What is Fear of Success and How to Deal With it?

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Greetings, dear Steemians!

We fear success as much as we fear failure. For some of us, the idea of success is desirable and at the same time, hauntingly burdensome. What is fear of success and how does it affect our mindset?

To people who have fear of success, procrastination is an old friend. They often run away from their tasks and goals as a way to delay their inevitable achievement. Their thoughts are usually contradictory because they are not sure of what they want from themselves and how they are going to react when they realize their dreams and achieve success.

The fear of success is a theory that basically indicates you are not willing to put everything you have got for the things that you dream about, because deep inside your subconsciousness, there is a part that fights back against the idea of success out of an irrational fear.

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This irrational fear then manifests itself in different forms of deferment. Some people might spend years and years fighting a losing battle with themselves about the idea of success and what one must endure in order to achieve it.

This is tragic in one regard, as people who are often questioning themselves can never allocate the appropriate time to grow as a character. Their fights always remain the same, and the battlefields they roam will be those that have been exhausted for a thousand times.

If you want to destroy that part of your brain which fights back against your desire and longing for success, you first need to understand this fear.

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One of the main reasons that fear of success develops in our mind is because we dread change. Humans are creatures of habit and show aggression towards any sort of change to the routine that they have accustomed themselves with.

Success is a massive change to your lifestyle. Your achievements at any point in your life contribute to the way you live it, and that is the prominent reason behind fear of success; the fear of having to change how you spend your days.

What you need to understand is that success will not change your mindset towards life. You will always strive for greater things, and you will always live life with respect to your ideals and values. Change is inevitable, because the more you fight it, the more its shadows will loom over your life.

Embrace change, and destroy your irrational fear of having to make a difference in your lifestyle.

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The other important reason behind fear of success is becoming popular, famous, and ultimately standing out as a result of achieving something as opposed to most people who only dream about it.

This is why you fall into the trap of your mind and fear success, spending more time talking about your dreams than actually taking steps to realize them. Because you feel like that for those around you, you will become a totally different person if you achieve something of high value.

Blending and fitting in with everybody else in our societies is the easy choice. The hard choice would be working up the courage to actually embrace your uniqueness and step towards your inner light, rather than putting it out because you fear what others might think of you and how they might treat you if you show the results of your distinctive mindset and approach.

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Conforming to the pattern of society is always the easy path. Because in that case, you do not have to go through the pain of rejection, or even fear from it.

Your whole life becomes a blueprint and by following its steps, you will not have to tolerate any hardship or difficulty that is beyond measures.

But let me ask you this, my friends: At what cost? At what cost do we throw away our uniqueness and fear our inevitable success?

Think about the points that I made in this article.

Think about how each and every one of those emotions impacts your inner core, and find a way to extinguish your inner fear of success.




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Thanks All of You!!!!

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False evidence appearing real
That's the meaning of fear, the fear of being successful, the fear of actualizing your dream
They are all false evidence which tend to be real in your mind
Try accommodating change and destroy that irrational false evidence because change is inevitable

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Dear @chbartist sir!
If unwanted success is suddenly found, then it becomes difficult for a person to digest it, which is why he is afraid of this success. Whose only reason is that we are not mentally prepared for that success. If success is achieved after hard work and constant struggle, then its value increases. People's expectations and hopes increase due to our success. With the burden of these expectations we get embarrassed and start to panic with success. One of the main reasons for fear of success is that we are afraid of change. Even if you do not want to, we have to accept things that are not included in our habits.
Change is the rule of the world and we are also a part of these changes. The sooner you understand and accept these things, the faster you can get control of the fear of success.
Thank you

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Dear @chbartist,
I realize this this is true. Like many other people i wouldn't have any idea about fear of success. I didn't even think about it because i never thought something like this os there in our mind.
But i think its true. And like you said it is exactly the fear for the change.

