When You Are Shut Down, Use it As a Fuel to Move Forward

3년 전

Hello again, dear Steemians!

The fear of rejection is a strong emotional stance which utilizes our procrastination as a weapon to delay work and stun productivity. How do we deal with the fear of rejection, and worse, rejection itself?

Often enough, people do not know how powerful this fear can be and how devastatingly strong can its weakening grasp reduce our productivity and give us reasons to procrastinate and waste time.

What we need to do in a situation like this is use that fear and sentiment as a fuel to move forward.

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Why do people fear rejection so much? Imagine a person who is stuck working in an office doing a job he utterly hates, because he is too afraid of resigning and going after his dreams.

That person is not afraid of the dreams themselves, because the dreams always take him to a place of longing and desire.

No, what that person fears is rejection. He is afraid of going out to someone or a group of people and show them what he has to offer, and he is afraid of getting shut down or rejected because of his inadequacy.

But that fear is, at best, misplaced and wrong.

What you need to understand is, first of all, not a lot of people will understand your vision. You are unique in this world, and so are your thoughts.

You should not expect your ideas to be immediately accepted because there may be few people who can recognize the potential of your innovation.

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It is always the same story with many successful people. They do not fear rejection. They actually embrace it. What you need to do is work on your mindset and see rejection as an invitation to a fight.

Every time successful people get shut down, they become more and more determined to realize their vision and achieve their goal. Because they do not see rejection as failure, but another challenge that they have to overcome.

You see, for these people, something easy and simple is always disappointing.

If you were to start doing something tomorrow and achieve it by the end of the week, what would be the point?

Where would be the journey, and alongside it, the adventure?

For these people, rejection is but a fuel for their unending resolve and admirable courage under pressure.

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Some people might even decide to resign and start their own independent business. It is going to be a dark and tricky road.

You will have to compromise and adapt, and learn how to look after yourself with no insurance about your future. But if you procrastinate this difficult starting point, you will achieve nothing and merely waste time.

One of my close friends who is a successful entrepreneur once told me:

‘Try to keep your distance from all the negativity in the outside world. But if you are the type of twisted character like me, use that negativity as a fuel for your work.’

The same could be said about fear of rejection. Do not be afraid of it. Embrace it, and use it as a fuel to push you forward.

If they say you can’t do it, the only thing you can do is show more determination and resolve and prove them wrong!




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Thanks All of You!!!!

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How many people do we know who work or do the things others want, just because they are not rejected? Our environment is full of examples of unhappy people cornered by fear! We live in a society that encourages fear: don't go up because you're going to fall, don't go because you can get lost, don't go out because they can kill you, don't love because you're going to be unhappy. Especially our parents and friends use fear as a tool of control without realizing the damage they are doing to us. All fear is eliminated when we face it, even when we decide to face it, we have already won. To jump, you have to take a backward impulse. Withdrawal can sometimes be necessary, especially when we do it to start flying. Nice text to close this beginning of the week, @chbartist

This is really @chbartist a change of paradigm, because many times when feeling the rejection we feel that we should not be in that space, especially because the environment becomes tense.

What is important is to be clear about the objective, that means that if you really want to do something in life and someone tells you that you are not good or that you do something else, you will be so clear that those words will not resonate as strongly as what you are looking for. your heart.

CORRECTO. Estoy de acuerdo con este artículo. Sí sentimos miedo al rechazo, y el rechazo nos cohíbe de hacer las cosas que realmente queremos hacer.
Tal vez se pueda llamarse enfrentamiento al rechazo.
si enfrentamos al rechazo y nos proponemos que si podemos lo hacemos.
Mi hijo mayor manifiesta mucho miedo al rechazo y ha dejado de hacer cosas por ese miedo, un ejemplo es: BUSCAR UN TRABAJO, O PEDIR UN FAVOR, O ATREVERSE A TENER LA INICIATIVA PARA HACER ALGO Y FINALMENTE SE QUEDA MOTIVADO PORQUE NO HIZO NI LOGRO NADA.
En cambio mi hijo menor enfrenta esos miedos al rechazo atreviéndose a hacer las cosas.
Se ha atrevido a buscar trabajo sin tener la experiencia suficiente y lo ha logrado.
Se ha atrevido a reparar un equipo médico (él es ingeniero Biomédico) que nunca había visto. Solo se arriesgó y lo logró´confió en si mismo. fue contra su miedo a no poder hacerlo y realmente lo logro.
Entonces creo que es muy importante enfrentar el miedo llevandole la contraria y lograr lo que queremos.
Buen artículo.
Muy bueno y necesario para mejorar nuestra condición como seres humanos en nuestras vidas.

What you need to do is work on your mindset and see rejection as an invitation to a fight.

