You can fly higher than you can imagine

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Along my journey I've had the pleasure of meeting people that have a lot of potential, because I've been dealing with so many people in my life, I have developed over the years a 6th sense to recognize potential.

I'm sure that just on this very subject I can share many stories, many teachings that life has taught me, but for this short post, I wanted to talk about a particular friend.

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It was special to his growth, to see his mind shift from being an employee, to someone who wanted more for his life, someone with a dream. But it took a lot of work to get there, and of course a lot of patience.

One of the things I used to tell him a lot, was "One day you will understand, but for now listen to me" I remember how my words frustrated him, but I knew that with time he would begin to understand his own value, and let go of his fears.

It was a slow process for him to realize that he did not need the false security of his day job, that he could also be an Entrepreneur. I could see his potential, I knew he had the right raw materials to be very successful, if he could only let go of his fears.

Sometimes I would call him at work, I would give him advice on what to say, what to do, and he would respond "I need to work, I can't talk on the phone right now" - his fear was very real, I could hear it in his voice. He thought that if he tried to improvise and grow outside of exactly what he was told, he would probably get in trouble. Believe me, life is about having initiative and being creative.

After more than a year of doing business together and having many conversations, I started to see a change in the way that he valued his work, his confidence. All of the sudden he stopped feeling trapped in a job that he didn't really like, and he now believed he had choices. But the truth is, he always had choices, he just never saw them.

There is an old story I was told a long time ago regarding elephants; When they are babies, they tie one of the legs to a pole, to keep it still. The elephant's mind get's conditioned, and it believes that its trapped, that it can't move for the rest of its life, even when it weighs tons and can tear a tree of the ground if it wanted to.

Humans and their potential are that way, but we have to learn to recognize our freedom first, recognize that we always have a choice.

Hope everyone is doing great, regards


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As a young person, figuring out the ideal step is always a challenge. Not always because of lack of guidance but sometimes because of an overload of them. But now I'm beginning to figure that taking a step is always better than doing nothing. I'd just try something anyways.

Dear sir!
All persons have innate physical abilities, they need to recognize and develop us. Talents remain suppressed due to the person's tendency and fear. Perhaps your special friend has had the same problem, due to which he was proved to be unable to do justice with his ability. A true friend is the one who is standing in a bad time. You played the role of a true friend in a very good way. The possibilities are everywhere, we just need to recognize the underlying powers and move them in the right direction.
Compared to others, your articles are very simple and easy to understand, making them very easy to express in own words.
Regards sir.


Hi friend, thanks again for your comments. Your comments are often deep and polished. I really appreciate that. My writing will always be as simple and clear as possible and you already know this because I've said it clearly in other posts because I want to make sure that people can understand what I mean. You as a polite person understand why I do this and also know that the written word is often cold, and can be interpreted in many ways because they unfortunately can not have the expression of our face or voice intonation. Regards


Thanks sir for your kind words.Its give me more energy to follow your concept.

Hi there, very nice and informative post towards life and our potential. I live in Himalaya and met many Guru (Masters), what they told me that is out of mind thing. Human body and mind is beyond our imagination. We can do anything, literally anything, we just need to awake ourselves.
Could you believe that we can change our body like clothes that too without getting died. It's called in Sanskrit "Parkaya vidhi" (do not have any English word for it). But still there are lots of things to explore by human beings.

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It must be amazing to live in the Himalaya and I believe that it should be a great learning from the local culture. I would love to see you more here and share your comments with all of us. Thank you

We all have great potential, but like you said, we have to learn to recognize our freedom first. This is harder for some than it is for others. We tend to limit ourselves, just like the elephant. When we have friends or loved ones like you, willing to go the extra mile with encouragement and maybe a little push, it can make all the difference.


It always makes a difference! Believe me! Regards


i am agree with you

Welcome @chbartist ,i hope that you are good.
Everyone has a potential to grow up, some people found it but some needs motivational speakers to make them realize that they have the potential to achieve success.
There is no doubt that we always have a choice, but we afraid of losing something which is not good. To be successful hardwork and patience is necessary. Success is for those who work hard, it's not for lazy people.
I appreciate your way of keep motivating people. As a lot of people are getting tips from your experience.
Keep on posting such helpful articles .
I'm thankful you @chbartist ,
Have a good day


Thank you for always reading and I hope it is always inspiring for you.

Great motivational blog. When I was reading your blog I remembered my about my brother who is currently a business man but in starting he want to do a job and doesn’t want to come in family business but my father motivated him that try our business for one year after that if you want to quit them you can now it been six years.
Sir you are talking about you have developed sixth sense then what you think about me.
In India this is early morning and reading a motivational blog in early morning is great for the hole day thanks for sharing this great post.


I'm very glad that reading my post is a positive energy for you to continue your day with more inspiration. Regards

We see what we want to see.
Freedom and destiny.
We keep what we want to keep.
Mindset, mentality.