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There is another layer to the dread of progress. A significant number of us have been molded to trust that the way to progress includes dangers. What's more, a large number of us particularly in the event that we've been liable to verbal maltreatment have been told we were failures our entire lives, somehow. We have disguised that input and feel that we don't merit achievement. Indeed, even those of us who were not manhandled or generally damaged regularly connect accomplishment with awkward things, for example, rivalry.
@chbartist @coolguy222

Thanks @chbartist for sharing......... Truly a mindset you have said absolutely all true that majority of people nowaday's have a fear of successa simply because they don't really know what they want or what they want to achieve for themselves.

You can now include my name to the list.


Fame can be a result of our success. Some people work very hard to get success and the fame could never comes. Another people work hard and the fame comes as one consequence of their jobs. The most important is haven’t fear to success and if the fame comes don’t let that this to lead our purposes. Hugs @chbartist and build together beyond a community supported on the respect and a mutual help.

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There is a secret about fear of success that not many people are aware of. There is no fear of success. There is no fear of failure. There is no fear except for one...

One thing that has become painfully clear to me in the last couple of years is that there is just one fear, and it manifests itself in several ways. There is only one fear, and it is the fear of the unknown.

If you have the fear of success, you need to take a closer look at the fear, and if you do, you will discover that you are not afraid of success, but instead you are afraid of the unknowns related to success. What are the unknowns that are causing your fear? Perhaps you do not want your relationships with your closest friends and family to change, and you are worried that things will change and not for the better. Not knowing how things will change will cause fear.

People are afraid of change, but again, it is not change itself that is the problem. The real problem is what unknowns are attached to the change. If you have ever had a haircut, or bought a new pair of shoes, and you did not experience fear, this should show you that change itself is not the problem. To have a haircut is to change something about yourself. To buy a pair of shoes again brings some change to your wardrobe. Neither of these changes will bring fear until an unknown is attached. If you do not know how skilled your hairdresser is, not knowing whether they will mess your hair up or not may make you nervous and indeed fearful.

If you want to conquer the fear of success, or any other fear you need to eliminate the perceived unknowns, or to make them as small as possible. Small unknowns, small fear. Big unknowns, big fear.


I vibe with your insight! Would you say that a way to sum up what you are saying might be "you're going to have to practice successful steps in order to get comfortable with them?"

Many people throughout their lives experience, in some circumstances, the fear of success. When someone is in this situation, he tends to put obstacles in himself, often unconsciously. This prevents him from improving, prospering and achieving certain objectives.
We think that, to greater success, greater responsibilities, work and effort.
We believe that success will demand from us behaviors we do not have or responsibilities that we do not know how to handle.
When we think that the cost will be very high, we slow down.

Reflect on the possible origin of the fear of success.
Detect, for example, if it may be due to certain life experiences, the style of education received, the learning made over the years, self-esteem, personal insecurities, excessive perfectionism or need for control, etc. .

Pose what is success and failure.
They are relative concepts that people must have clear personal form. In addition, they must assess a priori the beliefs they will have if they achieve success.

Adopt a proactive attitude
Anyone should be aware that it is possible to choose and guide their own way, instead of getting carried away.


Saludos @darlenys01, excelente síntesis sobre el tema! Con respeto al "Cuando pensamos que el costo sera muy alto, disminuiremos", completamente de acuerdo. En este sentido, y como indicas en tu síntesis, debemos revisar nuestros estereotipos.

Feliz día.

Thanks for your kind comment @tramelibre.

If we were all similar, we would never have progress in life and many aspects of it. Embracing change and adapting to new experiences is an imperative step in growing as a person and leads to value creation.

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All of our limiting beliefs, fears and self doubt are embedded in our subconscious which has a big influence to our conscious mind. We need to reframe our subconscious mind to get rid of this subconscious fear of sucecss.

Tbh I live in South Korea, and I can't tell you how much people here are afraid of entrepreneurship and path to success, many of my friends have thought to become entrepreneurs but mostly they either go to uni and study Medicine which is alright or waste time trying to do some work at retail stores, sad reality here, they need motivation


excellent article about success . The fear is enemy of success. Win your fear for success is in our mind.


Buenos Dias

Pienso que una de las razones principales por la cual las personas temen al exito, es por el hecho de cambiar un estilo de vida, por miedo a salir de su zona de confoird y explorar nuevas opciones que le llevaran al exito y a la cual no estan acostumbrados.