Too many people are just too scared. (of authority mostly, of some type)

One of my close friends who is a successful entrepreneur once told me:
‘Try to keep your distance from all the negativity in the outside world. But if you are the type of twisted character like me, use that negativity as a fuel for your work.’

All the successful people (in business),I have met, possess some form or other of that 'twisted character' personality of your friend.
Negative is an energy to be transformed into positive, if you are prepared to do the work.
Thinking back - I don't know (personally) of any 'successful' business people who are just all positivity and light...

Like you said, don't be scared....

Good post!

I can totally relate to your message! Every time when I am told I would run into this problem and that problem if I persisted with my plan/dream, I would say this in my heart: Just give me a moment to show you how this can be achieved!

Fear incapacitates people. Its hard to think and act objectively and wisely when you are in fear.
Here are my additions on how to deal with fear;
First fear is a fact you should know that, everybody fears something. But they still go after their dreams anyways, so why not you?
Second, most limitations and fears we have in our heads are not placed there by people but by our own imaginations. Why kids fear darkness, because of their imagination not because there's something in the darkness.
Third, do not compare your ability with other people, you will never be anybody else but you. To do not seek to impress anybody but express your talent, do not compete anybody but compliment others and compete with your own self.
Fourth, face your fears. Let fear fear your talent, ability, passion and determination. I remember back in 1991, my brother son used to fear so much, aircrafts when they pass in the sky and he happens to hear the sound of it, could run inside the house crying at the top of his lugs. But one day We took him to the near by airstrip, because we lived in the vicinity. When we reached their he saw a small plane, he asked uncle what is that we lied to him we told him it was a car. He relaxed. But time came for that plane to take off, all hell broke loose. He shouted, screamed and cried, but we held him tightly he could not run anywhere. Within few minutes his ordeal was over and thus his fear of planes henceforth.
So the best treatment for your fears is to face them head-on.

@chbartist sir
After the responsibilities of personal life and the busy routine of the day, leave the platform that comes to mind. Then comes the thought in mind that if it has spent so much time behind it then a little more right then. The same thinking motivates the mind and gathers in the form of energy. A positive idea arises in the mind. Being associated here is not only economic benefit, but also gives the opportunity to understand the views of various language cultures and different types of people. These things work for me in a way, energy or fuel. In our midst, fear is frightened towards responsibilities that rob us of purpose. In the beginning, I was nervous about commenting on people's posts, what would people think if this was not a meaningful comment. Then I saw a lot of people who are always encouraging to see that you try your best, because no one is perfect. From this point of view, my feelings of suspicion went away. Actually the reward or appreciation works to fill the energy. We need to accept the things that create negative emotions within us because our weakest side is our strongest side. These things work to give energy to life.
Thank you for binding people in a community.

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I disagree with the premise. Very few people fear rejection. Everyone in some way has been rejected thousands of times by society. Everyone has had their resumes tossed in shredders. And their hearts thrown in the trash.

No, what they fear is shame. Not meeting the standard that you or society has placed on yourself.

For example, no one would mind getting rejected by a celebrity/social media star, but they would mind if they were rejected by a friend.

You have written exactly what we should not be afraid of rejection, but it should face this fidelity and as often as our rejion will face our fear and ending we will be successful.

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Great message. Turn a negative into a positive and let it fuel your motivation and productivity. As always, great message that you're putting out there into the universe.

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It is absolutely correct to say that you have cast a very good posting that whatever we do is not rejected. If we use it in a positive way, it will be more beneficial for us to use it in positive. Because rejecting their mistakes, many people do not understand their mistakes. We should do this and by using this we should try to do better.

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@chbartist we all have fear of rejection but who qualify it they create history. We can see Mr. Jack ma founder of alibaba in China . He was rejected by KFC recruiting board . Interesting fact was KFC needed 23 member and 24 applied . And today Jack ma is one of billionaire.
Because he never gave up.

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@chbartist amazing friend that nice reflection is very focused and some help in life from the point of view that nobody wants to see, I congratulate you friend


Yeah, he was the only one who got rejected.

The difficulty is not in knowing not to live in fear... It's knowing how to break through it or use it. I think we all know the theory, but it is using it that is so hard! Let's do it baby. Peace and love xo

It is a true talk, when ever you are down or by mere mistake or caused by some one, take it as a catalyst to move forward and never relent but drag on to reach the top.

Excellent message for all the steemians community, as everyone should know that the greatest enemy of the human being is their own mind, when you lose control of your mind in that small point you lose stability in your life and it is there where fear and the insecurities...

I hope this great article can help everyone in the community and begin to be a better version of yourselves every day and reminding you never to give up the failures is where the experience comes from.

Give time while everything in due time --

Thanks for sharing this beautiful subject here I think think positive and set self goal without any fear this strategy sour key of successful life.

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If you want success in life I think best idea throughout your negativity .