Thank you for sharing your experience! A good morning read!


Thank you Friend!

I am actually seeing a lot of similarities between your friend and myself , and i will be grateful if you can put me through the same process you made your friend go through to realise his potential
Going through this story,
"There is an old story I was told a long time ago regarding elephants; When they are babies, they tie one of the legs to a pole, to keep it still. The elephant's mind get's conditioned, and it believes that its trapped, that it can't move for the rest of its life, even when it weighs tons and can tear a tree of the ground if it wanted to".
I can relate it to myself looking at my background, and realising that i grew up around adults who always find fault in anything i did as a child and are often saying negative things about me to my hearing. It made me to shy away from doing some things i wanted to do, i always find excuse not to venture because of the phobia of been accused of not doing it right.


That's exactly what I'm trying to do here but with a larger number of people. Stay here and I hope this can make your way better! Do not be afraid because there is nothing to fear!



I believe that when parents say negative things toward their children, it's because the parents have low self esteem. Maybe they feel like a failure in life, therefore thinking their children can't do anything right or just not very smart. This mindset that influences a child is hard to undo. I think if you can develop the thought to try out new things, then assess yourself and find out what you can and can't do. It's ok to fail. You can try again and again. Answers will surface and you will find peace and know where you want to be in life. Success does not always equate to a Million dollars. Success is having freedom and loving your life. I hope that I've inspired you a little bit here.

The behavior that you had with your friend is the one that parents have with their children: you oriented him, you made him see his qualities, his virtues. That's what real friends do. I believe that many of our fears and our limitations are made by our immediate surroundings. I always say: tell a child that he is intelligent and he will be brilliant; tell a child that he is a brute and you will have cut off his wings forever. We must begin to learn to relate to others, not to see their faults first (Fulano if he is fat, if he is out of shape) but to help that person get ahead and that begins with reaching out, but also with saying a good word to him. Sometimes words can open the bars that kept you locked up. It's always good to read you, poet! Hugs


Thank you, my sweet friend! Good is always to read your kind words.

Well the truth is that I am not a person to treat many people, sometimes I consider myself asocial, but maybe I see that I am rather shy, but if as you mentioned there are many people that one knows in daily life that have great potential but Sometimes we do not know how to take advantage of it or we do not realize it, but the time is over, but the important thing is to change if you can still and improve many things either in the work part and in your daily life, it is always a pleasure to read your publications , it's very interesting and good, regards @chbartist


To change and become mature is part of life my friend. It's not late for that! Regards and thank you for your words

I am interested to knowing if he finally broke free and saw the other side? I know of many former colleagues that were tied to their job until they lost them only to find out it was the best thing to happen to the them! Some found that the freedom and at the same time the necessity of providing for their family have then the will and courage to recreate themselves as successful entrepreneurs! Now, I find myself on that other side looking over the ledge at times to make the leap of faith. I hope this here, with this community is the start of that journey.


He has not yet fully seen the other side but this will come naturally because I know how this happens. Your words are very intelligent and being in a place like this will always be positive. Regards

Hello dear friend@chbartist , what a beautiful story, that's the good thing about steemit and get stories that fill with joy and learning. It's good that your friend knew how to lose his fear, to have a friend like you who advised him and thus to see growth together.

Cheers o/

"Humans and their potential are that way, but we have to learn to recognize our freedom first, recognize that we always have a choice." --This what struck me the most. Sometimes because of fear, we tend to forget our freedom of choice.


we can do all things that we want only just we need to wish it with love


You bet! Love is the answer.

"you can fly higher than an eagle
you are the wind beneath my wings"

Free lyric feel free to use it in one on your songs

Ya, I have seen many of my friends doing so. They had so many roads to chose but they often chose the road which is the easiest and which get them applauds from their family but they didn't want to accept the fact that no work or business earns you satisfaction in long run until you love doing it and develop passion about it. Without realizing it they failed and they stopped their journeys Mid-way trapping themselves on a dead end from where they can neither move forward nor backward... Life teaches lots of lessons but if you learn them at the right time you will be the King otherwise you will be the Slave....


Thank you for tour comment!

Believe in yourself, take on your challenges. Never let anyone bring you down. Keep going on the right way.

Growing up, some of us are not so fortunate to encounter people who motivate us to go higher. We tend to think that life is always about following the crowd. What happened to following passions and personal goals??
You can become whatever you want to be if you dont limit yourself and doubt your abilities.
Thankz sir


Thank you for your time and comment!

Hi @chbartist! Humans has this immeasurable innate abilities which we often overlook or haven't realized it yet. Some people like your friend may have a little bit of self confidence and doubts his own capabilities at first. All they need is a bit of a push from other people to boost their confidence.