Muchas personas, al llegar al exito, tristemente, pierden la perspectiva, este, se les sube a la cabeza, haciendoles perder la humildad, olvidando de donde vienen y convirtiendose en personas totalmente difertes, esto tambien forma parte de las razones por la que las personas llegan a sentir miedo al exito.

For me, people must dare to change, remove from our minds those complexes that do not allow us to grow and lead us to success, that is, without losing our essence and humility.

Regards ...

OMG ! It's a nice post. I like this " If you want to destroy that part of your brain which fights back against your desire and longing for success, you first need to understand this fear."

Fear of success such a great article about success. We can say if we are not able to conquer our fear then we don't get success in our life. In order to get success we have to defit our weakness so we can do hardwork to to achieve our goals.

I didn't know this was one of your posts, i just read one of them yesterday which was really good! Just like this one! Keep posting, is always good to read something like this, facing real issues we don't use to talk about even when we should.

In psychology, we call it Jonah Complex and it's exactly the same thing that you described. There is no doubt that people fear greatness. We all want to be the beast, until we find out what it takes to be a beast. As human beings, we don't like responsibilities. But that's the thing, there is no greatness without being responsible, responsible for your actions, thoughts and feelings, responsible for your attitude. So basically when someone is afraid of greatness, it's the responsibilities that come with greatness that he actually fears. That's why it's so important to be responsible. Without responsibility, there is no freedom nor any greatness.

When I think of fear of "success", I think of someone who doesn't want to bear the responsibilities/consequences that come with "success".

The reason why I put quotations on success is because it can mean different things to different people.

Is a loving father a success or a failure if he goes across the country for a job to support his family who he will rarely see? Not to me.

As some people fear death, others also fear life. Some people afraid of failures, and others fear success.
This is the only time I realized that some people fear success. Success bestows more privileges but demands greater responsibilities. It gives a weighty pressure of expectations from others that leads to criticisms when they're not met. This is the reason I think that many settled in mediocrity.

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Embrace change, and destroy your irrational fear of having to make a difference in your lifestyle.

love the thoughts , to a successful 2019.. cheers! 😊

Your post has been recommended by @jurich60 for my up-gage challenge

I think that most of us have experienced fear of success at some point in our lives, which is a sign that we need to learn that the best things in life are facing and overcoming our fears, and thus transcending as people, setting the example to future generations to face their fears and move forward in search of the dream that each one wants to undertake.

I think this is called Achievemephobia. I read that some people who have reached the pinnacle of success experience this.. as they say "it's lonely at the top".


good research! true! when you reach the top, you don't have real friends.

You can overcome a fear of success. You can start by questioning your fear, improving your self-confidence, and ending self-destructive behaviors.

Saludos @chbartist! A lo anterior se puede añadir lo siguiente, "El camino hacia el éxito es un camino que se recorre solo", por lo que debemos tener el coraje y la determinación suficiente para mantener el paso.

Feliz día!

You are right. Many people are afraid of the change and popoularity that success brings, because this means taking them out of their comfort zone. We must be brave and face the conquest of success. Regards

I must admit that I am one of those people who resist change ... I find it hard to adapt to change and that sometimes is a problem in me ... I have friends who adapt easily to change but i costs me a lot ... Depending on the area involved ...

I just Think about the points that You have made in this article, all are good to follow. One more thing I want to get in to the above list of people at the bottom of your post what should i have to do


Hi, I'm including you. Look the list of last post!. Regards

So Delaying actions actually means fear of success. I do that a lot, time to sit up and start acting up.. Thank you for this golden words

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Don't be afraid!!! You will succeed

Fearless person always success

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Fear is enemy of success.
Win your fear for success.

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I am trying to embrace change, and destroy my irrational fear.
And one day we will be success by following your posts.

This is quite inspiring @chbartist. I can relate with the post very well because I was once confined in the shell of fear of both failure and success but I overcame it finally. The most annoying aspect of such fear is the fact TIME is just running out, and time wasted, cannot be renewed. Now, I am strengthened by the knowledge that if you must achieve anything in life, then you have to overcome fear completely and take into cognizance, the value of time.

the Fear of Success is actually a collection of fears that can be broken down to emotional situations like humiliation, retribution, discovery, expectation, disappointment and more.