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There is a very great post.Sir, you said right, the only way to eliminate the fear of disapproval is to use it as fuel and try to move forward. Fear of rejecting which we delay and do our deeds.

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Thanks for sharing this post.i like it this post. Good day

i think that all people has their dream but they afraid to follow their dream because that dream or the path toward that dream is unknown .

then what happen to them , they stick in what is safe even he or she know it was hard to stay

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I have always taken challenges as fuel to get things done. When others have doubted me, I have pressed forward with more energy to succeed as it provides great fulfillment!

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I must admit that some opportunities this fear has paralyzed me, but it is the fear of failing, although I know very well that the important thing when you fail is to get up and improve where you failed. However, in some situations, this fear has addressed me. I will keep in mind what you say in this publication.

@chbartist, Our dream gives ultimate satisfaction and peace to us, and as you said, we have to use this power of fear to take the continous steps towards our dream and the aligned goals to reach our ultimate dream. Yes, we will stop at times for sure, but if we are stopping then we should learn to rise from any situation. Stay blessed. 🙂

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Hello @chbartist!

Particularly I see rejection as an opportunity to improve what we have to offer, because many times others may be right, and it may be that I am equitable with my ideas. So if you reject me, I can sit alone and rectify my ideas to see what is wrong and correct it.

And when I return to present my ideas I will be able to know if I improved and there are still details, I will even know if I am rejected only by whim or some reason other than my effort.

‘Try to keep your distance from all the negativity in the outside world. But if you are the type of twisted character like me, use that negativity as a fuel for your work.’

Its like a battery with positive and negative. The two are always present to produce power.

Shutting down is simply like sleeping for a period of time. Its actually getting energy again.

"Using your fear as a push or drive to fight rejections"! No message could have been any clearer. It is synonymous to "using poison to fight poison" I love this a lot. It's really going to make my day. Let's go for our dreams regardless of whatever rejections we may face out there. Proscrastination only cripples the mind adversely. The time is now!

I personally fear rejection due to the fact that it seems I wouldnt be of skill to the matter that i got rejected from, or whatever the case may be. This tbh only pushes me harder to achieve it. You might have many setbacks, but that only gets you closer to success. Well if you play your cards right with little mistakes here and there.

@chbartist (80)
This is a real inspiration.
I just know one thing about life is this- YOU HAVE A CHOICE. No one except you is saddled with the responsibility of making you happy and not all comments and actions by other people are worth a second thought by you or even a response from you.
For every criticism, go back to the drawing board and look out for the loopholes. In event where there are no loopholes but empty criticisms, then keep up the good work; but don't give up on yourself because of people's negative words and actions. Embrace the fact that people will always talk and act. That's the beauty of life and it just shows you are part of life and hence you exist!!!

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Hi streemens. The best view of experience in all.thanks q @chbartist. Sir o thing my name not yet add in u group. Thanks for reading my post.


Hi, @syedahmed1010. I included! See the last post list! Regards

Life will never be an easy walk through the park as it seems, as such it is full of ups and downs. So during the dark times, we need to encourage ourselves and intend to turn every negativity into positivity at all cost as nobody will do it for you. Every desire will depend on how you look at life, as well keep a circle of positive minds around you. Thanks for the great post.

I really loved this post.. Congrats! Your words are perfect...

We feel like we have to be good at everything before we start it, which is counterintuitive, but we live in such an instant gratification kind of world.

When you’re at your lowest point, it helps just to witness someone else be happy, to be brimming with joy, to remind you that that’s still a feeling.

When all else fails, go for the annoying. this could be the final... but really effective.

Amazing @chabartist ...!!!

Research suggests that negative emotions are in fact more powerful than positive emotions. That’s probably one of the reasons that rejection can probably be a much more motivating factor than anticipation of luxury.

Good! Ребята как дела? Кстати хороший пост интересно читать.

  ·  3년 전

human beings must use fear, not to fear more, if not to mentalize us, and seek to change, seek to banish those fears, and turn them into strengths, into means, to free ourselves and get what we really want

I was happy to read your article. I got inspire from your words. I am trying to drive my goal with my love for a better life. Early retired and be a free human, happy and prosper. Your content is amazing. Thank you.

I know that feeling. Thanks! / Conozco ese sentimiento. Gracias!

I come from a family that has a tradition started by one of our ancestors that if you don’t succeed the first time try, try, and try again. I find that I seem to practice this when I feel rejection or failure in my life. I will often start again determined to get a different response or result as I cannot accept the negative response.it urges me on to get a positive response. However I would not call myself a successful person on world standards but in my own small world, I try to succeed in what I do. For example if I fix a phone and it comes back with a glitch I will literally put days of work, unpaid until I get it working again. The cost doesn’t worry me, I just want the customer to be happy with my work.🙂
P.S I think I would like to be part of your community please

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