breathe, keep control on yourself.

Thank you once again for this extravaganzas article..

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I also thought vulnerabilities as negative traits. But after reading your post and seeing the actual meaning of vulnerabilities in a dictionary, my mindset has changed. Now I want to develop vulnerabilities trait. But can you please suggest how can I develop these traits?
Thanks again for wonderful post.

Amazing post @chbartist. Thank you for these information 😄💪. Keep up the good work !!

Thank you so much for this post I really appreciate it .

I always embrace my vulnerable side.
When I'm trying to get laid.

Me ha encantado lo que he leído

we know, but we can not fix a situation :(

I my opinion vulnerability is not a weakness, however I deem it to come from a certain weakness in you that gives a leeway for others to take advantage and harm you either physically or emotionally or even both. So you should stand up and get rid of the existing weakness so as to be cushion against being venerable to anything or anyone. Include me in the group list!!

Without vulnerability trait of a human being, we will not be able to grow in wisdom. It will teach as life lessons we need to succeed in any aspect of our lives. It's good read to start the day!

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Hi! @chbartist this is such a great post! These topics are something we need to talk about nowadays, it was good to see a post like this here. By the way, working hard with no time it's something just passion and discipline can make happen. Keep working like this! Talk about society issues is the only way to face them.

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awesome post

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The only difference that they have is how much they are truly in control of their vulnerabilities and how other people can use those mentality holes to hurt them.

You say only difference but state TWO things that are in opposition to one another. This doesn't seem to make sense. If they are truly in control of their vulnerabilities, how can other people use them to hurt them? It would be more plausible that a lack of control would result in that.

Otherwise, vulnerability is as inevitable as it is irrefutable.

If the preceding statement does not follow logically, neither does this one.

Your vulnerability is what makes you relative in the current landscape of the world, as it shows that you are prone to all the other challenges that people have to face.

The irony is rich as you leverage your material wealth to bypass the struggle of the common man in working for visibility on this platform.

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hi @anthonyadavisii,

Belated New Year Wishes to you.

"that they have is how much they are truly in control of their vulnerabilities...."

Please read this statement carefully....

He has confirmed they can truly control, but said " much they are..."

We can clearly understand from that point @chbartist that the degree of control may increase or everything is in our hands....i mean everything is in our minds!

Whether vulnerability is advantageous to us or not, it is up to us!

So if we are able to act according to the situation, i.e., if we are able to adjust this vulnerability factor, it will become an ultimate boon to our lives boon or else it will be a mere CURSE!

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Vulnerability imho is synonymous with gullibility. It is not a sign of maturity; because, too often sympathy is given to people who deserve the hard-core truth of reality.

The vulnerable are gullible to people who prey on this 'weakness'.

In my personal opinion, the gullible/vulnerable lack a certain amount of inner maturity of embracing tactfully, what I call the 'telling the truth, shaming the devil'


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Great post! It takes enormous courage to be vulnerable and show vulnerability in a culture that judges it and sees it as weakness. And also to face it in yourself after a lifetime of being ‘trained’ not to feel or show it. It’s been my most rewarding and relieving growing edge for the past 20 years and has freed me from an internal prison and not having to conform. Please include me in your list.

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