Success rarely has anything to do with failure.

Most of us have several emotional fears blocking us from moving towards our dreams.

The Fear of Discovery, The Fear of Expectation..

The Fear of Disappointment: This is tied to the expectations and disappointments of authority figures. It is a common issue that many of us faced and still face.

To go beyond this we all need to realize that The world is a better place, a richer place for having us in it.

Our critics’ voices are taking up space in our heads and they are not paying rent so evict them. For once and all.

The longer I live, the more I believe in myself.

Basically, we need to break out our Fear of Success and treat it like a piñata, knock it over the head or kick it in the pants and spill the real fear that keeps us on the couch.

Amazing @chbartist ..!!

What a great article. The obstacles that arise in the midst of success are as human beings as people, but the difference is that they have grown quite a bit. and those who are already progressing, the person with obstacles, they realloy achieved their goals and their confidence is much higher which we get in the form of an obstacle.

Great post!
Just to add:
I guess we have to define what success is. Everyone has their own definition. Some would define success as having a lot of money and resources regardless of what's happening around them.
Lots of definitions to think of.
If you already know your definition of success then try to read the blog again and you'll be enlightened.

Want success? Then don't fear... Well said...

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Fear is always exist everywhere especially when we are heading to somewhere that unknown and we are unfamiliar with it .

Fear of success is also a kind fear. because , many of us havent there. People are afraid that ll change into someone they dont know which has been effect or impact from those situation .

Just be yourselves , if you fear on those thing . we just become ourselves and adapt with those new environment . We dont need to become somebody else just to please other people instead just be yourself and life your life .

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Hello, To be oneself and to accept oneself as it is, is the main pillar to exteriorize the immense brightness of our interior, and thus to achieve with naturalness the success in everything that we do. I would like to share this publication with you: https://steemit.com/writing/@vida-blanca/in-this-new-year, a series of proposals that come from my heart. I hope you like them. Thank you.

According to my readings from the internet, part of your fear of success might be because of feelings that you don’t deserve success. You can overcome these feelings and your fear of success by maintaining a positive, encouraging, and confident opinion of yourself.
In this case, we should always have confidence in ourselves.

I think what's best is to keep reminding yourself that you deserve success, can achieve success, and can be happy once you are successful without minding everybody else's opinion. :)

we have different definitions of success. so it really depends on what level of satisfaction can we say that it's qualified as success. i believe that fear comes in when there's so much of something that we are not expecting comes our way and we tend to be overwhelmed by it.

I think you will be successful if you decide you’re going to be. Get out of your own way, set aside others comments and opinion and quit with the excuses.

there's no need to fear if you have attained what others are struggling to aim for.. be thankful that you were blessed with such opportunity.

Rather than diminishing your abilities and achievements, celebrate them.
You deserve every single thing that is happening to you.

Begin to change your thoughts about success and your reaction to it, and you'll find the courage and enthusiasm to embrace the amazing person you are meant to be.

This is too real. At first, I thought it was a lack of motivation, then I personally had to realize that I feared the attention/judgment that came with success. I wanted the money and the material items, but I just didn't want to be a topic of opinion that comes with it. But I'm over that now. Why should I force myself to be mediocre just to make other people feel comfortable with themselves? Fuck that! If I earned it, I deserve it. Thanks for the video. Bring on the next one.

Looking the gap between the current situation and the desired goal is the main source of fear of success.

All i fear is fear itself.

This is exactly what I needed to read!

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Well i see no one is talking about dementors so i guess i will:)

Its really great article, I resteemed and upvoted

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this is exactly me sometimes at some point of my life

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Very interesting post @chbartist I'd never tought about it in this way, I knew that I was being stopped by fear but I didn't identified it as fear of succes because I belived I was doing all in my hands to succes, I tought I wanted to succes! So, it seems ilogical that we can whant something so bad and have fear of it at the same time. That's why we end up self-sabotaged. Our minds can be veru complex so it's good to learn more and more about ourselves, think over all these things and work to get better in life.

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