I agree, but sometimes we have to overcome because if you read some of my other pots where I share my journey I had no help from anyone and had to overcome me. Regards


Yes, I do agree with you on that note. It would be really great if you could do it all by yourself and not to rely on others all the time . By the way, I always check out some of your post 'coz it's really worth reading and worth sharing! :)

once liberty is unleashed within us. we can explore the potentials that we have. just like talents and gifts from above. it is there, everyone of us have but we have to discover it by ourselves and make use of them in a good way and pleasing to the sight of our Creator.


Agree! Thank you for your comment!


more power to you @chbartist! know that I read almost all your posts. You inspire me a lot! cheers!

Interesting article dear.Thanks for sharing i like steemit because i can learn here many different things e.g personal development etc.


Is very important! Regards

There are times when you limit yourself due to situations around you which you make believe The time is not yet right to take some ground breaking steps, achievements, there is never the perfect time to launch that perfect idea, take that important move, go out there to achieve that great feat, we just have to rise above all challenges and limitations to achieve tgat we desire to achieve. My Boss will always tell me achieve the best with the little you have and see how it grows into something real big


Thank you for your comment! Success

Everyone has some talent which would have great potential. But person has to recognize it and take it forward. May be the case he or she has to work on that skill and once person gets expertise it can take him to another level of success. Needless to say that there would be challenges on the way to success. Have a great day buddy @chbartist

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Thank you for your comment my friend! Regards

You're not only good to your friend giving valuable advice and inspiration but also it's an inspiration to others who have same problem, I think reading your article they will try to overcome their problems. Thanks for your excellent post.


Thank you friend for your kind words!

Hi @chbartist! I believe that each of us has the ability to soar higher if we just have faith in ourselves and take risk. Most of the successful personalities I know we're able to achieve something way more than what's expected out of them because they took chances.


You're right and I agree with you. Thank you

Well said @chbartist, My mom always told me the same phrase "One day you will understand, but for now listen to me", and now that I am an adult, that's when I understand what it means, life is full of challenges, and learning.


I understand what you say but when someone says: One day you will understand is because the person is sure that specific point you still do not understand. It does not matter whether we are adults or not, we may be old and we do not understand many things in life. Regards

#chbartist This is my first journey in this huge group. I feel lucky because I gather lots of knowledge on this valuable advice. I hope it inspires me and increases my work speed. Thank you for inspiring us with lovely and valuable contents.


Thank you!

there is always many things learn when you meet people , great bro you are doing right things,i wish i can get this oppurtunity


Thank you!

Good read. This kind of posts justify the usage of voting bots.

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Thank you so much!

I like the title. The whole story is totally relatable. Keep it up!

This is a great great great post, it is in line to what an elder told me some time ago that a man poor who inherited 10 million dollars and doesn't know it will continue to be poor not knowing he is potentially a rich man.


Thank you friend!

Sir, your post is great, we get new energy, we learn a lot from you.

Discovering your talents and developing them will surely broaden your horizons. Also mind conditioning can hinder or augment your potential.


Our horizons are endless my friend, the sky is the limit. It just depends on each one of us.

Very nice story. Humans and their potential are that way, but we have to learn to recognize our freedom first, recognize that we always have a choice - so so true.


Thank you friend!

Nice article...
Believe you can and you're halfway there. - Theodore Roosevelt

@chbartist you are telling such a great story about your friend and also it is somewhat like my journey of life from a farmer to doctor


Thank you, friend, for sharing this.

Sir, I fully agree with you that we have to recognize our inner strength and use it properly then we can be successful.

Hi Sir and to all Steemians....
Hope everybody is doing well...
We need also to bear in our mind that...In order to achieve our destination's target goals, we need to have this life's formula :
((potentials+experience) x mindset ) ² effort = ACHIEVEMENT

I know this is easier said than done but there is no harm done if we make a small single step to make it a Habit...
Life must go on....Be positive...


Thank you for your words!

It is a nice write up, everybody have a choices to pick from. But sometime we allow our fear to cloud our reasoning thereby affect our mindset.

Gracias por en increible mensaje que llevas a nosotros, felicidades. @chbartist

it is really inspiring. thanks for this :)

If we believe in itself we can do anything...

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Me ha encantado tu historia....el miedo son las cadenas que impiden que alcancemos nuestros sueños en la vida.....besos y un feliz dia


What a beautiful post. It inspires me. "Believe me, life is about having initiative and being creative." well said.

Muy buen comentario, felicitaciones!!!!!

very well said. we learned more. thanks for this.

i got my energy now because of this. my motivation of the day :)


Thank you!

wow, sure, the humans are incredible, in fact, ideas unkownd3e33, my boyf is

i dunno if it's laziness or what or sometimes fear to get out of our comfort zones.

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Nice. I follow you.

Great post, im actually into studying your deeper self, if you have time check out someof mine.

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Believe in yourself. You are great more than you could imagine.

Goodjob 💪


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it's like a little motivation book

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Sometimes it's hard for us to leave our comfort zone, it's certainly hard for us to do it, but if we risk and work hard, we can surely achieve things we never imagine. What we must always believe in ourselves

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