How to make a bag without a sewing machine (thanks to @dayleeo) - Very meditative!

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A week ago @dayleeo posted a full tutorial here on how to turn a Steemfest t-shirt into a bag.

As I was putting all my clothes into a newly bought closet today, I noticed a number of t-shirts that I don't wear. But they are good quality so it would be a waste to throw them out.

So I pulled up @daleeo's post again, grabbed a pair of scissors, and started getting to work!

The only thing I did differently, is that I used two t-shirts to make one bag.

I simply don't trust my knotting-skills and wanted to re-inforce the bottom a bit. Also this way I can turn it inside out and change colors according to my mood or outfit on any day... ;) (or if I spill something on it...)

It's easy.

Just put the two t-shirt's flat on a table.


Cut away the neck part.


...and the sleeves.


Then cut a fringe into the bottom of the t-shirts.


And then start tying the knots... I put three knots everywhere.

This is the meditative part. It's great not to stare at your computer for a while and do some light physical work that needs a little bit of concentration but where you can be completely absent-minded at the same time :)

Oh, and before I started, I turned the t-shirts inside out, because I didn't want the fringe to hang out on the bottom.


Then I lined up the now-closed bottoms of the still-inside-out t-shirts...


...and then pulled up one over the other.


Ta-dah! Double-bottomed bag finished!

You will have a lot of fabric left over, so you can choose to leave the sleeves as they are, or tie them together with a piece of access fabric.


The only thing left to choose is which way you want to wear it (or who you want to advertise... ;))


I will of course wear the "I am the new economy" on the outside, because I am part of the new connected economy :) and because I'm happy to support this particular global small business network.
Especially at the moment, since they'll give away $10 to the Special Olympics for every person who joins. So if you are an entrepreneur - check it out. You can even join a whole month for free - so if your business needs a little boost as you move into the new year - make the most of it!

Have fun trying this out, and post about it when you do!

And don't forget to tag @dayleeo, who inspired this!

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This is so cool :) I need to keep the link! - Thanks for sharing.

WOA! I love this! I bet it's double strong too! -and you're right, the knitting is the best part...

You're such a smart cookie @connectedeconomy! <3


Well, that was teamwork! I would've never thought of doing that, if it hadn't been for you.


hehe fair enough! t shirt collaborations accross the world, I love it!

Hey, coole Idee.

Du bist nominiert. Bin gespannt!


Mann, Du gibst mir ja Aufgaben... ;)


Wer solche Taschen kann, für den sind das doch Peanuts.

Macht Spaß die Aufgabe.


Haha! Ich schau mal, wie ich das mit in meinen Tages- und Steemit-Ablauf einbinden kann :)


Ist durchaus eine Herausforderung. Liege gerade im Hotel in FFM und habe Day 6 verfasst. @sumsum wird sich freuen.

Lovely idea. The bag looks very artistic. Thank you for sharing. @dorotea

Interesting suggestion

Hi Anja! I'm glad you linked this post on CoCommerial - now I can follow you here, too!