[UPDATE VIDEO #1] First Week & First Video. Day #1: Feeling Great And Scared Cause Of Script-less Video

4년 전

Hello everybody! It wasn't easy for me to do this video since I'm still a bit shy in front of the camera, but at the same time it was fun to challenge myself.

Water Fast


To understand some Water Fasting benefits, you can check this short youtube video about some of it's benefits: INCREDIBLE EFFECTS OF WATER FASTING! Dr Alan Goldhamer.


First Day

It's been a generic day of sitting in front of the Computer and engaging with the Steemit community.

Overall, I've been feeling great. A little bit more clear-minded, more focused towards working for my goals and in a positive mood. But as I say in the video, I'm used to not eating almost anything most of the day, so I don't expect the first day to be that hard. But I am excited about the days to come.

Also, as I'm posting this video this following morning, I woke up I remembered some really cool, super power using, Lucid Dreams


Thanks for tuning in. Any kind of feedback is appreciated! Feel free to share.

If you guys would like to see more of this Challenge Series, follow me @CiprianG, it's gonna be a fun ride. :)

And.... Ciprian out!

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like your honesty and genuine presence :)


Thank you for the kind words @Jacquelyne. Had a quick look at your profile, and I love it already.

Followed and I'll be looking around Steemit to see more of yourself. Have a nice day :)

Hey my friend i like this challenge that you are doing, very positive about it. Can't wait to see how it will be next :))


Thanks man! I'm looking forward to it myself. Glad to have you on board :)

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I got a bellyRub and this post has received a 43.29 % upvote from @bellyrub thanks to: @cipriang.

The real challenge is that you are actually doing a video without script. GO #natural :))


Yep, that was the greatest challenge. And still is. hahaha